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Student Insights for Entrepreneur Interviews

Entrepreneur insights and perceptions related to their businesses were obtained through interviews conducted by students. Student insights and reflections regarding the interview process are shown on this page.

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What was most meaningful to me out of this project is getting to know my dad’s business a little but more. Just being in school, had brought him a lot of success. As Snap-On was the one who initially asked my dad to come work for them. They knew with his positive and attitude and educational background that he would be a great asset to their company. They were correct. My dad has been one of the top tool distributors for many years and has made thousands of dollars in profits from just Snap-On. What I loved most, is that he didn’t stop there. His first investment is what inspired to keep growing as an entrepreneur.
After seeing that Snap-On was doing well, he made an investment on homes that he rented out for a profit. He did this by letting the houses pay themselves off by having people rent them and maintain them. One investment can lead to another. I learned to have a positive attitude on negative events that might get thrown at you but take them as a learning experience. If you want to see a profit, the best thing to do is make an investment and keep a look out for new investments to keep growing your entrepreneur role.
Date Submitted: 2018-10-09 09:44:00

Mr chow was my mentor for almost two years. I meet him through I asked him tons of questions since I meet him. Every time I think my business not working, and my life is game over, he always points out what I am doing right or wrong, and provides his suggestions with me. He always said you were fine, I was not worried about you. Of course, I have no idea why he said that. He just simply to reply this is the process to be an entrepreneur. He had the same as experience when he started the business, and told me always be creative and aggressive. The same products can be selling in different ways, and the market is huge. The only bad decision he made so far was real estate. He told me that was many opportunities to invest on real estate but he missed it. As a result, he told me a lot of real estate trend, and explain to me why people always love investing on real estate. Some business people might think real estate or amazon are not for them, and no profit. However, he saw a different vision. He was always believing the market is here and huge. Just be creative and aggressive. Don't be afraid, and keep doing what you good at.
Date Submitted: 2018-10-09 15:18:59

I am impressed how one person has so many ideas, I imagine if we are so many in one company and put all our ideas together this world be more proactive and innovative instead of just trying to imitate the riches businesspersons out there. It gives you an opportunity to reflect on your future career, at some point I thought that it was not so difficult to become and entrepreneur and start a new business, there are so many options to choose from to accomplish therefore finding out if being your own boss is a fit for me. I believe, working for one company one becomes lazy, because we do not expect more than a check, where in becoming your own boss, the mentality is different the more you see and gain the more you want.
This project gave me a sense of what I can bring and provide to my own organization, I can truly add something outstanding for my own benefit and create jobs to our society. To become and entrepreneurship is a chance to give evidence of what we have to offer in any industry, now a days it is proven that because of the social media, apps and technology, businesses are in the best era to progress and develop even without going out of your house looking for customers anyone can be successful as long as you have the attitude and positive courage to attain for what you want to develop, even for the smallest business you may be thinking on starting, that with one’s own powerful desire my business can become a very successful one in the industry. This is easier than structuring an essay, because, on essays sometimes we are in the need to fulfill 5,6 pages with out even making sense.
Date Submitted: 2018-10-13 13:25:14

Establishing this new connection was very meaningful, on top of the advice I received. While, I was previously acquainted with Nick, I didn’t know much about his business. Not only did I learn more about the start of his business, I also learned more about how he keeps up as a entrepreneur. Seeing the roots of a successful entrepreneur, and how he developed his company was very insightful. It left me relieved and hopeful. I felt relieved to know that even he didn’t now everything when he started out. But that what’s important is to keep up with what’s new and continue educating oneself. This experience also confirmed that entrepreneurs are always consuming media and expanding their knowledge. It is a bit intimidating, but it is admirable.
Talking to an established entrepreneur made me reflect on all the qualities we discussed in class about entrepreneurs. I realized how he really embodied these qualities. It really opens your eyes to how much work entrepreneurs have to put in to get things up and running, and not to mention the need to be really motivated. Afterwards, he had mentioned how he wants to expand the business in a direction that would really make a difference in the world so that it would feel much more fulfilling. Seeing as I have been very interested in social entrepreneurship, it really motivated me to pursue my ambitions of becoming an entrepreneur. Everything feels a lot more within reach.
Date Submitted: 2018-10-13 19:26:34

The most meaningful part of this project for me was reviewing the answers after the interview because i get to really learn what we discussed. For instance, Question 3 asked how did you decided to get into the industry and her answer was "I got into this by a fluke". The fact that she entered the industry by a chance and for it to be still going strong for 3 years it is pretty impressive. Yet her background in accounting is probably a huge benefit to her business and why she still may be going strong. As we are now a new generation of technology I"m not surprised that social media is an important tool for, Like she said "especially Facebook and Instagram it lets me follow, read, and gain insight to what people like, want, and what’s trending".
Question 8 was also very meaningful, the fact that she herself would take time out of her busy business schedule to answer some interview questions and to "teach people the in's and out's". I don't think many people would actually take the time to teach because of fear of competition but she isn't. I think it is easy to relate with her due saying that education makes you think differently. I think that ties in to things we have covered in class. How education is a big factor to Entrepreneurs, as she says" it gives you a foundation to build upon". And we all need a foundation to build on when we decided to open up a new business or take over a business like she did.
Date Submitted: 2018-10-15 19:53:48

The most meaningful part of the project was the insight I gained from listening to my entrepreneur talking to me. I gained many insights on how to run a facebook page, how to run a booth and how to network within a community. Even through I don't want to go into the art and craft business I do want to own a cardshop or a booth at a place called frank and sons which sells everything from collectable cards to sports memorabilia. The knowledge she told me about how to get a booth and how to run it will help me run it more efficiently.
Date Submitted: 2018-10-15 21:44:12

This project was really meaningful because first of all the questions that were provided through this assignment were very great questions to ask an entrepreneur and it really gave me great insight and understand what to receive from the person I was interviewing. An interview is the best way to understand and grasp information from a participant, it gives you valuable information first hand while also being able to learn the success of the entrepreneur. I have previously done an interview for another class, and I must say this interview that I performed helped me understand how someone who also went to Cal Poly Pomona made it through their program by landing a successful career in their field.

As a student, it is great to learn from someone who was in your shoes, when you conduct an interview from someone that you can look up to you ask questions and receive information that can aid you in the success of your own career. Through interviews you are able to ask any question you want from the receiver and by them answering your questions you are evaluating their knowledge and it is important because based on the information you receive you can apply it to your self and really see what this person did in order for them to reach the point that they have reached. I enjoy learning from a peer or mentor and I think it is extremely important on the questions that you ask, also judging the quality of your questions because when given the opportunity you have the questions answered it can benefit you greatly.
Date Submitted: 2018-10-15 22:57:58

The most meaningful thing is that I learned a lot. Turning your hobby into a career is something that I have never thought about. I learned that as an entrepreneur you should think outside of the box and always keep up with the game. It is important that you are ahead of your competitors and plan a couple steps ahead on what you’re going to do next. In Elvis’s case, he was able to get through some of his competitors by traveling out of state/country to go to shrimp competitions. Once people see that you have the best quality fish that grows your company’s reputation. At first, he didn’t know shrimp competitions existed. Another important aspect towards entrepreneurship is that you need to do a lot of research. You must research before doing your business and keep doing research to make sure your business doesn’t fail.
In addition, I learned that it’s important that you have good relationships with everyone and not only towards customers. You’re partners, suppliers, etc are important to keep a good relationship with as well. They are the ones that are going to stick with you throughout the company. Elvis mentioned that he had communication problems with one of his partners and that their company was falling apart because of it. That is why I realized that good relationship with customers is not the only thing you have to keep up with.
It is also crucial that if you want to become an entrepreneur that you know what you get yourself into. You have to plan ahead of time, do research about the market you are getting into, and learn if it is worth it to start a certain business. Elvis told me that some of his friends who are started a business but failed right away simply because they didn’t know enough about what they are getting into.
Date Submitted: 2018-10-16 09:16:14

Something I found meaningful was the war on talent. I’ve worked for Carlos for a year and a half now and I had no idea there was a war on talent. He put it in good terms where we want to retain the good ones. There is such a high turnover rate at the store and I find it interesting that he’s trying his best to make things better for us. Personally, I’ve been looking for another job because I don’t like the environment of the store. There’s lots of favoritism and the leadership is not the best. So it is very interesting to hear that he wants to prevent what is taking place. It makes me feel like maybe he does care.
Date Submitted: 2018-10-16 09:37:13

I enjoyed this small project because it gave me a lot of insight on how it is to actually start a business. I'm a manager for Jen at Johnny Rockets so I see her and work with her all the time, but I never have really gotten any information from her about her life and what it was like to start up her own business. I always thought that when you start a business, that everything would run relatively smooth and go fine, but it is a lot more rocky and difficult than I imagined it to be. I enjoyed hearing about the decision-making process she goes through when conducting business, and how what I have learned in my classes relates to that. For example, my CIS classes have taught me that staying up to date with the technology of today is important with staying competitive, and now I see that concept relates even to the restaurant business. In summary, this project has tied up and connected what I have learned in my classes at Cal Poly to an actual business and how what we learn actually does relate to real-world businesses.
Date Submitted: 2018-10-16 14:46:49

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Records 1101 to 1110 of 1253