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Student Insights for Entrepreneur Interviews

Entrepreneur insights and perceptions related to their businesses were obtained through interviews conducted by students. Student insights and reflections regarding the interview process are shown on this page.

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This project gave me an insight into what kind of people entrepreneurs really are. Before doing this project I had never met a business owner before, in fact before joining this class I had no background in business what so ever. To me owners always seemed like those guys who would sit in their offices and meeting tables talking about their business while occasionally coming out to inspect their store and its workers, or throwing dinner parties and meetings to improve relations with partners and employees. In short they felt like people who were so far out of my reach that I would never get to meet one unless we just so happened to run into each other during one of his/her inspections or other duties, and even then I would imagine that they would be simply too busy to talk to me. It's not that business men, owners, and entrepreneurs didn't feel like people to me, they just felt like they were special people. People who through extraordinary intelligence, hard work, and luck, became owners of something bigger. This is a stereotype that I feel many people feel regarding businessmen, the whole twirling the mustache thing while sitting on a chair in a two hundred story building is commonly thought of because we spend most of our lives from the perspective of a consumer, not a provider. After meeting a business owner for the first time it occurs to my that my original view is quite far off indeed. Not only was this particular entrepreneur available and social, but through him I realized that he wasn't so different from myself.
From this encounter I now have a new stereotypical definition of the entrepreneur: they are dedicated eccentrics, who are willing to take risks, be open to many people at once, and can't stay still to save their lives. The intellectual stuff all comes after this basic core personality which leads to plans, the hiring of skilled individuals, and in turn the development of a business. A business man is someone who must observe, reflect, think, listen, make guesses, predictions, and mistakes. All of which are things that we do in our every day lives on a more refined level.
Date Submitted: 2018-04-26 04:45:30

The most meaningful aspect of doing this project was that I was able to experience and picture what I thought international business was like. In other words it made me reassure that this is the right careers path I want to take. I love the fact that you get to know a lot of different people from around the world as well as different cultures. l learned that in the business environment you do not just take risks, and wait for good results to come, it is about analyzing, strategizing and executing based on your products and target market. I was also able to realize that nowadays there are a vast number of challenges business will find along their journey, and they will always be there, and the most successful companies are those able to overcome those challenges and adapt to all the changes in the market.
One interesting fact about this company is that they rely on their costumers feedback to take decisions when it comes to adapting, changing and or improving the products they offer (export). Mrs. Baldemar is always seeking and analyzing costumers’ comments about the quality of her products, or different need that the target market might have. “We are not physically established but we do business professionally and our main focus is our costumers' needs” she said, meaning that the smallest and the biggest company share the same objective; fulfill their target market’s needs. I personally think I chose the right person to get this project done, Mrs. Baldemar studied the same career I am studying and also she was able to start a company that I would like to have in a couple of years from now. overall this project helped me visualize myself in the international business environment an that is what I want to do for a living.
Date Submitted: 2018-04-26 05:29:29

This interview meant a lot to me. I think learning about owning a small business in general and everything that goes into it, especially as a sole proprietorship was very helpful but more than anything I loved hearing how much he utilizes his passion for people and his employees. Also we both came from similar backgrounds by working in our parents shops since we were younger and that was really cool to talk to someone with a similar upbringing. I think what makes my drive for owning a business stand out a little more than others is the passion I have for wanting to serve people. It has never been about the money as most business is. I just want to create a space that I pour my heart and soul into FOR the people to come interact in. So my employees can be happy doing a job they enjoy. So I can give back. I saw a lot of that in him.

A great piece of advice he gave me was to invest in learning how to manage and train your employees well. Also to have the right people around you. He said you can teach anyone how to make the product well but you can't train them to change their attitude. I also took in some advice about learning more about the legalities and leasing. He ran into a little leasing problem that he might've been able to solve if he had had more information on the subject. The interview was brief but it showed me a little preview of what's to come for me.
Date Submitted: 2018-04-26 05:30:51

What was most meaningful to me about this project was the advice I got. It was unbelievable the experiences that the entrepreneur shared with me. I received a lot of advice on starting a sole proprietorship which is the type of business I am going to start. The mistakes that my entrepreneur made were some I will never make because of this interview. I have always been most nervous about going to the bank for a loan, to the point where I thought I would just start my business up on my own, but when my entrepreneur said that not going to the bank was one of their biggest regrets, I stopped to reconsider. Getting the insight of someone who has been running a business for almost twenty years was unreal.
This interview also taught me that reaching out to other entrepreneurs in my area can be very beneficial. There are so many business owners that want to help others get going and guide them through the problems that they have already faced. This project has really encouraged me to find a mentor in my area. And lastly it really reminded me why I started this major in the first place. I am so passionate about my work and it is what I really love to do. It will not be easy starting a business, but hearing how much fun it was for my entrepreneur really reminded me how I got here.
Date Submitted: 2018-04-26 06:29:55

What was most meaningful to me about this project was to have the opportunity to interview the owner of the my very first job. When I first hired in I had just graduated from High School and I never really thought about this whole business thing because I had very little knowledge about businesses. I always saw him as just the owner of the store but never did I stop to think everything he does behind the scenes while running the business. I also knew that he had another business but I never really bothered to ask him much about it so it was fun getting to know him a bit better. Getting to see how he does inventory and all that other stuff regular employees don’t think about was fun. It gave me an idea of what it takes to sustain a business, especially since I worked there for 3 years I got to experience some things first hand. Although it wasn’t much, I’m still glad I had this opportunity.

Another thing that was most meaning full to me was the advice he gave me. He made me realize that confidence is a big factor in running a business. Even if at first you don’t succeed, having confidence in yourself will play a factor in how many times you will continue to try until you succeed. You can be working on something and have no clue of what you’re doing but as long as you’re doing it with confidence you won’t look bad. Don’t ever say you can’t do something when you haven’t given yourself the chance to try it. Always have the mentality that you will get it done, one way or another. Keep a positive vibe and that will attract other good things. Little advices that you hear everywhere but when you get to see how they relate to the business world, you start seeing everything with a different perspective.
Date Submitted: 2018-04-26 07:19:28

There a couple of things that are most meaningful about this project one being the transparency and willingness to share advice and ideas. Many advice and things said in this interview can be valuable for me in the future when I want to start my own business. The fact that this interview had some great questions for future entrepreneurs and small business owners gives us things to reflect upon that we might not have even thought about before. Funding, marketing, start ups, are just a few things that come to mind that did not have much of importance to me. Before the interview, I was just focused on one aspect of wanting to open a small business which was the idea itself without giving deserved importance to other aspects. Consequently, I will go over every detail in opening a successful business and give importance to where its due.
The act of interviewing an actual small business owner was also very meaningful just to get live first-hand information. The process itself was actually fun and informational. Also, learning their background and where they come from is motivational because most were in our places and managed to build a successful small business so why can’t we do it. To conclude, one of the big ideas was a topic we were learning in class that was mentioned in the interview as well which is the ability to adapt to change. This does not include just technological or strategic change but all and any type of change that can directly affect your business.

Date Submitted: 2018-04-26 08:24:18

The most meaningful thing to me about this project is there is no such thing as easy gold. Building a business requires a lot of commitment, money and time, and there is no guarantee that it will be successful. Thus, being an entrepreneur is a huge risk. From this interview, I see my interviewer’s persistence and strong drive, and I believe most successful businessmen have these characteristics. Persistence and strong drive help my interviewer pursue his goals through whatever failures or setbacks he may endure. He also has great networking ability, which is also one thing I absolutely want to learn from him. My interviewer is my role model in life, and he is also the one who makes me become so interested in real estate.
No matter how small a business is, good products and services are always needed. When I rethink the role of after-sale service my interviewer brought up, I find there are so many details in a successful business. Rich people are rich for reasons. Even though maybe some people’s money comes very easily, maintaining these money is still hard. After this project, I realize being an entrepreneur is challenging, not only because it is time-consuming and capital required, but also because maintenance of a good business is quite overwhelming. From this project, I also learned that in order to become a successful entrepreneur, it is critical for me to learn more experience from successful entrepreneurs, for example, my interviewer. On the other hand, I need to gain detailed understanding in many fields, including accounting, marketing, finance, and human resources.
Date Submitted: 2018-04-26 09:05:52

What was most meaningful to me about doing this project was being able to get the perspective and advice from someone who understands the struggles of opening and running a business because they are experiencing all these struggles first hand and right now. It especially helps that the person and I chose to interview is my cousin, and I know that he was really honest with me when it came to advice and the examples he shared with me. I really enjoyed being able to ask these questions to him because he and I, I feel have similar mindsets and goals when it comes to following our passion and fulfilling the desire to accomplish the goals that we have. Now that I’ve learned a lot from him and doing this project, I feel that moving forward in the business world to reach my dream will be a challenge for me, but a challenge that I can achieve.
Date Submitted: 2018-04-26 12:10:04

Interviewing an entrepreneur was really helpful, it gave more knowledge especially in some aspects in the rough framing business that didn’t know where it took a huge impact. Insurance plays a big part and how I’m always supposed to stay up updated with the legislation changes and if I don’t follow the changes of legislation it can fine me big money. Mistakes are going to happen and if I don’t watch out for red flags in the business it’s also going to cost me a lot as well. When hiring employees to work in the field I need to look for people that know what they are doing in the process of building a home. It’s also not going to be easy to find good workers that take pride in their work and that can also be a help on helping others that have no experience in the field.
The entrepreneur that I interview was very helpful, and I’m happy he was able to give me a few min of his time especially cause I’m sure he has a busy schedule. He gave me great advice for building a rough framing business, for example to always ask questions, and theirs never such thing as a ridiculous question, always ask into I fully understand. Also always to monitor the money that the business is generating and monitor the work and to plan ahead for more production. A meaningful thing that I took was that the entrepreneur said that taking some business classes would have come in very handy before going into business, it would save him some mistakes that he done. Happy to say that I’m on the right track in taking some business courses before going into business and maybe save myself from mistakes that might have hurt my pockets. This interview was very fun and different from any other project, especially having to talk to a business owner. This questions I hope to use in the future to interview other entrepreneurs to get more insight information in the rough framing business or for other business that I hope to create.
Date Submitted: 2018-04-26 14:15:53

The person I had a pleasure of an interview this person we been close friendsI met this person when I was 11 he was my boy scout master now for over 30 years know he has an engineering back round he basically loves to take things apart a try to fix things, so he came across this business because was trying to find someone to fix a printer, so he found other people that were looking for the older printers is lot looking make a lot of money he’s just doing it to stay busy in retirement and to fill a need and to help people he does most of thhis sales on ebay and amazon .com and he dose all of it on his own
Date Submitted: 2018-04-26 16:23:14

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Records 1081 to 1090 of 1253