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Student Insights for Entrepreneur Interviews

Entrepreneur insights and perceptions related to their businesses were obtained through interviews conducted by students. Student insights and reflections regarding the interview process are shown on this page.

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I grew up working for my family’s fudge business. I can remember distinctly at age four, working in a small booth in the building that, that year, had large animatronic dinosaurs. Until 2014, I spent almost every summer working at the L.A County Fair, working with my mother, my uncle, and my grandparents. Still, I never knew how we acquired the business, or even how long our family had owned it. I just knew that as far back as I remembered, we were the family that sold fudge at the fairs. I’m proud that they gave me my start in the food industry, and I love hearing people recognize my family’s product. Although I no longer work the fairs, it will always be an integral part of my life.

Even though I worked for my grandfather for years, he was always more of an authority figure than a close relative. I never knew how tenacious he was in seeking out opportunities, forging relationships, and making things for himself. He was very much a self made man, jumping from one business opportunity to another. I never realized that in talking the previous owner into selling him the business, he also acquired the licensing for [name removed] for the West Coast! The relationships he forged with fair managers, banking institutions, and the support he garnered from customers have served our family well for over thirty years. That his effort sustained our family for so long meant a lot to me. I hope to serve his memory well, and use this inspiration to motivate me down the path of my own business ventures.
Date Submitted: 2017-10-26 21:27:43

This project had a lot of meaning to it. I got an idea of how a business is run and what the owners go through. I also got an idea of how difficult it can be to own a business but at the end of the day it will be worth it. Overall, many things were meaningful to me during this project. One of them were the challenges owners face in order to accomplish their goal. One of the challenge that stood out to me was being patient. As we all know, many people don't really have patience and that’s the key to running a business properly. Patience is what gets someone to do things right in your business and actually satisfy customers rather than disappointing them.Patience will lead you to having a successful business.

Another meaningful thing that caught my attention was how websites have such a great impact for businesses. I didn't really see the connection between websites and businesses but this project made me realize the connection.Websites are so helpful because you can advertise your food/products etc. It helps you introduce your food/product to new people which benefits you on getting more customers. Using websites give so many benefits because you're able to give the opportunity to customers to do online ordering and you’re able to reveal your menu on there. Another thing I found good was that you're able to add on ratings for your business. For example, customers are allowed to put how good or bad the business can be and that allows you to improve your business.
Date Submitted: 2017-10-27 04:35:37

(1) First of all, during the interview, I can fully be motivated by the business owner. He is so passionate about telling me about the development of his restaurant. The owner told me his story about how to successfully run a company. David shared me a lot of useful and practical experience which I cannot learn from the textbooks. At the same time, I can truly and strongly feel the complexity of dealing with many situations. for example, how to comfort the customer whose meal could not please him. The most effective and efficient way to communicate with the interviewee is regarding you as him! Put you into the same situation, and then consider if I face the problem, what shall I do? Make a comparison with the real solution. And then dig out what id the difference.
(2) This project could find out that what is your real interest. During the interview, you are forming your business structures and modifying the wrong understandings. The question you ask the owner is the things that you are really interested in.
I gradually accept the imperfection of the world. That is to say, I can distinguish the dream and realities. So many people fail on the business that they are into. While some smart owners luckily survive among coemptions.
I also admit that there are so many business concepts are blank in my mind. I cannot avoid and be afraid of them. The reason is that these things will happen every day. I start to watch daily news and make some notes on accounting concepts. in conclusion, running a business is not an easy thing. I need physically and emotionally devote myself into the war.
Date Submitted: 2017-10-27 05:03:31

This project made me realize how difficult it is to start up and manage your own business. The most meaningful information I learned during this project is that it takes a lot of time and dedication to manage your business. You can just expect to turn your idea into a million-dollar company overnight. You must make a lot of sacrifices and put in long hours of research just to start a business. Even after you get your businesses started you still must deal with the hardest step in the process, which is growing your business. To grow your business it is vital to build strong relationships with your customers and employees. You always want to make your customer happy. It is also very import to build up a good reputation and become well known to the public. This can be accomplished by keeping your customers happy and coming back. In conclusion starting up and maintaining a successful business a lot of hard work but pays off in the long run.
Date Submitted: 2017-10-27 06:27:31

The most meaningful part to me was when he was talking about how his idea all started and what he had to do to accomplish his goals. They were very realistic goals that I can easily set for myself. I also enjoyed him talking about the obstacles he encountered at the beginning, because I know it’s something that I could also come across, like when he mentioned he didn’t have time to work on his designs because he was a full time student at college and also had a job. It made me realized that we do have to give up and risk some things to meet our goals. If he hadn’t quit his job, he would have never been able to put so much work into this company.
We also discussed how he had to learn how to interact and make connections with others to get the brand out there and known, it wasn’t easy for him because he was never a social person, so it was definitely out of his comfort zone. I have a hard time starting conversations with strangers, but hearing him talk about it and how it opened up so many doors for his company, motivates me to also just go out there and step out of my bubble. It was also interesting hearing him talk about all the business’ weaknesses, it shows that he’s aware of them and wants to change them for the best of the company, and this is important because some people tend to ignore this and pretend everything is going great in their business.
Date Submitted: 2017-10-27 06:35:32

One of the most meaningful things to me about this project is the fact that it made me get out and learn from people that have done it. I’ve never actually interviewed someone like this and doing it on something like business and success just made it that much better. I definitely learned a lot just from the short conversation. It truly amazes me how motivated some people can be and this project is great for young people because it teaches them to explore. If it wasn’t for this project I would’ve never actually thought of those questions and been able to get them and learn and listen to the answers. I did something that I probably never done simple because I didn’t actually think about it. My mind is now opened up more.

Another meaningful thing to me about this project is the fact that it’s inspiring. There could be a kid in this class that could care less about business but this project is so powerful that it could of changed that for them. It can truly open your eyes just like it did mine to the world of business. There is nothing better than hearing these amazing answers from someone that I know so well. There is a great chance that this has now sparked many future business talks. Inspiration is going to be a big part of being successful in anything you do and without a doubt this project inspired me to really strive to be the best I can in the business world. I wouldn’t be shocked one bit if I had a classmate tell me that this project completely opened their eyes and that they’re now inspired to go after some business ideas of their own.
Date Submitted: 2017-10-27 06:41:26

With interviewing a entrepreneur, I have learned quite a few things because the entrepreneur has had their fair share of struggles and successes. So the entrepreneur, that I interviewed invited me to the store to see how she normally runs her business throughout the day. And the day that I went to kind of oversee how she works, it was a busy day. So, I just observed and saw how she enteracts with her customers and how she works with her employees. And how she manages to get things done so quickly in such a short amount of time. But one of the most important things she told me during the interview was too much information as I can before opening up my own business because the more you know the less bumps there will you be as your starting up your business. And I know even though I gather as much information as I can there will still be bumps but not as many as a person who opens up a business not knowing anything.
Date Submitted: 2017-10-27 06:54:47

From this project, I interview a real entrepreneur. I got a very really useful information to me to open my small business. First, responsibility is a very important thing to the managers and employees. Everyone must have the responsibility to get the job well, that the business can become more efficient and productive. Second, planning is also an important thing for each business. Good planning is always foreseen the good and bad happen to the business, and also good planning can prepare and avoid problems. The third, customer service is the most thing to the business. Pleasing customers always benefit the business.
Nowadays, there are great challenges of the small business, Pricing, support, advertising, and location are all competitive advantages or disadvantages. It is important to know if your competitor is changing, the marketing environment’s changing. Any of the key performance indicators could have the adverse effect on your business. And you should have sensitive sense smell of the changing of the market and also the government can have a tremendous impact on any laws that they might change. If the weather of the marketing is not good. It will get a huge damage to your small business.
Date Submitted: 2017-10-25 14:50:42

The thing that most meaningful to me about this project is the very helpful advice that he had given me. There are so many aspects of running a business that i would not have thought about. Even though every business is different with the way every person runs their own business the way that they want to everything comes down to the same basic principles of running a successful company. the re might be some small differences in running a furniture retailer and the business that I want to open up which is a restaurant the inner parts of two companies are the same.
Advice that he had given me that I will definitely use in building my business is to pay attention to the competition and to research what I am getting myself into. By looking at the good and bad aspects of other people it will help me make sure that my business is the best that it could be. Researching what people need from the industry especially where I will have my company is the best thing to do so that you will be ahead of the game before anyone else is. Every piece of advice that he had given me will definitely be things that i will use in my business and will be taken whole heartingly. Knowing that he used these tips himself with trial and error he knows what is best to succeed in the industry.
Date Submitted: 2017-11-14 22:36:54

What I found meaning full about his project was that I got to pick at the brain of a business owner. One that has been in a partnership that had issues, to one that currently owns and runs three businesses. Getting his insight will be very helpful to how I plan and try to form my own business plan for my own goals. One of the key issues I noticed was credit. It seems that having good credit helps him to finance his businesses and helps him out when he gets in a pinch. He told me to not fear the banks but to use them as a tool. Make sure you can manage your debt and not to get buried in it.
By listening to him I caught a sense of how important time management is and also that it is crucial to always try to please your customers. After the questions we had dinner and talked more about his different businesses and such. This project was a great tool to increase my idea of what is ahead of me in the future. I am going to need to continue to build my credit and learn to manage my time better if I want to increase my businesses. He also dabbled in marketing and he explained that sometimes outsourcing is better. I may not be able to do a job as good as someone else and that is ok. I need to learn to balance and to know when to ask for help. These are all conditions that I need to be able to try and control.
Date Submitted: 2018-04-14 02:00:07

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Records 1061 to 1070 of 1253