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Student Insights for Entrepreneur Interviews

Entrepreneur insights and perceptions related to their businesses were obtained through interviews conducted by students. Student insights and reflections regarding the interview process are shown on this page.

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This project is very meaningful because I had the ability to network with someone in an industry that I am passionate about. The industry of agriculture and science is huge and many people should care about where our products are coming from. The business of adult nutrition that Sara has started her venture on is about using plant science to create food products that are natural and sustainable. She is creating products that are healthier and simpler to use and disruptive to our environment.
I also got to connect and network with her co-founder named Brent. He also co-founded Beyond Meats which is a plant-based meat substitute found at many grocery markets. I have gained alot of insight on what it takes to start up a business and not be scared of any wacky idea. This project also helped me come out of my shell a little and really connect with others. I was also offered to work part-time for the company and definitely considering it since they are close to home. My overall insight that was gained that communication is key and knowing your market size, also seeing if anyone can invest in your business before leaning towards credit/loans.

Date Submitted: 2019-03-18 15:17:08

What was meaningful to me it was that I was able to interview my mother-in-law and truly know what her business meant to her. Not only that but know the struggles that she went through and how she overcame them. I know that if I ever decide to go on my own to start up my own business, I would be able to learn from her just as I did for the interview. I know that it was not easy for her nor will it ever be for anyone, but if you are determined to bring your business to the top it will benefit everyone in the long run.
I know that my mother-in-law is a very strong woman and willing to strive so that helped her a lot to push herself to have her own business. I appreciated her honesty towards this interview because she knows that one day, I will have my own business. She had no one to help her she figured it all on her own, but she knew how to ask and how to get to where she is today. I also found that everyone will have a special meaning to what their business means to them. I was able to see the passion my mother-in-law has for her small business, but nothing makes me happier than knowing that she did this on her own. Her family supported her 100% by being there for her. I believe that having a strong support team makes you want to work harder to make your business the best there is out there.
Date Submitted: 2019-03-18 16:13:25

The most meaningful part of this project to me was learning about the current struggles that our interviewee is going through. This is extremely important to me because it showed me concrete scenarios that entrepreneurs go through. This project also reminded to make sure I take everything I am currently learning in business classes so I can use it for my future. I also learned that social media plays a huge part in business today in 2019.
Another important thing I learned is to make sure you have mentors. In anything you do you should have someone with previous experience help you grow your business and to not make the same mistakes they did. Also that using new technologies is always helpful to grow your business as it can help your final product become more improved and it can also save you time and money.
Date Submitted: 2019-03-18 16:16:17

So some of the things that were really meaningful to me was Raymond’s barrier to entry into the business. I have always thought about if I open up a business about how the costs may affect my ability to be able to do what I want. He was able to make connections in his field and have an easier barrier to entry into the business world and doing it at the age of only 19 and is the same age as me. That is something that I found very inspirational, as well as the fact that he is doing something he actually loves and enjoys. This business started with him going to car meets and meeting people there, and part of the reason why it took off the way it did is because he had a passion for it and wanted this business to succeed and so it did. It lets me know to pursue what I love, find my niche in the industry, excel at it, and turn it into a successful business.
From when we spoke he really seemed to have a burning passion for what he did, which shows in the success that the business ended up having. One thing that will stick with me even after this project is the fact that you always have to keep chasing another goal. Raymond was a 19-year-old making over 6 figures a year, he could have been complacent and lived a fine life. He still chose to attend college, he still chose grow his business as much as possible. His impossible became possible, his goals went higher and higher every time he reached one of them, and that type of competitive fire is something I see in myself and something I would want with people who I go into business with,
Date Submitted: 2019-03-18 16:41:41

The most meaningful part of this project for me was learning about how quickly an idea or inspiration can be turned into a small business, and how that business can grow into something really big. When I first interviewed my entrepreneur, I had only read the 'About' section on her company website, and never realized how much her company had grown since 2014 when it was first started. She has customers in eight different countries and 45 different states, which is pretty remarkable for a small, three person business that is conducted almost entirely on Instagram. I also assumed that for a business to be successful, one would have to advertise on multiple platforms, have a dedicated manufacturing plant (when it comes to textiles or clothing), and a large staff. This is simply not true, and I learned that from interviewing my entrepreneur.

I, personally, do not see myself becoming an entrepreneur in the future or starting my own company, so this is not something I have actively looked into or researched. But I have always had so much respect for people who do this and take on this extremely hard venture. Although my entrepreneur is extremely busy with her work and personal lives, I could tell just from asking her these questions how much she enjoys running her business, and that was also extremely meaningful to me. I asked her if she ever thought about starting her company with someone else (as she started it on her own) and she said no because she had a specific vision and was worried that someone else with a different vision or different ideas would complicate things. Personally, I could not imagine starting a business without help from a friend, but I really admire my entrepreneur to sticking to her ideas and vision so much that she went about the conception of her company on her own.
Date Submitted: 2019-03-18 16:49:22

Interviewing Laura i learned what it takes and what is needed when starting my own business. I was not aware of how much work, time, and effort goes into starting a business but also maintaining the business. Opening and operating a successful business requires more than just knowledge of the latest trends. You also need extremely sharp business acumen and a clear idea of your target market so that you know the most effective way to stock your boutique. A successful business understands the need to improve their business. Successful business owners aren't afraid to take risks with clear outcomes in mind.
Date Submitted: 2019-03-18 17:02:03

I personally know Mr. Van Aken from working with him as a part time CAD and clerk at CSIC. Seeing this side of Mr. Van Aken is inspiring and allows me to learn more with what I already know. It also confirms ideas with starting a business and humbles me with knowledge that anyone can start. Being aggressive at times is beneficial, and I can see why he has been successful both from this interview and from working beside him.
Date Submitted: 2019-03-18 17:38:49

The most meaningful part about this project was getting to know the process of how this business was created and how it wasn’t easy, and how much work had to go into it. I think it’s inspiring how sometimes it’s so easy to give up because things aren’t going our way, or are harder than we thought they’d be but we must just push through. And although this isn’t a business that isn’t making millions its a well set up business, that has helped this family live a comfortable life, and be able to provide for their family. Which I think is the most important part because money comes and goes but family is so important.
I also really enjoyed learning about what has worked for this business and what hasn’t. As that helps show me how sometimes it’s a trial and error process. And most of anything it’s a learning process where you see what works and what doesn’t. And like Mrs. Rodriguez said it takes realizing what the strengths and weaknesses are and how they can be continued or changed in order to grow from them.
Date Submitted: 2019-03-18 19:22:55

Learning from father really helped me envision my future in business. I've never conducted an interview with him in such a formal setting so it was really informative to hear from him professionally rather casually. Some of the answers he's given me resonate with me a lot more than anyone else because i've been able to see how hard he works first hand and the purity of his intentions. It was also very beneficial as he was able to explain things in terms i could relate to and understand from a different standpoint. Although it was a formal interview he did a great job of conversing with me professionally and informative while also factoring in my tendencies and mindset when it comes to dealing with and overcoming obstacles.

Being informed of all the outside expenses you need to factor in, in order to be a successful business. It takes a lot of research and a lot of failure before truly understanding a market from both a consumer and producer standpoint. Once you formulate your business model, it's important to account for all possible expenses, such as regulation and taxes. It's also important understand the different laws that are going to effect how your business is going to be ran. Certain laws may prohibit you from some initial ideas, but it's important to remain determined and stay flexible so you can deal with those problems accordingly.
Date Submitted: 2019-03-18 21:38:13

The most meaningful part of the process was getting to explore the mind of an individual who has embarked on the entrepreneurial adventure. It was a pleasure to be able to see that we learn in class is indeed applicable to the real world. The ideas being presented were the same ideas in the classroom lectures. Often times, the ideas presented in class are theoretical and tend to differ significantly when played out in the real world. However, it appears to be that when it comes to the world of entrepreneurs, the ideas carry the same weight in the real world as they do in the classroom.

This interview also provided me with a more realistic point of view on owning my own business. The idea of owning my business is one that has passed through my mind on a number of occasions. Conducting this interview helped me to see that it is a very difficult and time consuming process. It also showed me that I need to find something I am truly passionate about as anything less will lead to an unsuccessful venture.

Lastly, this interview was beneficial as it allowed me to see through the perspective of an individual that tried his luck in the business world and was not able to succeed this time around. Unfortunately this business was closed as it was not providing the returns that were hoped for after several years. I was able to gain insight on why it is that his company did not survive and what he would do differently. Unlike many unsuccessful entrepreneurs, this failure has not deterred this individual from embarking on future ventures. He is exploring a number of different options and is developing more precise business plans. He plans to use his past experience to help him thrive in future endeavors just like all entrepreneurs should.
Date Submitted: 2019-03-18 21:55:11

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Records 1221 to 1230 of 1253