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These tools were designed to be flexible to your needs – please try them, tweak them as needed, and make them your own . . .

Business Model Innovation (annually)
Annually, this analysis will help a firm to reassess its business model. This can help with a start-up or an existing business for revitalization. It takes you through three steps: Step 1 – Familiarizing you with the business model elements; Step 2 - Utilizing a business development process for analysis; Step 3 - Finalizing evaluation considerations. Find the on-line tool here:
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Customer Analysis (semi-annually)
This interactive tool will help you to identify who you are targeting (your key customers), what they want and why they want it, who makes the buying decisions, and what we offer and why it appeals to them. This tool is designed to help you incrementally build a Customer Analysis. Find the on-line tool here:
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Positioning Tactics (quarterly examination and consistency check)
This should be completed every quarter, and committed to calendar. Based on a very quick identification of positioning (relative to our competitive position, type of industry, and extent of diversification) this on-line tool will help us to identify potential tactics that may help us to support and sustain our competitive positioning. This tool will also help us to articulate a comprehensive positioning statement and direction for consistent marketing appeal across our product and service mix. Find the on-line tool here:
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SWOT Analysis (quarterly)
This should be completed every quarter and committed to calendar. This is a modified SWOT format, which should take 5 days to complete:

  1. One day for Opportunities - brainstorm this all day long with key employees
  2. One day for Threats - brainstorm this all day long with key employees
  3. One day for Strengths - brainstorm this all day long with key employees
  4. One day for Weaknesses - brainstorm this all day long with key employees
  5. One day for Analysis
    • First determine how strengths match opportunities (80% of time spent on this task)
    • Second identify which weaknesses make you vulnerable to which threats (20% of time)

Find the on-line SWOT analysis here:
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Web Site Segmentation/Functional Analysis (annually)
Annually, this analysis may help a company to ensure that various customer segments gain access to web functions that are more specifically geared toward their particular needs, while maintaining overall web site consistency. Find the online tool here:
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Sustainable Competitive Advantage (annually)
This interactive tool will help you to identify product and service innovations, designed to incrementally adjust and build a sustainable competitive advantage. Find the online tool here:
mpetitive_Advantage.php External Link

Job Analysis (as needed just prior to hiring)
This tool will take you through 5 steps to analyze a particular job. Over 50,000 jobs are available via keyword search. This tool will help to comprehensively analyze a job, with details that include: core and supplemental duties, general and specific work activities, knowledge required, skills required, preparation required, educational requirements, work experience required, local salary information, certifications, professional associations, links to find a job, similar job titles (with links to jobs), occupations with similar capabilities and interests (starting a career), occupations with similar skills and Experience (changing a career), videos, sample resumes, job descriptions, interview questions, step-by-step career advice, and LinkedIn® resources. Find the online tool here:
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Precedence Matrix Analysis (ad hoc as needed for prioritization)
This should be completed as necessary. This tool will help you to determine your priorities through a comprehensive comparison process that usually takes about one hour. It can be completed individually, or as a group process. As a group process, it can help to build consensus. Find the on-line tool here:
edia_mentor/tool_precedence.php External Link

Change Analysis Process (ad hoc and monthly rotation)
This should be completed ad hoc (as problems occur) and/or monthly, according to a functional rotation. The process is simple, yet can yield substantial results. It helps us examine why we do things the way we do. Was there a particular rationale as to why things are done a certain way? If so, does that rationale still exist? Often, we find that we do things that are no longer appropriate, and the current method may cause bottlenecks/problems in our organization. This tool helps us to take a proactive look at issues that need improvement. Find the online tool here:
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Scenario Planning (ad hoc as needed for contingency planning)
This should be completed as necessary, when recurrent bottlenecks occur. This tool will help you to identify the (relatively few) important variables that may be causing the bottleneck to occur. It then examines how each variable may possibly play out (alternate outcomes), and then examines the probability of occurrence and action response that may be appropriate for each. It then helps us to assess which action response is most acceptable. We also identify “red flags” (early warning signs) so that we can proactively act against any major impacts. Find the on-line tool here:
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HR Qualifications Analysis Form (during hiring process)
For new hires, it is used during the interview process. This form can move us well beyond the traditional resume. This form should be given to applicants during the later stage of the 1st interview process, with 30 minutes for completion: - It helps us to identify their insights (or not) regarding what the company must do to be competitive, as well as how their job function contributes toward competitiveness. - The form asks the applicant to identify key skills they possess that can be brought to the specific job, as well as those that are NOT related to the job, but that can contribute to the company. Find the online tool here:
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HR Opportunity Review Form (annually, tie to planning processes)
Annually for all employees, this process can be tied to planning functions. This form can help us to probe our employees regarding company competitiveness, the relevant skills they possess that are not being utilized, and their opinion regarding needed change. Company planning efforts can focus on how the company competes, and align employee commitment toward achievement in those areas. It also helps us to understand key employee perceptions: - It helps us to identify their insights (or not) regarding what the company must do to be competitive, as well as identify what they consider to be their most important skills that are not being utilized by the company (but that could, perhaps, make a significant contribution). This helps us to uncover “hidden skills”. - The form also asks employees to identify things that are done that need to change, either because the rationale for doing them has become obsolete, or customers’ needs require the change. Find the online tool here:
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Loan Amortization Tool (ad hoc)
This interactive tool will help you to identify loan repayment schedules. Input the loan value, interest rate, and length in years, and you will get a breakdown of your payments (along with the amortization details). Find the on-line tool here:
edia_mentor/tool_amortization.php External Link

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