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This interactive tool will help you to identify who you are targeting (your key customers), what they want and why they want it, who makes the buying decisions, and what we offer and why it appeals to them. This tool is designed to help you incrementally build a Customer Analysis.

Step 1) Customers
The tool starts with the identificaton of your key customers. Which customers are the focus of your efforts - who are you targeting?

Step 2) Market
For each customer, identify if they are in a "Consumer" (for personal use) or "Company" (for use by a company) market.

Step 3) Buyers/Offers
For each customer, identify the:
"User" (who will use it),
"Technical Buyer" (who wants it and why),
"Economic Buyer" (who makes the buying decision), and then our
"Offer and Appeal" strategies regarding the "What" (products and services we intend to offer to each customer) and the "Why" (rationale regarding why the offer will appeal to them). This will help us to look below the surface level at each of our customers, and design sales/marketing campaigns that address their specific needs. To appropriately service our customers, we often need to make appeals to multiple audiences (types of buyers).

Step 4) Results
After completing the first three steps, we will see our results in table format. Results can easily be printed to your printer, virtual printer, or PDF.

Customer Analysis - Interactive Web Tool

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