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Student Insights for Entrepreneur Interviews

Entrepreneur insights and perceptions related to their businesses were obtained through interviews conducted by students. Student insights and reflections regarding the interview process are shown on this page.

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I always wondered how this individual ran his own business because I followed all that he does through his social media. I learned how someone is able to run their own business without going to school for it. That was something that really shocked my mind because this was someone who was a troubled some individual when he was younger and to flip his life around was really amazing. It really opened my eyes to see how hard a business is to run especially when you are the main component in your business. This project pushed me out of my comfort zone because I don’t think I would go and seek knowledge from another person without needing to for school.
The story behind this man is remarkable. One thing that really stood out is that he went to the same high school that I did so it is even more motivating that I interview him. It pushed me even more because I see how success he is and how long it took him. I believe that I have acquired more knowledge about a business through my time in college then he probably had at my age. I think that I can learn from the mistakes he made and when I finally begin my own business prevent those mistakes. This project made me think that maybe I can help be the factor that is missing from his business. By personally learning from him I can really understand how to operate a clothing store.
Date Submitted: 2017-04-25 21:25:46

To me the most meaningful thing about this project is that if you put your full dedication to what you do you will eventually get out what you put in. He didn’t even attend high school yet he is running a business with over 70 employees and is doing well financially for him and his family. Paying attention to detail is key in whatever you do. While he was in school and really didn’t pay attention but facing the fact that he started working when he was 14 he had to pay really good attention to all the little things that were required to operate certain machines. When he started driving he knew that keeping good terms with every spot he delivered to so that when he started his own they would remember him. Once he barley started he said he had to deliver product as early as 3am and as late as 11pm because he did whatever was left over. Building relationships with your clients is key for more business. So if they see that you’ll do them that great job early or late in return they will give you more business, which leads to more money.

There will always be difficulties and bumps in the road to test you and your company he said, but it’s how you overcome them and deal with them that reflects on you and your company. Keeping up with the new technology is key just so you and all your clients are on the same playing field. Spending money in the business will be needed here and there along the way so don’t be hesitant to spend your own money, because you know you will get it back down the line. Make sure you show your appreciation to your employees because without them it would be hard to keep it thriving through the tough and easy. Respect everyone the way you wished to be respected. Don’t be discourage to take a leap of faith, because it could only be for the better. One other meaningful thing he said is to make sure you save here and there so that it’s easy when you grow up and have a family to support them they way you wish you got supported. Do this for the interest of your family.
Date Submitted: 2017-04-25 21:29:24

The most meaningful piece of information to me throughout this project was the amount of value that integrity within a business withholds. I took this important piece of information to the heart simply because my father too constantly encourages me to the same. I have worked alongside my father since the age of six. Although a mere child, I was able to observe my father's hard labor and competent customer service. My father and my family have done landscaping work for as long as I can remember. Every different job site I have visited throughout my life has taught me special skills that every entrepreneur should obtain. Being the first born, eldest, and bilingual sibling in my family I began to accumulate obligations that got me out of my comfort zone and introduced me to the real world. Since my father's English was not as fluent as mine at the time, he counted on me to translate between he and our clients. Luckily, I didn't have to much trouble communicating with professional individuals because many of them valued my intention of helping my father get the job.

As time went on, we began to obtain several returning clients that would contact us for yearly or seasonal work. In every job sight that I have accompanied my father to, we have always left behind quality work. I know this because several of our clients have created a bond of trust towards not only my father but my entire family. Not many people tend to trust their gardeners or landscapers with ease of access to one's home, unless that person or team grasps on to integrity. We live in a world where, sad to say, deceit over rules the majority of trust embedded on society. I have learned from wise individuals such as my father, the entrepreneur interviewed, and many more people that owning up to one's mistakes and performing with the best of intentions is the ultimate strategy of not only obtaining clients but obtaining life long friendships with the utmost respect from appreciative customers. The success of an entrepreneur depends on the amount of passion that he or she positions into a business. He who speaks with the truth is likely to be considered for future reference, but he who fabricates will be immediately exiled for remark. Overall, this project was of great importance to me because it broadened my understanding of pathways to becoming a successful business owner.

Date Submitted: 2017-04-25 21:51:49

This project has been very meaningful to me for several reasons. It allowed me to pick the brain of a young entrepreneur, and has inspired and encouraged me that I can start my own business one day. Talking to this entrepreneur showed me that if you have a passion for something you could turn it into a business. I always enjoy listening to a company’s start up story. This project gave me perspective on how things go and how one person did it his way. I made a new friend along the way as well. We had a good time during the interview; a lot of laughs were shared. I see how his company is doing now and I hope him the best in the future.
As for me, I now know a little better on what I should be doing and learning to start up my own business. I will take his advice and start practicing now so when my time comes I will already be ahead of the curve. Him giving me his three “Must Do’s” to thrive in a business is probably the best insight he gave me because he has done it already and knows that it must be done for your work to work. Trust is a major key in any business and it helps build relationships. I am going to try to build stronger relationships with people I meet in the future so if needed I can come back and ask them for help or support. And once my business gets off the ground I will be humble about it and let the service speak for itself instead of boasting or disgracing others. Reputation and self-image is important to your business because its how other people perceive you that attracts them to your business. Overall this project has given me another look and a better perspective on business.
Date Submitted: 2017-04-25 23:38:31

Interviewing an entrepreneur provided a lot of insight in terms of the challenges that one can face and how rewarding it can be. Being an entrepreneur is not easy but it requires a lot of persistence and passion for whatever the goal may be. It is a choice that requires the dedication to explore and study the market. Being an entrepreneur and starting a business can mean working long hours, sometimes double shifts and working as well as learning every position of every department of your startup. This project provided a lot of meaning and allowed me to peer into the life of my interviewee and how she balances life with business. Although I would have thought that being a teen mom, going to college and working long hours at different jobs was tough, the way she talked to me about her magazine made it seem like it was nothing because she seemed personally fulfilled. For her, I felt it was more of her art being displayed as something that was way more rewarding.
Another meaningful thing was the way my interviewee funded her business. Being in debt after graduating college and being turned down after asking her parents for a loan helped her pivot her way of thinking. She sought out ways to fund her magazine. In her case, it meant picking up an extra job and sacrificing certain things she might have enjoyed. She is running her business now, thinking about expanding and growing her magazine business in all kinds of ways while being debt free. Some of the things she spoke with me about sounded tough but her passion made it seem like it was not a big deal. Even though she had her ups and downs as well as adversaries she only saw an opportunity and viewed things with an open mind. I found her way of thinking to be admirable. I truly feel that it is a very good quality she possesses. Being sick also made her realize how much harm it also caused her business, which is why she is in the process of establishing a partnership. She says to have a lot of goals and a long way to go and is actively working to put some of those together as of this moment.
My interviewee went to school for design because this was something she really enjoyed doing. After getting a position for the local city as an art director, she found her boss to be quite mean. Her boss made it difficult for her and brought her down to the point that she wanted to give up. She never stood up for herself, when she felt she should have. However, she is glad that she had him tell her she would never make it and that she was not good because now she is doing what she loves. Having such a terrible boss, helped her push herself to get the magazine running. The school she taught at had shut down and ultimately lost her job and she began to do some freelance work. She used her layoff as a time to focus on her magazine and make some new changes. Along the way, she has also made mistakes while on the job like having one too many drinks and forgetting her interview with singer Tyga.
Date Submitted: 2017-04-26 00:22:28

The most meaningful about this project is that I got to learned from a small business owner, that not everything is easy when it comes to opening a restaurant or a business . Also, learned that everything has it place. It can also be difficult because you may not have the experience to open up your own business and it can go down the drain either in 1 month or less then a year that’s you always got be on top of your business . Most of the experience was really good to know a different prospective of the business world. Hopefully one day I can open a business and enjoy what like doing because don’t want to open a business that’s not going make me money.
Date Submitted: 2017-04-26 01:36:05

The most meaningful thing about this project was the one on one time with the Entrepreneur because I could tell she enjoyed telling her story. She was proud and enthusiastic about proving all this information on her business. It was a small way for her to brag. It was helpful to myself, learning from her experience and how she overcame obstacles. It made me realize how hard something can be yet rewarding, once the time and effort are put in. Yet it doesn’t end there you must continue to work and provide quality goods and services to your customers to keep them coming back.
Date Submitted: 2017-04-26 08:17:56

The most meaningful topic about this project is that it gave us the opportunity to talk to individuals who once had similar dreams to ours and see how they slowly worked their up into the business world and made their dreams become reality. I found it very helpful to be able to take advantage of this project and be able to answer questions which could provide us with an insight into the business world and learn how individuals began their company and the steps they took. Furthermore, not only did it give us personal information but it also provided the opportunity to ask the interviewee other questions aside from the project helped me to obtain a certain mindset and think about other options which I had never thought of before. The interview also aided me to know how to start a painting business as it has been an idea I've had since I do have experience in that region as well as my family members. The opportunity given to be able to get information from rising individuals means a lot as they were once in my seat and its inspiring to know anything is possible if you work hard enough.
The project provided helped me to get a better sense of how managing a business works and the intimidating fact that it will never be easy; however, not impossible. It helped me obtain a more in depth perspective of the business world and helped me understand that in order to succeed you must have passion as that will push you to succeed when in tough situations as they will cross your path sooner or later. Furthermore, the assignment also helped me to realize just how important keeping as well as making relationships with customers as they are the ones who keep your company moving forward besides our-self. Customers relations are extremely important when starting since they may refer you to other individuals which can eventually become clients making it very important to always satisfy existing customers. Ultimately, the most helpful resource was Marco as he illustrated his strategy to succeed and he also explained how taking risks may not always seem as the correct choice, but they may result in a better outcome than expected which really inspired me as starting your own business is always a risk.
Date Submitted: 2017-04-26 11:00:45

The most meaningful parts of this project to me personally is the opportunity to hear of a business success from an individual who has lived through the entire process. Also important is the personal eye opener that came with that. Hearing from the business owner made me think of several things. The main thing is networking. In order to really thrive, it helps to have individuals or other businesses working with or helping you. Such as the chiropracting company using law firms to help them accumulate patients. I believe that in the future I should really consider positive ways to network with my business. To be honest before this report networking was not something I have really considered or put much thought to.
Also, another eye opener was about generating my startup money for my business. I was dead set on depending on the bank for a loan to help me start up my business for I have never personally tried to get a loan, I just knew of them. After doing this project and hearing what the entrepreneur had to say about getting loans to start businesses I was glad it was brought to my attention sooner than later. Turns out banks are probably the worst source to depend on for a loan, unless it’s a different type of loan. The business owner I spoke with said “The bank does not want to give you money unless you don’t really need it”. After hearing him say that I immediately started to ponder of other ways to get startup money. This turned out to probably be the most beneficial advice I was given during this interview.

Date Submitted: 2017-04-26 15:16:36

Starting a business has probably crossed a lot of peoples mind, I know it’s crossed mine. This project shows how some people come into starting their own business. Some people knew that want to start their business and others just come across a talent they have and then starts a business for it. You don’t have to start a normal business like a restaurant or a fashion store, you can start whatever business you want. You don’t even need a store front to start one, you can just have a Facebook page with all of your work and contact information for people.
This project allowed us to get inside on how they started their business and what maybe we should know before starting our own. They are able to tell you tips that maybe they wished they had when they were getting to their business but didn’t. They are really helpful with any questions regarding starting a business because they had to go through what you’re about to go through if you’re going to start a business. Granted every business is different is going to be different but this information can help you in different situations. I can relate to my entrepreneur because she never really thought about getting into this business, she just happened to be good at it, just like how I baked and it turned out that I’m pretty good at it. Now I want to open my own bakery or bakery truck something like that, and that’s why I am taking different business classes so that I can be prepared for opening my own business.
Date Submitted: 2017-04-26 22:15:56

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