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Student Insights for Entrepreneur Interviews

Entrepreneur insights and perceptions related to their businesses were obtained through interviews conducted by students. Student insights and reflections regarding the interview process are shown on this page.

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I found the communication between the entrepreneur and I to be very meaningful. In the business world whether online or in person, communication is very important. Networking could not be possible without communication and without the willingness of individuals to want to better themselves. Also i found the fact that we as entrepreneurs had to seek other entrepreneurs for advice to be very meaningful. Without this assignment i would have not spoken to any entrepreneurs perhaps for many years until i needed guidance. There were several aspects of this project that i found to be very insightful and helpful. In doing this project i have learned many key values to a successful small business. The project has allowed me to better understand the online business market and how successful one can be with persistence and determination.
Although i was able to complete this project i did however encounter a few set backs. My first choice entrepreneurs were not able to give me a time or date for a chance for an interview. I initially wanted to interview a pet shop owner because that is somewhere along the field of business that i would like to get into, but he said that he would rather not do so. Although negative I found this turn down to be very meaningful. It was meaningful to me because i leaned an important lesson and that is that not all entrepreneurs are willing to help another. It also taught me that perhaps this is somebody that i would not like to do business with not only as a shopper but as a fellow entrepreneur as well.
In total, the entire project from beginning to end has opened my eyes a bit more to the business world and has certainly not discouraged me what so ever.
Date Submitted: 2011-04-14 22:45:36

This was a very meaningful project because I would have never have gone out and done this on my own and this is exactly what I need to do.  Getting first hand advice on  experience in the restaurant business was amazing.  She opened up and was like a mentor to me.  After the interview was over I was telling her about my aspirations to open up my own restaurant and she was just loving how I came to her for advice.  She even had me write down my information so she can get me a job or an internship at the new restaurant they are opening up.  I thought, being able to see a restaurant work its way from the ground up... that would be priceless experience.  I would have never thought how helpful a simple eight questions would be in gaining some insight for the future.

I was really interested when she was talking about the grants and money that I can get from redevelopment programs.  I will have to do research on this but from what it sounds like, this sounds like a great way to finance.  She really got me motivated to get into the business.  The first thing everyone says when I say I want to open up a restaurant is "It's one of the hardest businesses to open", or "has the highest failure rate".  I know this stuff but that's why I am going to school, to educate myself on matter.  The last question where she was saying just do it was really inspirational.  You really do have to love what you are doing and I have always tried to stay true to that.  I love cooking and I love being in restaurants so I think I finally found my calling.
Date Submitted: 2011-04-14 22:55:32

 This project was very meaningful to me in different type of reasons. The part that was most meaningful was to have learned from the person of how and when he decided to start hes own business. What got my attention to what he was saying to me was how he really like doing hes job that he knew everything he knew everything of the business that he was working with to then have decide to have hes own business. I really enjoy to have listen to his story of how it all started how he had a goal to one day have hes own business, and now that he made that goal come true and how he is doing really good on achiving the goals for hes business and how it is well managed. It helped me to understand the process that he had to go through to start hes own business and that it can be hard but u just have to have good resources that will help to succeed in what u want to do in your business. I also got to learn how just little things that you love to do and enjoy doing could get you to start your own business and can be a success. It really got me to see if when i decide to start a business of my own how well would it succeed and what might i struggle with, it put me to have more thoughts and ideas.

 The entrepreneur that i interview told me that its not always easy when it becomes to starting your own business and like he said it is better to study much more about the business like financing and other product. It is very helpful in the future to know more even though you think you allready know becouse it can improve more skills for your business and can open to more opportunities. The entrepreneur gave me advice to be prepare to when i decide to have a business of my own he told me to focus more on the product quality and try to manage and plot your financing and think of different scenerios of ways it will would work and ways it might not work for your business. Also what was realy aspiring to me was that if having a partnership it is very important to work as a team if you want the business to have a succeesfull future. By just having yourself prepare and learned all the things that are needed to learn for a successful business. I really got alot of information in this interview i did with the entrepreneur was a great opportunity to learn and what i could do better to have a succeessful business.
Date Submitted: 2011-04-14 22:58:09

The most meaningful thing about this project was to see a home business like hers thrive still in this bad economic times. To be in the interview with her and hearing her phone ring every 30 min.. taking orders and advising customers or explaining about the products was very rewarding and knowledgeable. Her positive attitude about the business and the focus that she puts in on education about learning all you can about only your career quiet inspirational. Also that it takes time for a business to make money to hold on, but learn from your mistakes too.
I appreciate the advice and inside knowledge.   
Date Submitted: 2011-04-14 23:03:53

The most meaningful part of this project was being able to hear in the excitement in the entrepreneur's voice as he was explaining to me about his business. He inspired me to really look into starting my own business.
He was very into explaining how his business only started out as a part time job and bloomed into a full time business. He truely warmed my heart when he explained how the best part of his job is to see the satisfaction in his
customers faces when they saw their apartment finished. I really enjoyed learning about the ups and downs of his business and what he had to do to stay in the market. I actually understand how the economy is affecting small businesses.
His advice about outlining all my goals and understanding that theres always negatives in starting your own business but getting over that and staying positive will help your business florish. Also how he explained that you have to adhere to your customers and stay up on your responsibilities to keep your customers happy, as well as keeping their business. I really enjoyed doing this project, it really did open up my mind to the positives of actually starting your own business and being an entrepreneurer instead of working for somebody else might be the way to go. I appreciate the time he took out of his day to be interviewed by me. I wish the best of luck to anyone who starts their own buisness. Having customers is key to keeping a business thriving.
Date Submitted: 2011-04-14 23:11:32

Interviewing someone involved in a sole prorprietorship, partnership, c-corporation, sub S-Corportation or LLC is perfect for someone who want's to open there own business. It gives you a perception on what is needed to accomplish and met your goals for opening your own business. It gave you an insight on knowing what you need to open a business. Also, knowing that you can open a business at any given time with the right amount of help, information, and money.

I potentially see myself owning my own business, so one of the most meaningful part of this interview was hearing and learning from an individual that
started a business from absolutely nothing and that is trying to make it and expand his own there business. How he hasn't given up based on the hardships he has faced and how bad the economy is getting and slowly effecting his business.  The risks that you have to take to be able to start up a business. Everything mentioned throughout the interview was important, from not giving up when struggles occur and hardships evolve, to researching every last piece of possible information of the business you desire to commence. I found this project to be very helpful because I was given and told very valuable factors that would require me to get started. Researching, understanding and knowing the complete background of the business you are interested in opening is important. You can start the research process at any given time so that you know what you have to do to be successful and know how to handle the hardships when you are faced with them.
Date Submitted: 2011-04-14 23:23:58

 This project impacted me as an inspiring business owner because I'am always looking for the next big thing but never looking for what matters to me. Ashur had a passion and a hobbie and turned that into a money making machine. Apart from all the knowledge that I got from Ashur the most intriguing thing was how you could see and hear his passion. His best advice was that I take the things I enjoy in life and
think of ways to turn the things I most enjoy into a business. I realize now that it's not about the next big bubble and who can make money off of it because if that was the case the only business owner would be the creator of Facebook, Twitter, Apple, etc. Those poeple all turned and a passion into a business.
     Ashur spend 8 to 10 hours a day in his office but he says hes never working. I thought that maybe he just went to work and sat on his chair but what I didnt realize was that to Ashur this isnt work it is a hobby.I thought that when people said that when they own a business they dont work a day in their lives they litterally didn't work and someone did all the work for them. Now I know that it is like Ashur said "I havent worked one day since then becuase when it's a passion it's a hobby and when it's a hobby it's fun." So what i got out of this project is that i should do what I enjoy and share it with the world.

Date Submitted: 2011-04-14 23:51:39

I thought it was very interesting getting information from someone who actually went through the process of starting a business and running it, as opposed to getting it from a text book. He seemed very eager to answer any question I had and was happy to help.
Before I began asking the questions from the form, I was hoping I was going to get some answers and/or information that I could not find in a text book. I was looking for something deep and only learned from the experience from starting a business. However, as I went through the questions and starting writing down his answers, I was somewhat disappointed. I already knew that one must have the knowledge prior to starting a business. I already knew that one must research for the best rates available for financing and that keeping your expenses low are very important. I even knew that we live in a very dynamic world and that changes are very common. Keeping up with the changes in culture, laws, and technology is very important for the future success of your business.
It wasn't until he answered question number 8 that I found very meaningful. He was very quick to answer this question compared to the rest. The first thing that he said was to treat everyone with respect. Then he began talking about how many people I will meet from when I begin researching and gathering information for my business to when I open and run it. If I treat everyone with respect and stay connected with them, you may benefit from them in the future. Hes English was not too good but what I believe he was trying to say is to stay connected to the network of people I will meet.
I am not a spiritual person, but I do have morals and I live my life with philosophies that are in line with what he said. I totally agree with him. I realized if this is how I live my life, this should also be the way I should conduct business and I really do believe that I will benefit from this greatly.
I really enjoyed doing this project and I enjoyed seeing the enthusiasm and eagerness of the entrepreneur's responses and helpfulness.
Date Submitted: 2011-04-14 23:59:09

 Interviewing the owner of this business gave me a better insight into the reality of what a business is really about.The reason why I chose Flower business is because I have an interest in opening a flower shop for my mother who loves to make beatiful arrangements. First of all, the insight that I clearly saw was that right now, although they are getting a few customers here and their, it is not the right time to open up a florist shop. The economy has everyone really broke that people are only willing to spend where is needed. In the meantime ,while the economy starts to go back up again maybe a few years, to get my business degree and learn to manage a webpage to be able properly manage a business.
  Another thing that was meaninngful was learning and observing what the flower business is all about.The floral shop was the way I had pictured it orders through internet and advertising. But I did not realize that alot really goes into the business by money and time. But if you love what you do then why not do it. The owner was really honest about everything and simply put it out their the way the business is.I use to think that one does not need and education in business to be able to run a business. But then after talking with the owner it is best to study, prepare, and get hands on in the area you want to do business cause it would help a great deal in the longrun. I really liked doing the interview cause it will help me to better prepare myself for my future.
Date Submitted: 2011-04-18 14:39:11

       This project was very time consuming at first but at the end I would have to say that it was an eye opening experience.  It was hard for me to get in touch with Chiu at first because he was extremely busy but I am glad that he was the person I interviewed because he was very knowledgeable.  He opened up to a lot of things and provided me with great information.  Without this project, I would have never thought about being able to open up my own business because I always thought that it was almost impossible.  With this project, I understand that opening up a business can actually be very easy if you have the right connections.  Networking was the key and I totally agree because without it, I don’t think I would know where to start.  This project gave me a better understanding on what I need to do in order to start up my own business and what I need to do so that I can be successful just like Chiu.
       Learning about finance, managing all the way to maintaining equipments seems like a lot of works but once you figure out a way to deal with all of them, it is cake.  Chiu explain that everything has its own structure or game plan.  As long as you follow that structure or game plan, you will be fine.  Everything in life is there for the taking.  It is up to you whether or not you are going to take it.  I understand that in order to achieve certain things in life like goals, you need to work hard and earn it.  I also understand that everything is possible if you have the right mind set.  This project has provide me with an in depth picture because now I know what I need to do to prepare myself for the near future.
Date Submitted: 2011-04-19 01:39:35

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Records 241 to 250 of 1253