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Student Insights for Entrepreneur Interviews

Entrepreneur insights and perceptions related to their businesses were obtained through interviews conducted by students. Student insights and reflections regarding the interview process are shown on this page.

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One of the big takeaways from this project was the the fourth question regarding what the entrepreneur said in hindsight they would go back and study before starting their business. To hear someone who didn't go to college say that they would have liked to have Business management classes and a chance to study business. In today's society I hear allot about people who dropped out of college to follow their dream. I read countless articles of those who claim that an educated may be overrated. To hear from someone I admire in business that they wish they could have had the chance I have now makes me feel better about my decision to return to college.

My second takeaway from this project was the advice I received from my entrepreneur about following your passion. I'm guilty of looking at a industry and seeing what potential of income it has. But talking to Joseph my takeaway is that first I need to find something that I am truly passionate about and follow that dream and the money will follow. I was also taken by how serious he wanted me to know that there will be failures and that rarely do your first projects ever take off. In order to not get discourage at the first sign of failure I should be doing something I love to do. My last takeaway from Joseph was that you never stop learning and that the way to know where an industry is going and develop a vision of the future is to study current trends and absorb as much knowledge as possible.
Date Submitted: 2018-10-17 10:34:49

The most meaningful part of this project was getting to sit down with an entrepreneur and learn all about how their business idea came into fruition. The IT field is one that I would like to get into after graduation so having something in common with the entrepreneur I was interviewing made this project even more meaningful to me. I gained a lot of insight into the real world. I don’t really see myself starting my own business but all of the information I learned from this interview I can apply to other aspects of my life. Another thing that I appreciated from this interview was being able to connect what I’ve learned in the classroom to real life experiences.
Date Submitted: 2018-10-17 11:10:29

9. The meaningful part of the project is that it informs you how people got started in the business. They will go to explain how they acquired the material and why they started a business. I have also learned that some people become entrepreneurs without the intent of becoming entrepreneur. It seems that timing lines that up for those individuals. Also, this project also gives a foundation for those who do want to become entrepreneurs by giving learning from the experience of others and using that as a tool to what to do as a entrepreneur.
Date Submitted: 2018-10-17 11:26:13

The most meaningful thing about this project was listening to first-hand experiences from an entrepreneur. This is helpful because it taught me some valuable lessons and things I need to do to be successful. I realized talking to Lars that e-commerce is something I am not interested in. I think it is valuable to know how to do it correctly, but the idea of working on a computer all of the time does not appeal to me. My idea of being an entrepreneur is having meetings with top companies trying to get my product into their stores through presentation and communication. Soley focusing on business online and affiliate marketing does not seem very interesting.
Another thing I learned was the importance of social media marketing. At first, I was shocked by how much the databases Facebook and Instagram use can break down your customers and figure out what your target market is. After hearing that I went to my Facebook and Instagram to check the ads that they placed for me, and out of the 16 I went through, 12 were relevant to something I would buy or search up. This included clothes from a few of my favorite retailers, sports memorabilia, jewelry from my interest in rings, and even food places in the local area. All of these make sense on why they are advertising these products to me. I follow many clothing companies, sports stats, ring shops, and restaurants/ critics on my Instagram. Sometimes the ads are those of the companies I follow, but most of the time they are companies that relate to my product.
I felt that the most important questions were questions four and seven. Asking an entrepreneur what they wish they learned and their biggest challenges are important I thought it was ironic when he said the hardest part of a business was to start up because that was almost exactly what professor Silva explained. How entrepreneurs are separated from others because they act on their ideas. Question four caught my attention the most because I tried to put myself in his shoes and ask myself what I need to learn right now in order to be more successful in my future business. Overall, I thought this was a good assignment, but I also wish some entrepreneurs contacts could have been provided so that we could question an entrepreneur in a field we are interested in.
Date Submitted: 2018-10-17 12:10:47

What was meaningful of this project is being able to speak to an entrepreneur and get an idea of what having your own business feels like. It inspires you to maybe have your own business one day and to not be able to be afraid on what you do and your dreams. It gives me an idea of how to get my business starter through someone else story. Something that really stuck with me is knowing in order to be successful you can't be afraid and you got to go for it. Being able to interview my uncle inspired me to one day consider being an entrepreneur. Learning more about his experience really changed my mind about having your own business.
Interviewing my uncle was really interesting. I never knew much about his business but with this assignment i got to be able to learn about his business and possibly maybe one day work with my uncle as a realtor. He always talked to us that having your own business you can be your own boss. Its inspiring to have a uncle that has his own business and shows me that anything is possible. It takes hard work and dedication to have your own business and also to be aware to not be scared of taking a risk. This project was very helpful and showed me to not be scared of one day having my own business.
Date Submitted: 2018-10-17 12:12:37

The thing I found most meaningful about this project was listening and gathering experience from a direct source. Instead of gathering data or information online, I was able to talk and gather information from the direct source. It also felt like more one on one personal information about being an entrepreneur, so the information felt more real and raw. It was also meaningful because I have known this individual for a while, so it was nice to hear him express his experience and his wisdom of the subject. Jeff knew what he was talking about and although he answered the questions quickly it was packed with information that I could dissect and work with for I can grow as an entrepreneur. Getting all this information face to face with someone with years of experience felt more valuable then any article or book I could read.

It was also meaningful because what I learned completing this assignment is something that I can carry on within my entrepreneur journey. It has helped me develop myself as I am more knowledgeable about being an entrepreneur. The assignment allowed me to ask sides questions as well that I had in my mind and because of that I feel like I was able to develop a stronger connection with myself and figure out certain aspects I can work on to become a better business major, worker, and scholar. I was able to see face to face what a successful entrepreneur looked like and thought, so it helped me focus on developing upon myself, so I can be in that person’s shoes within the near future. This project was very informative, fun, and impactful to my growth as an entrepreneur.
Date Submitted: 2018-10-17 12:26:28

This assignment is meaningful to me because of the company's impact on my life. I grew up going to that company every day as a kid. My grandfather started it and my father took it over. There’s not a thing or person in the building that I don’t know how to operate or know their life story. Interviewing my dad was a way to gain further insight into the business that has provided for my family for decades. It also show's just how passionate and hardworking my father is even though the company has literally destroyed his health. He has poured his heart and soul into making the company thrive through recessions and other setbacks of the digital age.
At the same time the interview didn’t bring out a bunch of insights that I might have once thought. Most of the advice and statements that he provided, he had been telling me since I was a child. He has always been a driven business-minded person. But after interviewing him like this it gives me an idea of how the company is doing in this current climate and the different possibilities for it’s future. I’m confident that the company will hold it’s own as the times keep changing. The company has already evolved from selling typewriters in the 60’s to modern copiers will multiple functions.
Date Submitted: 2018-10-17 12:48:51

What I enjoyed most about these two entrepreneurs particularly was there personable manner. They were were able to explain certain aspects of the business that i had never encountered . I learned a lot of insights for my own personal business that I would like to start. They always reassured me no matter how over whelming the entire process seemed it was more than possible to achieve. They heavily emphasize their personal struggles with accounting and human resource laws. This was motivating because I am currently taking an accounting class and also majoring in human resources. It made me more appreciative and more hungry for knowledge in the classroom. I also would like to start interviewing more entrepreneurs related to the business that I am interested in. I have considered joining the corporate giant of starbucks and learning their ways of functioning in order to understand how it all works. However, the most worrisome part for me personally was hearing how Justin and Sophia seemed to be tired of running their business. I fear that if I started my own as they did I would soon grow tired of the everyday functions. But this may be because i have never started my own business.
Date Submitted: 2018-10-17 13:17:02

The most meaningful thing about this project was that I got to interview my uncle. Being able to talk to someone who’s business I am familiar with and actually know how much he has worked to get where he is gives me inspiration. It has really helped me understand that not everyone is born an entrepreneur but with hard work and dedication it is possible to own your business. I have also helped out at my uncles shop so I have a bit of insight as to what he has had to do to sustain his business. It makes me admire him and take all his advice into consideration for all my future plans. Before this interview I did not think I had the potential to be an entrepreneur. However after speaking to my uncle I feel anyone can have potential if they are really determined.
Date Submitted: 2018-10-17 13:18:50

The most meaningful thing about doing this project was learning about business people and how they begin building a business. When I was first given this project, I did not know who I was going to interview and was shy about asking any random person. But then I began making a list of all my friends and family members and pinpointing who had a business or have had one in the past. After creating my list, I realized that there is a lot of people in my surrounding that has experience as an entrepreneur. I ended up choosing a close friend of mine who I know just recently began his business. I really enjoyed doing this project because it helped me learn more about my friend and his struggles being an entrepreneur. But aside from learning from his struggles I also learned about his perseverance and how determined you have to be to become a business owner.
After talking to him I realized that although being an entrepreneur can be hard, it also brings a lot of satisfaction and great moments. It brings you a sense of self-reliance and self-worth because you know that you are working on your future. That one day you will not be working for anyone else than yourself. The story of my friend and I’m sure that many other entrepreneurs are just a small insight to the day to day perseverance and determination, to all those times they think they have failed but get back up again stronger and more determined. Even if I do not become an entrepreneur myself, just developing that mentality will be a winning point for me.
Date Submitted: 2018-10-17 13:29:52

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Records 1131 to 1140 of 1253