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Student Insights for Entrepreneur Interviews

Entrepreneur insights and perceptions related to their businesses were obtained through interviews conducted by students. Student insights and reflections regarding the interview process are shown on this page.

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After completing my entrepreneurial project I came to realize how much day to day effort it takes to create a successful business. In a one person business there is no one to rely on or divide the work. Wanting to be your boss and being your own boss is quite different. I don’t think my interviewee would become a partnership unless that partner was someone that could really add a great benefit to the business. I don’t believe she would search for a partner just to split the workload. Her sole ownership is more important to her in the long run. I believe she would rather follow through with what she started and watching it grow or fail on her own terms.
I also came to realize how difficult it is to increase your customer base when you’re a small home business. One of the first idea’s people have is to advertise through social media. Until you know how to navigate through all the social media it’s a resource that may not be beneficial to you. Social media today is a tool. Learning to use that tool in the most effected way can be a strong asset. Owning your own business can bring with it great financial and personal benefits. In most cases those benefits take a lot of time and a lot of money. For my interviewee making the delicious cupcakes she loves baking is worth the struggles to create own business.
Date Submitted: 2018-04-26 16:27:17

It was actually really fun because I got to meet this person that I admire too. I learned so much about how the cosmetic industry actually works because It always been my dream to create makeup line. I’ve learned so much about making cosmetic industry is not easy. I thought at first you have really good product you will make it but I was wrong. I’m so glad i got this assignment.
Date Submitted: 2018-04-26 16:44:56

The most meaningful thing I’ve learned from this project is that you never know what could happen when stride towards a goal. Even if an individual were to invest in something small such a hobby, it could quickly turn into something they would have never imagined. This project has allowed me to understand the life of an entrepreneur in the eyes Frankie Zamarripa, and how he has built his way to success. The Zamarippa’s started a small company in 1988 and learned that success comes from the effort you put into it. They have created a successful business that is entertaining to people of all ages; a beacon that attracts both hardcore collectors and everyday shoppers. They have constructed an atmosphere that can be enjoyed by a multitude of families and serves as a distraction from the stress of everyday life. I’ve learned how even companies as successful as this one, still face problems that could be detrimental to their business. Despite these problems, these companies are always looking forward to improving their business whether it be with new technology or a positive attitude. I also found it very important that a successful business owner such as Frankie, still wishes he had received a college education when he was younger. It makes me grateful to live in a world where doing so is very possible. Overall, this project has given me the opportunity to better understand what it’s like to be an entrepreneur and it has further inspired me to achieve that goal in the future.
Date Submitted: 2018-04-26 22:22:52

I really enjoyed this assignment. It provided me with a lot of valuable information. The person I interviewed is a family friend and I’ve been to that store many times in my life. I would go at least four times a day during summer vacation. The information makes a lot more sense because I have a real life example. I can imagine all the examples with great detail. I’ve seen the vendors stock the store, give a quote, etc. Not to mention the practicality of the store being nearby. One thing that I have noticed is that whenever a family member or the owner get an item from the store they pay for it. When I was younger I didn’t understand this, however they do this to keep the books on track and to stray from bad business habits.

The advise that I liked the most was to make a certain percentage on sales. Overspending/lack of sales are what cause many people to go out of business. This project made me more interested in pursuing my own business ventures. Before, I didn’t realize that I knew several people with successful businesses. My research made me more aware of how easy it is to start a business. There are many ways to obtain the funds to start your business, you just have to look for them.

Date Submitted: 2018-04-27 02:24:03

The most important about this project is that I got the chance to speak and ask questions to a person that I respect and admire since I was a kid. Also being able to know how this person started her business & is working her way up to have more success in her daily life. People always trust her because she knows her business and always tries to help people with the final expenses for their loved ones. I got the chance to get some tips from her that would benefit me in the future. While I was interviewing her she was always trying to tell me that a person needs to see what they really like or enjoy doing in order to open a business and to be successful. As a person you need to have knowledge in your topic so people could trust the businesses even more.
Date Submitted: 2018-04-27 03:34:40

This project has taught me many things I do not forsee when I think of business Ideas and how you can get into them.
There are alot of opportunities that are presented to us everyday in this particular owner's case as being presented with opportunity.
Opportunity can be found in everyday life, as someone somewhere is always needs/wants something
like a service or product.
Even in fast-paced life the opportunity to expand on an opportunity is always there for the taking.
Date Submitted: 2018-04-27 05:53:45

What was most meaningful about this project was that I got to connect with the entrepreneur on a business level in our relationship. Seeing that they were excited to tell me so much about it and how it all works made me realize that running a business can have its perks. Talking to them open my eyes on how much there is to learn from that company and that I should be getting ready. I learned when it comes to paper work I really have to be organize, they relay on bunch of paperwork and numbers. This whole project got me thinking that I would like to be a part of it. That the women working for these type of companies usually are only involved with paperwork and money.
I'm very interested for the future and what this company has for me. I look forward working with them and the other employees. This project got me mentally ready for what to expect when working with family members in this type of business. There is still so much to learn but I know that my husband will help me get ready. Especially now that he feels more comfortable talking to me about the business in a professional way.
Date Submitted: 2018-04-27 05:58:22

The most meaningful part of this project to me was getting direct questions to ask my mentor. I did this interview with the owner of the salon I run my personal business out of. I have lots of discussions with him about the salon because I help run his education program. But they are always focused toward the education part of the business or to help myself or another hairdresser build our clientele. I have always been curious about these parts but not sure what exactly to ask or how to ask.
After the interview he proceeded to tell me more about the business as well as some of his other businesses. He also gave me some inspirational words to help with daily life. And questions I should ask myself daily and things I can do to keep me moving towards my goals and success. He also asked me what some of my goals with school were and why I went back. This project really helped guide me into a conversation with him that I had wanted to have for a while but didn’t know how to approach. And i hope it leads to many more. Thank you for that.
Date Submitted: 2018-04-27 06:18:32

The most meaningful part of this project was getting out there and learning how people just like me starting from nothing into a professional business. I enjoyed interviewing this entrepreneur because he was a very nice and interesting man to talk to. I learned many many things from this man and I plan to use some of his strategies to hopefully make my business some day.

The most important thing to me would have to be coming out of your comfort zone and starting from nothing am build up. I’m generally a very shy person but listening to him and for him to give me some tips of how to overcome those fears was pretty special to me. Also starting from nothing hit me hard to. This hit me hard because it made me appreciate that his business came from nothing to a special business where he makes enough to provide to his family and that inspires me to try and do the same.
Date Submitted: 2018-04-27 06:51:35

After doing this project it is interesting to get a peek behind the curtain of the local gym I go to. I’ve known the owner for 5 years now but I never asked him about what got in into the business to begin with. The key to opening a business is you got to love what you do. Even though you think you have an idea on how it will work on paper but once its go time things change. Location is a major factor on the success of your because if the customer can find you easily that is a good sign of success. Word of mouth maybe an old fashion idea but it still holds true today as it did in the past.
Technology plays a big role in modern society so every business must learn to use it to their benefit to attract more customers. Marketing is another tool to success because you want to get the word out that your business is open for business. One doesn’t think of the challenges a business faces on a daily basis when you enter the store but after this interview I gained a greater level of respect for the owner. Gaining the money to start the business will be the toughest task you will face in order to start a business because not many banks will make the loan to you. Having knowledge of the business you are starting is a key aspect when you decide to start up a business. You can’t be afraid to fail in order to start a business.
Date Submitted: 2018-05-04 20:21:34

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Records 1091 to 1100 of 1253