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The Need

Problem IconWe truly live in the Information Age. Resources, expertise and insight are being created at an accelerating pace. Trying to learn about any one topic can seem overwhelming because there is so much information available - with more being generated every day! Unfortunately, we may find that the information we have is outdated, and much of the expertise on the web is not updated as often as it should. In some cases, this may be worse than having no information at all.

So, how do we access cutting-edge, comprehensive information on a topic, and keep up with the latest developments in our areas of interest? Without information overload? Using credible and current sources?

Our Solution

Solution IconConsultaPedia was designed to provide you with up-to-date comprehensive resources for an ever expanding array of topics – that never get old, and are continually updated. When you use our resources, you will have access to the very latest research, trends, best practices and insights. The resources you see in the afternoon may be different than the resources you saw this morning. Accessing continually updated informational resources is vital in today’s rapidly changing environment.

Have a look at our menu to find a category of interest. Our coverage includes information focused on:
Career - explore careers based on keyword search, virtual jobs, occupational categories, or by level of education and experience required. Detailed career resources are provided, along with active job listings.
Entrepreneur Interviews - over 1,000 entrepreneur interviews are open to view, with keyword and advanced search features, and the opportunity for your school or program to participate;
Entrepreneurship - business start-up guides, critical business skills, most common businesses in the U.S., business relationship networking, and researching the Internet;
Global Business - breaking global news, how to prepare for trade with 75 countries, skills needed for effective international marketing, including a free e-book, and exporting and importing resources;
Investing - how to invest with strategies and goals, stocks, bonds, mutual funds/ ETFs, commodities, as well as estate planning, retirement planning, and generational investing strategies;

ConsultaPedia is your Information Source!