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Student Insights for Entrepreneur Interviews

Entrepreneur insights and perceptions related to their businesses were obtained through interviews conducted by students. Student insights and reflections regarding the interview process are shown on this page.

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Having the opportunity to sit down and talk to someone who has gone through so much to get where they are now definitely inspired me to go and utilize every opportunity that I have in my possession. This interview taught me not take anything that I have for granted, and appreciate where I am in life. This business owner I interviewed has been in business for 36 years without any proper education while also being born in a different country. Her having to travel to the United States with all odds against her, but in the end she did not let that get in the way of her success and getting what she wanted. Which was being able to open up her own restaurant and be able to provide for her family. Despite being at a disadvantage her pure desire and ambition is what pushed her to keep going and that is what is truly inspiring to me.
In the end I am really glad to have had the opportunity to sit down and talk to someone with such a rich journey and past to get where they are today. It was also very meaningful to hear how happy she was talking about how it was her dream to open a restaurant to help her family and give them what she did not have and actually achieve it. Without being able to do do this project I would have not been able to learn the struggles that some business owners go through to get where they are and be successful. The project allowed me to be close and personal with a business and find out the inner story of how a business owner got to where they are today. I also learned important tips that I can use to apply to my own business one day.

Date Submitted: 2018-10-25 15:43:39

It was meaningful that they shared their past of wanting to start a food business. It showed that their passion was valuable to them in starting a business. It was something that they were familiar with and turned that into an important driving point and maintain their business for 7 years. I was honestly surprised when they said that they started since 2010. It shows how successful a food truck can be. I initially thought that they can range from 2 to 3 years and that is it. But it also shows how connections with those who operate in the marketing business is crucial as they give details of how to start a business works and what they do to maintain their service. I chose to do a smaller business because it can help me get an understanding from their perspective in the food business.
Date Submitted: 2018-10-25 17:46:37

One of the most insightful and thought provoking things I learned about in this interview was the fact that it now seems undoubtedly important and yet harder to reach a customer base in a community surrounding so much competition. With the expansion of the internet, it has since become almost a necessity, another branch to businesses alike, to own a website or have an online source page where your information can be found. Information such as items you are selling, where a store may be located, and the number to call should be of nature in these websites. It seems a bit childish to think about a business to have it’s own instagram page, but it also seems to be the most effective method, considering the number of people connected on such social media sites.
I guess customers in general are important, as it seems most people feel they are a hero figure in providing many people with the necessities they are providing. It’s this attitude that causes a lot of business to fail in having a strong customer relationship. One way by casually expanding your business is through advertisement. With the expansion of the internet and new software created for it, it is no doubt that advertisement is going to take over social media. Given the number of people who are connected online, it only makes sense to expect a wide turn out rate. Reaching a potential customer is important, but what’s more is keeping them, so adjusting to their demands may sometimes sound like a bad idea, but can ultimately reach a better outcome.
Date Submitted: 2018-10-25 18:34:29

I was very excited to know that my friend’s mother was happy to tell me her story, about how, when, and why she started this business. We both have the same type of interest in the building things and crafting. We both enjoy the same hobbies. I felt like I found the right mentor for me to start out my small business. I like that she has already given me some ideas on how to start, what to expect and what should be done first before I start with my small business. I was surprised with all the info she has given and how much time and money she had to put in to make things work. She’s lucky she had a friend that motivated her to start her business. I wish I was as lucky as she was.

Doing this project help me in understanding what is needed to start your business. I feel like I will do fine with the help of mentors that are willing to help me and guide me to the right direction. I know this won’t be easy but having done this project has help me understand more of what I need to learn and do to help my business succeed. Nothing more would make me happy that one day I might be asked by student how I started my business and How it made me feel to finally work for myself and not for someone else. I enjoyed doing this project and I’m glad I took this course to get this experience in my life.
Date Submitted: 2018-10-25 20:14:26

I've been at a game store for most of my life. they all n=know my dad and are friends with him they watched me grow up little by little. I'm 20 now and they still treated me like a little kid until I asked for this interview. When I did a look came across there face and then they remembered that I was in college and working to become an independent adult. they stated to take me a little more seriously. Kevin didn't hold back at all, he told me how much of a struggle it was to just keep the doors open for the longest time. I had now idea all the financial and family hardships he went through, they never shared with me until now.
Also, ever since I can remember I have always wanted to own a table top game store. I wanted to be the old guy behind the counter who was always there talking smack, giving advice, and telling stories of "back in the day". Kevin opened my eye at how hard it was to keep a store like this running, he was the guy behind the counter because he had to be. He let me in on what I should be prepared for and cautioned me to no end about how if it starts to dive pull out and try again latter. My plan is still to retired and be that old guy behind the counter but I defiantly am not as naïve as I was a few days ago.
Date Submitted: 2018-10-25 22:03:26

As someone with little to no experience whatsoever in the world of business, it felt relieving to talk with someone who was once in the same shoes im in right now. I have always thought about all the problems that come with the reality of starting off as a entrepreneur, but to be able to talk to a business owner whos doing very well and was able to give me helpful tips just gave me a sense of hope that one day I may start my own business and be just as successful as he is right now. This interview really opened my eyes and helped me see that anybody can accomplish their goal if they are willing to put their time and effort into making it into a reality. There is nothing that can’t be possibly be achieved and even when times are tough, it is no reason to simply throw in the towel.

I think another reason this project was meaningful to me was the fact that I got a semi hands on experience of talking business with a fellow entrepreneur. Being able to interview someone semi face to face is way more meaningful then looking up, “how to start a business 101” on google. I've always liked getting a hands on approach to stuff because it makes it more meaningful then listening and this interview certainly made it possible for me to grasp the key concepts of managing a small business. In summary, my interviewee showed me it is anything but impossible to accomplish your dream if you work hard enough
Date Submitted: 2018-10-25 22:11:05

I think everybody in life has a calling and life takes us in different directions in aiding that call. It was interesting to see the transition from a university graduate under the study of Film Photography transition to the new Digital world of Photography and how he had to learn this new world all over again and reinvent himself in the process. This types of assignments are important to me because they give you a better understanding where success stands with person to person and its motivational for me to see successful business entrepreneurs. He made it clear that you must have complete clarity and orientation of your business goals and in connection what your craft is and how you can convert it into a moneymaking business. He touched bases on things that inspired him in the process of reinvention and the three most important sources of business information he regularly uses. Interviewing this entrepreneur gave me an inside that you know more about yourself as you develop your own business and it its important to always constantly reinvent yourself and be unique and creative in many ways to grasp clients attention because people get bored fast and in this competitive world of photography you definitely need to stand out amongst the competition. What makes this business special? Things that can be done in an ordinary way but that have character and make them not only unique but also special to others.

It was interesting to hear stories about this person’s financial recommendations and that its not always necessary to get into huge debt a short cut to this is find a partner or family and friends that can make a personal loan to reduce the cost in interest and any other fees because many will want a slice of that successful pie, its like that video I seen in class about finding the cheese and not being afraid to constantly working for it and finding it the moment you get conferrable and stop working and looking for it it’s the minute you start loosing out, so it was definitely interesting to see the connection with that movie and this entrepreneurs story. I think this interview will help me explore the possibilities to explore new grounds and know that success can be reach for those who really want it. I want to also be a successful commercial photographer and be involved with things that deal with photography, traveling making money from something I am passionate really delivers enthusiasm and energy to my passion to keep going. When I asked this entrepreneur about topics he was interested in before he started his business, things he would like to go back and study made me think about the things I have interest in and right now I am currently taking a class in Interior Design and let me tell you it is a completely different world from the photography but its also a nice way to make money. I am currently watching HGTV different shows where interior designers and real estate agents come together to flip houses and make a very good profit and just the process of it even it get me excited, seem that you can pretty much make money anywhere and flipping houses sounds very appealing to me and it can actually prof to be another door I might consider opening of course this interview techniques apply in their own setting but going back to the entrepreneurs interview it was interesting to hear him say something I heard in class that there is no perfect time or perfect formula to start your own business everything in life is a risk and having this said if you have the right support system the time is now. One more thing before I forget it’s really cool to also know that you can establish credit under your DBA you if things don’t work out and another way to reduce cost it to report deductions to IRS. I am totally taking this interview as personal testimony and advice to be successful in the business I want to start. Its totally really cool to be in this class I am really learning a lot and cant wait to learn more in this next half the class.
Date Submitted: 2018-10-25 22:15:34

To me the most meaningful thing was learning what it takes to have your own business. To see the level of commitment it takes to keep something like this running well. Not to mention how much it takes to really have the business prosper and grow. I feel it is good for me to see how hard people like this work to just keep their businesses afloat. It really helps me see what is in store for me one day when I decide to start my own business, and just to know how much time and effort goes into something like this. After this project I feel much more prepared for what will be waiting for me in the far future when I decide it is time to start my own business.
Date Submitted: 2018-10-25 23:23:51

What was most meaningful about this project was how I really got to understand how a business runs and how it’s not just someone bossing people around, the company I interviewed was a company I actually work for and it’s was really interesting learning all these new things I never knew before. Me and my boss were have always really got along but since I’ve interviewed her I have leaned so much more about her that I never knew before and I become closer in a way to her and I also got inspired for when I open a business one day and I got so many new insights I’m very grateful that I did this project because I have an open mind now about what it takes to run a business.
Date Submitted: 2018-10-25 23:47:50

What was most meaningful to me about this project was the huge opportunity to go out and meet a business person and interview the for several minutes. This makes me feel great about myself the fact of listening to huge advices from someone who is already established I consider them highly. I learned that it doesn’t take the most intelligent to be able to achieve but the one that’s breve enough to take the risk, the risk in giving it his/her all in work daily with the correct attitude and integrity among clients and your friendships. Hard work really pays off in do time. Having a clear vision f where you want to go and working daily into getting there is an important characteristic to have. I also learned to surround yourself with positive folks.
Those who encounter you with determination and progression which always provokes your comfort zone. Aiming to better you daily and imitate there strategies or skills which they perform with so you can also succeed in the matter they do and better. Life in business is learning daily of your strengths and weaknesses and develop them this would make you distinguish among the rest in completion. Learned to sincerely work hard daily in school and attain all my certificates I need to begin my career that I also have a capacity to make it through. Just make the correct choices daily and know who I surround myself with. This will help me attain success as well. This was a great project along with experience.
Date Submitted: 2018-10-26 00:00:11

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Records 1191 to 1200 of 1253