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It is helpful to closely examine and compare alternatives when making decisions of importance. This tool can help you to prioritize among budget items, campaigns, tasks, or objectives (among other things).

This tool will facilitate that process through two steps.

Step 1: Issues
Identify the issues that need to be compared for a decision. It is important that (if completing this process as a group) everyone know the details related to each issue. Click "Add More Issues" to add additional items. You can prioritize between 3 and 20 items.

Clicking the "Reset Form" button at any time will reset all pages, and give you a fresh start.

Step 2: Compare
Comparisons will be made among all of the issues, ensuring that every issue is compared to every other. Use consensus for choices if working in a group. If you go back to this tab, your choices are remembered, so you can easily make minor modifications to your ratings.

Results will be shown in descending order (high priority issues appear first).

(Please enter between 3 and 20 issues to prioritize)
Please enter an issue (alphanumeric)Please enter an issue (alphanumeric)

Please identify the Issues first (Click on "Issues" tab)

Please identify the Issues, and Compare them first

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