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Student Insights for Entrepreneur Interviews

Entrepreneur insights and perceptions related to their businesses were obtained through interviews conducted by students. Student insights and reflections regarding the interview process are shown on this page.

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What I learned from Justin, the people around you help you succeed and are the most important factor to having a successful business. Good employees with strong customer service, employee relationships are important to creating loyal customers and keeping sales up. When it comes to the financial aspect of the business it is extremely important to buy as many things as you possibly can in cash. Buying things with credit is one of the fastest ways to produce debt and financial turmoil for your business. Overall every person has different goals and a different way to run their business but nothing is going to work if you do not love what you do and have a well driven spirit to succeed in business.
Date Submitted: 2010-10-07 07:56:17

This project was meaningful to me because i got to hear what it was like to own a business. It made me realize its a lot more to open a business then "meets the eye". It is really a lot of work to open a business. It has so many differn't factors that make a business run efficiently. It really motivates me to continue doing research on the business i want to open. It makes me want to get out and just do it.
Another reason why it was so meaningful was because its the exact business i want to open. I want to go into plumbing with my father and open our business "Bernal Plumbing". I also really enjoyed the project because i got insight on what it takes to open a plumbing business. Mike made me feel like it is definetly possible to succeed in a plumbing business. I just need to build a strong relationship with the right people in order to succeed. I feel that me and my Dad can get into this business and strive at it.
Date Submitted: 2010-10-07 08:28:45

     Through this interview, I understand that doing well in business is challenge and not easy. In all businesses, we always face to different problem. Customer Satisfaction Skills, confrontation and problem solving, and conscientiousness is the three main parts in order to survive and thrive in the business. Successful businesses are always well-known. Advertisement is a good way to let people get the information about the product or services. English and computer skill is important in every business because we always face to people who speak English and we always use the computer doing stuff. Technologies make people become more competitive. People can have a business transaction through the email, phone, and or computer.
     In conclusion, I learn many in this interview. I realize that knowledge is so important for doing business. Before we start a business, it’s better to have a good plan, get some experience, do the research, and have knowledge about the kind of business that you interested in. It’s a meaningful interview to me because I learn many through this interview. I also get many useful experiences form this interview. If I start my business in one day, I can use these experience help me to do well in the business. Increase knowledge and prepare a business plan is the thing that I can do right now since I am a student. After I graduated from college, I would like to get a job about that business, earn enough money, and then start to do my business.
Date Submitted: 2010-10-07 11:46:03

This project has helped me to talk to someone who runs a business and knows what it takes to make the business run. It helped me to understand what it takes to make a business run. I also learned that running your own business isn't all rainbows and roses. It takes a lot of work to run a business. I learned that by giving he customers what they want at a reasonable price, they will keep coming back because they know this is a great place. It has also helped me to make a mentor that would be able to help me if I had a question about running a business. I learned that there are a lot of things that would need to be done in order to take care of a business. And also that you need to have knowledge in the industry that you would like to start your business in.
Date Submitted: 2010-10-07 15:57:16

This project was very meaningful to me in many ways. I thought that this project was a fun way to expand on the knowledge that we learned in class. While talking to a small business owner I learned many things that would be hard to learn inside a classroom. In class owning a business seems so easy but I was able to hear the challenges of owning and operating a business firsthand from a business owner. While talking to the entrepreneur I learned a little more about what it is like to own a small business. Right now I am trying to make a decision on what I want to do for the rest of my life. Although I have limited my choices down to just a few I feel that this interview and this class will help me make this important decision.

While conducting my interview I listened to the small business owner explain the challenges that must be faced each and every day. The owner explained how even small decisions can make a huge difference in how successful your business may be. I saw the attitude that you must have to run a business first hand. I have been supporting this small business for many years and he was happy to conduct this interview. I feel as though I have made a new mentor, someone who would give me business advice down the road. I feel that the information I have learned from this interview will help me greatly in the future. I want to thank you for the opportunity that you have given me.  
Date Submitted: 2010-10-07 16:08:23

I feel that this assignment was valuable not only for someone to start a business but for anyone who has a desire to persue a better life. There was Plenty of information that, Aaron Colman of Singular Security, gave me to start a business of any kind. I found that the information he gave me doesn't only apply to Data Security, but that these key strategies can be used to start and run any business successfully. Furthermore, when dealing with having a Mentor to guild you through business situations it's best to even do a study of that Mentor. I need to identify a good mentor to a bad mentor. What has he done in the past? Was his business successful in a sense of it's financial well being? What school/schools did he attent to solicit proper advice? These types of questions are key to having a mentor that will excel my knowledge in ways I never thought of. There was plenty of information that goes without say in reference to experience in the industry I chose to go in. For example, I wouldn't think of starting a business that I have no passion for, Nor will I enter a business that I'm even good at. I've realized I need to change my thinking when it comes risk. Of course there is going to be risk, there's risk getting in my car everyday just to go to school. But by counting the cost, most entrepreneurs find that it's more risk to your family by not doing anything at all. Being stagnate in a life or employment you have no control over is more risk because of the people you trust to run it. Meaning, working at a company that can terminate you, then replace you without a moments notice is putting more risk on your family then one realizes. I quickly found that Mr. Colman put the decision making into his own hands and moved in a direction much different from the average Joe. This is something that appeals to me and something I will strive to do for myself, but mostly for my future family.
Date Submitted: 2010-10-07 16:21:40

        I was interesting to speak to an entrepreneur because It gave me good insight into the type of mentality you have to have When going into business. It really confirmed a lot of the preconceived notions of what it's like to really be in business. It's one thing to think about it or learn about but to really have all the pressures of conducting a successful business is another thing.I saw that it takes great analytical skills and preparation.

Off the record I was able to talk to him about having a strong mentality and he also suggested a few books. I learned that Some people lose the fight before they go to war.The Psychology of person can make or break them. You must believe and have faith in whatever it is you do. It's essential to your overall happiness. This interview has inspired me and aroused my entrepreneurial ambitions.
Date Submitted: 2010-10-07 16:22:55

The most meaningful thing about the project was that it was the first time I had an assigment like this.  The person that I interviewed is an old friend of mine that up until recently I had no idea had a partnership business.  I used to work with him and for me to now interview him about his marketing business is very meaningful to me.  I could see the hunger for sales when I was working with him and I always pictured him having his own business.  Another thing I noticed about him was the way that he would communicate with our customers; he would always have good conversations with them.  I can say I saw him getting where he is now when I sit back and think about it.

It is also meaningful how he explained to me the way he goes about operating his business.  The attitude he has towards himself and the business is admirable.  The advice that he gave me will be useful when I start my venture as an entrepreneur and the importance of having positive people around me as adviced by him will definitely not be overlooked.  Talking with him made me want to put even more effort into the type of business I want to start.  The services that he offers might even come in handy to me in the future.  Overall, the basic fact that I interviewed an entrepreneur that happens to be my friend is what is most meaningful to me.
Date Submitted: 2010-10-07 16:25:56

The most meaningful thing about this project was that you need to be financially set and mentally set to start up your own business. To proplerly run and manage a business you need a lot of skills. I think that this project made me think about what i want to do and what i need to do in order to become a successful business owner and manager. This project helped me have an idea of what it takes to run your own business and what the requirements are in order to have a strong bussiness.
Date Submitted: 2010-10-07 17:05:05

The most meaningful to me was that I have to budget because it’s hard getting into a business right now because of the economy and banks. This was important to me because I learned that you don’t start a business right away. You have to plan it out and save money. I learned that there’s always something new to learn, and you have to keep yourself up to date. I have to treat my clients with respect, do good work, and have good prices to keep them coming back. The most meaningful thing to me was that it’s not just about making money, it’s also about satisfying a customer and safety. It was a challenge for me to translate and they didn’t want to give me a lot of information,since they were busy, but it was an interesting project.
Date Submitted: 2010-10-07 17:57:51

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Records 141 to 150 of 1253