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Student Insights for Entrepreneur Interviews

Entrepreneur insights and perceptions related to their businesses were obtained through interviews conducted by students. Student insights and reflections regarding the interview process are shown on this page.

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The most meaningful thing I learn is attention to detail. Having a business plan and knowing every piece you put in a plan can only benefit you when it comes time for you to present to a bank. Adam also stated that following his business plan has allowed him to succeed. He has two franchises and is about to open another franchise in Bakersfield. Adam kept repeating having a positive attitude during his interview, and his attitude became contagious when I was interviewing him. His energy made me feel like it was possible to accomplish my goals. I saw his attitude and will to take on the challenges and solve the daily issues plaguing a business. Learning to adapt in business is essential to a business. That's how a company can survive tough times like the pandemic.
Date Submitted: 2022-10-21 06:50:22

The opportunity to speak with a business owner who experienced failure so early in the life of their company but is now thriving was the aspect of this project that meant the most to me. I feel confident employing the great suggestions and guidance she gave me for my business. Because there will be times when you need to invest in your business, it helped me realize the dangers you could have to take when starting off and how much money you need to save personally for your business. This assignment was great since it gave me a chance to understand how an entrepreneur thinks. It also underlined the need of ensuring that you would have enough clients to sustain your business and then concentrating on them so that they will stick with you and recommend you to future clients. Additionally, I discovered that technology may be quite useful for connecting with consumers and assisting with time management. I was also reminded of the value of excellent communication with my staff and with outsiders, as well as the necessity to be aware of my surroundings, including the government, and the resources I will need to defend my company. Every employee and coworker is touched by what I do as a manager in any sector, and leadership still plays a crucial role in business. The most difficult labor yields the greatest benefits.
Date Submitted: 2022-10-21 06:55:29

From this interview I’ve learned that it takes dedication time patients a will to learn and a passion that makes your business boom and be wealth in the future. You build character from having to pick yourself up from not knowing when there will be a bad day and how you will revive it. Success comes from hard work and efficiency.” If you don’t work you don’t eat”, meaning if you don’t put in the work that’s needed you will not be able to feed your family so don’t give up. I will look for new ways for my business to be better. Find a trusting partner that with help me. And hire an advertisement marketing team or take a few courses so that I’m on top of the lates ads and social media postings. Offer incentives to customers so that they come back for more and refer their friends. I will Make sure that I always show up and show out on every job I have.
I believe dedication comes from having a passion that you want to pursue and actually accomplish. When you dedicate your time to a task it is bound to be met with success. So, I with dedication you should never want to give up but keep proceeding until you get exactly where you want to be. Having patients also ties into being dedicated because you have to have patience and believe that what you have dedicated your time to is truly worth it and is actually going to help you to become whatever you are working to become. Always be open minded to learn new things in your field that can help you to thrive and be more understanding of thing not quite understood. Look for funding sources and always give back you find lots of customers when you help out the community.
Date Submitted: 2022-10-27 10:22:18

Learning was an understatement of this project in my humble opinion. I felt like the world of business just keeps on expanding and growing inside of my mind. I honestly think the interview gave me vital information on how an entrepreneur tries to singlehandedly start up his own company by using only his own personal savings to fund his e-commerce store. Ever since I was a child, I wanted to make my mark in this world by achieving great success to make my family proud of bringing me to the states since I am a first-generation citizen in my family history. Both my parents worked tirelessly to achieve to get their own house and cars without any college degree at all. I wanted to take an opportunity to make them proud by getting a degree and starting my own business like my interviewee. I can personally relate to him about growing up not having enough privileges due to the color of my skin but never let that stop me from achieving my dreams.
This interview also prepared me to learn how to have a formal coffee and to learn how to dress up and act professionally for a future connection. Since I also have a huge fascination with streetwear, I asked him if he needs any clothing designers, I can help him due to having years of graphic design and photoshop under my belt. While interviewing him, I was also personally networking with him and building up a connection for potential business opportunities for myself. The goal of life for me is to have multiple constant revenues of earnings so I can retire early and really live out the life I truly want. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed interviewing him as he was an interesting character to talk to over a cup of coffee. When he first saw me, he asked why I was overdressed. I responded by saying, “I want to be known as a professional all around by the way I communicate to the laces of my shoes.” I really enjoyed this experience and I know I will experience more interviews in the future.
Date Submitted: 2022-10-28 06:52:06

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