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Student Insights for Entrepreneur Interviews

Entrepreneur insights and perceptions related to their businesses were obtained through interviews conducted by students. Student insights and reflections regarding the interview process are shown on this page.

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What was most meaningful to me about this project? Why,
What was most meaningful to me about this project was the time that the Entrepreneur took to answer the questions thoughtfully and honestly and I found that this Entrepreneur was very knowledgeable and was well read in the field and the knowledge that he possessed.

I found the Entrepreneur to really care about what he did and also how much he cared about what he did and the ethics that were so important to him regarding integrity. He prides himself on the fact that you have to walk a thin line in business and that once you make a choice to be a person of integrity then you will have to make some difficult decisions that may not always be in your favor and it must be in the best interest of the clients in which you serve.

I really enjoyed this project because it opened to my eyes to a deeper level of experience with a professional in the industry who chose the profession not only out of need but out of a desire to serve people and the community.

I felt that that because of the level of excitement that he demonstrated throughout the interview that it caused me to think about what type of services would provide and how would I conduct my business once I have established it and he spoke about the day to day things that you must constantly do and do well.

I realized that to be in business you must treat your business with a passion and you must drive your business and not allow your business to drive you, and you must always be aware of the changes that can occur in business and in the marketplace for which you are competing and you must be able to shift your focus and priorities to create a win for the greater good of all in order to remain successful.

I also discovered throughout this process that you must always preserve a good name and maintain an excellent reputation, because once your name has been tarnished then so too has your business been tainted.

It is also best to be honest and to respect the business and the clients in which you serve and always do right by people and you can prosper in any market place.

I really enjoyed this project and I feel that I have gained valuable insight and information that will benefit me long after this course has ended and that I can use the information in any area of my life.

I was excited about the working on this project.
Date Submitted: 2010-10-07 20:01:51

To me the most meaningful thing about this project was to actually getting the oppurtunity to interview an entrepreneur. This interview opened up many thoughts and helped clear up many doubts. I always thought that starting my own business would be way too much stress and very hard. Instead I learned that starting a small business isn't too tough as long as you understand some simple facts and tactics. These categories can be mastered by some research and studying.

Some other reasons why this project was meaningful to me was that this project helped me by teaching me that you must maintain a good credit now days. This can help me qualify for loans and such. This interview made me realize a major key to succeeding in a business or in life is to have a good character. To develop a good character one must have patience, be determined, and become a hard worker. These traits are very important and are needed for not only business management but towards any career.
Date Submitted: 2010-10-07 20:18:55

After having concluded the entrepreneurial insight interview project, I contemplated the several aspects and responses given by the interviewee.  Some
aspects of the business venture already discussed in class were notated by the owner as being knowledgeably valuable.  Though not the most important factor,
writing out a business plan before starting a business would position the entrepreneur on a more advantageous path with a greater probability of  success.  The business plan would not be foolproof, but would be a guidance tool for the entrepreneur to use in evaluating and comparing the progress against the original plan.  Ultimately, if the entrepreneur had a need to borrow money for the business, either during hard times or to start the business, the business plan would already have been completed.  An important factor of conducting business is being capable of servicing the customer conveniently.  All methods of payment should be available for the customer to extend towards purchasing the product.  I found it unusual that the owner was not prepared with proper equipment to accept credit or debit cards.  Even though I empathize with the reasoning of not accepting checks, I believe there might be a way to service the customer with this form of payment and still protect the owner against loss of merchandise and income.   The most important detail I learned was that the owner had not pursued an education in business management or the financial aspects of running a business.  Not only would this type of education eliminate some heavy expenses of bypassing the need to hire outside companies to oversee the owner's financial matters, but would empower the owner with the direct financial standing of the company.  I believe it is important for the owner of the company to have complete knowledge of how to operate all aspects within the business.  Because of this perspective, I determined it essential for me to acquire a couple of degrees in a couple of different areas of business.

The year of the owner's business beginning operations was the most meaningful to me.  The fact the owner started the business, in what would seem to be the  most inopportune time, while the United States is experiencing a deep recession.  This caught my attention and speaks volumes to me as an aspiring
entrepreneur.  With the recent opening of the owner's business in the last couple of years, it is too soon to determine the success of the company.  However, I have great expectations of success for this particular owner as I compare the time of opening with that of larger companies such as Wal-Mart.  The economy was not doing well when Wal-Mart opened its doors many years ago.  Wal-Mart has been a great success.  The small business owner I interviewed can succeed as well as Wal-Mart has.  Determination to succeed by the business owner must be intense, and the strategy of success more thoughtfully planned with augmented education.  It will be interesting to find out how the owner is doing a year from now.
Date Submitted: 2010-10-07 22:14:13

The most meaningful to me about this project is learning about the auto remodeling and upgrade industry--from auto car tunning to repairs. For tunning car includes lightening,power,Suspension and shock absorbers,brake,differential,and tires and wheels. There has lots of information for each part.I also find out cars drift technology, principle, and methods. It is not that easy that I think of. When you find out more deepper about drifting, you will understand why people like this activities. In addition, drift gets into a professional motor sport.

From my interviewer, I learn the importance of customer service. Have a good customer serives means listen to customers and respond accordingly and treat customers as family members and best friend.Listen to customers and respond should have a good communication. It also has different way to do that, such as by soliciting feedback,encouraging interaction,staying engaged throughout transactions,and taking the appropriate action necessary to please the customer. The only way to treat customers as family members and best friend by valuing them the same way you honor those you care most about. Customer service is important for a business because it can attract and retain customers.I will I can use it for my business in the future.
Date Submitted: 2010-10-07 22:17:28

What wast most meaningful to you about this project?  Why? (Provide details - at least two strong paragraphs of 6-8 sentences each)  
There is always meaningful information you can pick up talking to someone who is experienced in a field that your not familiar with. With interviewing this owner of this business i learned lots of different things, which include like how important not getting into debt. Getting into debt can cause lots of trouble especially when your the owner and your risking your money and everything you put into the business. Which sets up reason on why you never know what to except how your business is going to do since he was planning on originally making 500,000 annually but in the end the business is making 200,000. So in a way owning a business is a really risky thing you can get into, but in the end it can be something worth while since this owner is still living a decent amount money.
Another thing that i picked up interviewing him is that owning a business is a lot of work because there is so many different things is involves, which are employees, legal paper work, good customer satisfaction, getting work done when needed. All these things combined can take a lot of time in a business because they are things that are need to be the top of the line. To me a business seems like its a chain reactions because it all a chain reaction and you always need one thing for another to keep your business running. So every thing in a business is very important that you stay on top of it.
Date Submitted: 2010-10-07 22:18:12

The most meaningful thing to me about this project was getting to share with my brother. I got to see the troubles he had with his business, and how his love and dedication for his business kept him going strong. I got to see how he didn’t hesitate to change when he noticed things changing around him. He doesn’t get stuck in his comfort zone. I learned some of his techniques for dealing with situations that come up. He is always thinking of new ideas to improve his business. I love the way he talks about it, like it is his baby.
I got some good advice from him. He made me realize how important organization is in a business. He also stressed the idea of knowing your business and from the finances, to the marketing, to your competition. Keeping track of the money going in and out of your business is a huge component to success. All this information will be helpful for my future business decisions.
Date Submitted: 2010-10-07 22:22:34

    The insight I have learned from this is that the people that do these things love and want to be their own boss. They make sure that they can do something they enjoy, but at their own time, and then at the same time, make a reasonable living off of it. I myself at one point was a business owner myself. In order to make a business succeed you have to dedicate a lot of time to it. And with dedicating a lot of time to something, no matter what you do, you are always going to have to sacrafice something. In order to gain something you have to lose something first. With this business, she really wanted this to succeed so she dedicated all her time to making sure this business succeeded.
  One thing that has been reinforced by doing this and by other experiences is that, in order to succeed, you need to be determined and you need to sacrafice. You will not get any where in life if you do not try, but if you want to get somewhere in life and you try, you surely will get somewhere. An aunt of mine once told me, in order to succeed you need to be determined and want it. There is a reason for all things, there is a reason why you did or did not succeed. There is a reason why you came second and the other person came first. You may of practiced and practiced or tried as hard as you can, and you may believe that you deserved it, but in the end, you need to know that the person who came out on top tried, wanted, and worked harder than you did. Same goes for business. If you want to succeed you need to try, if you dont try you are not going to.
Date Submitted: 2010-10-07 22:35:20

The most meaningful thing to me was seeing how much hard work it is to start a business. It is even harder to keep the business thriving. I was informed of the different sources that can be used to attract customers. I learned that business must keep up with the newest things to be able to compete. Customer satisfaction is the most important thing to help keep existing customer. The loyalty of customers is what helps this type of business to survive. In any business, customers should be the main priority because that is where the money is coming from.
The economy can really affect a business, especially in this type of business because haircuts are not a necessity. Many businesses face challenges, but the owners must think of ways to have it survive and thrive. Employees are very important in a business. An owner must choose employees that are qualified and trustworthy. The advice was meaningful because he gave me a good insight of what to expect and how I should be planning my business. The other most meaningful thing to me was how he shared his ups and downs of the business he’s had for so many years.
Date Submitted: 2010-10-07 23:16:16

The most meaningful part of the project was that knowing a preson professionally is cool because it helps you look at them in a different prespective and make you think differently.They really are knowlageable in their workbecause it is their job if they didnt then they wouldnt be successful in what they are doing. Also it shows how starting a company takes alot of sweat and hardwork,and most of all pacience because being anxcious does not really get you anywhere.See by finding out that the glue that you by at the store dries up after the first use and he thought that by making the "pure" form of the glue it last longer and it will work on pretty much anything. Also by doing specialty shows like hobbies or model trains or any type of handywork it will increase your sales because youa are just targeting a specific audiance. Also by doing the L.A. County Fair it also gets more of a commercial audiance as well as the average person. but is shows as well that anybody if they set their mind to it then they can do whatever it is that you would like even if you want to be your own boss.
Date Submitted: 2010-10-07 23:40:25

During the project the most meaningful thing to me was getting to know the information and life experience of another entrepreneur who has been there
and done that. It has given me a perspective of what to expect. Now it gave me advantages for when I decide to go into my business of choice, I'll be well prepared for most obstacles to come. It has also given me an insight that I've learned from my interview is no matter what gets in your way, if you stay with it and if your business is what you're good at you can't see yourself not pursuing this in your life then great things can come your way to make you successful. But also, even better is that you will always know that you deserved it. "It goes without saying that we all make errors in life however the most successful people do not let it get them down and try to treat these mistakes as a learning curve" (Steve Miller).
Date Submitted: 2010-10-07 23:46:05

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Records 151 to 160 of 1253