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Student Insights for Entrepreneur Interviews

Entrepreneur insights and perceptions related to their businesses were obtained through interviews conducted by students. Student insights and reflections regarding the interview process are shown on this page.

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For me the most meaningful part of this assignment was being able to sit down and communicate with somebody who's business I have grown up with. This business has been in my neighborhood since before I was born and I was really happy to be able to learn some of it's secrets. I really found a lot of this information helpful and feel like i have built a sort of connection with [name removed]. Hopefully this will be of some use to me when i begin to network and expand with my business
Date Submitted: 2011-10-12 23:23:56

 What was meaningful to me in this project was to be able to view an entrepreneur's perspective of the hardships of competing with big business and the courage to initiate a business. When u start a new business, you feel like an infant in a totally new environment that requires strong pushing in order for your business to be successful. You need to learn marketing techniques and also how to manage advertising. You need to be able to work within your budget and successfully advertise and market your new business. It seems difficult but you have to innovate ways to get your company noticed. Setting a goal like, finding a way to appear on the first page of a Google search, is a start.
 There are also a lot of regulations that your new business might face. First you have to acquire the proper licenses that enable you to operate in your field of work. The there is also regulations regarding labor practices and payroll. Another also includes the way that you pay your taxes to the government. You must also consider in receiving funds thru personal savings or credit lines. All these must be in consideration when an entrepreneur takes the risk in starting a business.
Date Submitted: 2011-10-12 23:24:34

The most meaningful thing to me about this project is the outlook on business this individual has. This comes from someone I know well also so when i see the
way they think and make decisions, it makes me think what i would do if i were to be in that position also and how i would make those decisions. I was at one point a business owner also
and ran my business the way i wanted to. Unfortunately it did not pan out like I wanted it to and went under almost 2 years after i started it. I did not have a back up plan and took too
many things for granted. I also did not sacrafice long enough for the business to be self sustainable at a certain point. Knowing that he also told me that it took a little over 2 years of
personal sacrafice to see progress was also discouraging because i expected the business to be fine after a year.
I also noticed that the business opportunities change year to year because of the forever changing economy. Also forever changing is the products/services/trends that come along with
time. You always want to evolve with the world in order to keep up and survive. If you do not evolve you will be left behind and you will die off and make space for the new. Being able to evolve
with the continuous change can make any business succeed and thats what i noticed with this business also. Even though it is just a tobacco store, they astethtics of brick and mortal businesses have
changed and they have made themselves become what the customer expects when it comes to products, appearance and service.
Date Submitted: 2011-10-13 00:00:02

9. I've learned a lot from this interview; from another person's prospective to my own thoughts on entrepreneurs. Some of the things that I learned was that banks are an important thing. They are the ones that can give you loans when you need them and most businesses need them to start out with. I use to think that banks were ripoffs because they would charge you for anything they could, but then I realized that banks need to make money too. Not only that, but banks end up losing money from people who can't afford to pay them back. Some other things that seem important to me now is credit. Credit cards seemed like a bad thing since people always complain about them, but it's incredibly important so banks can use that as a reference when loaning out money. In this economy credit can mean everything for an entrepreneur. My interviewee also taught me that being friends with the people you work with means a lot more than just a simple hello. Being friends with them can help you out with your business and even help take some stress out of it by getting their advice. I know I have issues with socializing with others, but I will probably force myself to be more social to succeed in business. Technology is an incredibly important thing for any entrepreneur. By having the best technology out there, you stay ahead of your competition, but having the most expensive technology doesn't always mean having the best type. The smart phone (which I own) can be used more than just to check my Facebook page or making some calls. It could be used fro many everyday things with the apps like calculations, checking on competitors' prices, checking up on the news, and much more.

What is most meaningful to me is how my interviewee talked so passionately for his business. He talked about it like it was his child. He made it seem like a great idea, warned about how difficult it can become, and even gave an idea on how is business started. For someone to talk so fondly about it really make me feel inspired to open a business up. By opening up a business, he said that even if the business fails, the experience will last forever. It sounds like a adventure, but very risky. I use to think business was all about think ahead of your competition and working harder than anyone else, but my interviewee made it seem fun to actually talk to people in your business. If anything, it would help pass the day. So the most important thing of all in becoming an entrepreneur is to be passionate about it and have fun.
Date Submitted: 2011-10-13 00:01:10

The thing i like about this the most was that i found out alot about my mom business , and how she take alot of anitiontive to make her business what it is. It also show me how i am kind the same way in how i take pride in what i do and try to make it the best it is.Plus seeing my mom talk about how she build up her business to what it is specially at time like these show me how strong of a business women she is. Im proud to say that this is my mom how no body who you are and what kind of backround you come from you can achive anything.

Another reason on how this project help me is by showing me on what it does take to make it in the business world. because alot of people are looking for the fast cash but when you start your own business or if your business is up and down or just seasonal you got to find out how to best sell or provide your business for others. An what i can do if i ever start up my own business or if i end up taking over my mother business. so this really did help open my eyes in a few ways.
Date Submitted: 2011-10-13 00:27:50

The most meaningful thing about this project is that you have gotten information from someone who has been though it all. Instead of studying all the stuff you actually get a one on one with someone that successfully made a business. It also gave me a heads up in what I should do and what I shouldn’t do for a business. I have also realized that tons of people want to do the same thing you do so I should keep in mind that I want to stick out in different ways as to promotions and services I have to offer. Maybe price my work for cheaper then the other competitors but provide Grade A work.
I have a focus now big challenges a company can face so I should always be prepared for the worst. A back up plan would seem important for a company, because without a back up plan what else do you got? Nothing
Last thing I would like to say is that is the last thing [Name removed] mentioned was planning. I agree planning can take you extremely far. I definitely plan my daily work, annual work, money plan Etc..
This Project helped me gain a broader view of how a business works and what can be done for a business to strive in this tough economic downfall.  
Date Submitted: 2011-10-13 01:24:54

At first, before I started doing this project, I thought it would be a tough project due to the fact that I was required to talk to an entrepreneur myself, but luckily I knew someone who was in the business himself. Once I understand what must be done to finish this project, I went on and continue to find ways to finish my project. Throughout the whole process of this project, I was able to learn multiple concepts in which I never knew before. First and foremost the things I must do and do well in order to survive and thrive in my business. I seriously did not think there there would be so much things to do before I can be successful. I knew about the prospecting part but I never knew that setting up appointments or mastering the art of presenting was that important. Also in this project I learned of some sources in which I can use to learn and gather information. Starting from now on I should practice on self improvement because without it, I won't get far in life nor in the business. Not only did I learned how much the company is worth and how credited they are, but I also learned that they train you to become successful business owners.

To me the most meaningful idea about this process is the fact that I'm able to learn so much more than what I used to know. It helped me become open minded about what I can get out of it. Even though it requires a lot of patience and time to master all the suggested skills, but it will be a worthwhile time you will spend. With this knowledge in mind, I'm able to start thinking of many ways to start self improving myself. Not only that but I can start helping others on their way to self improvement. Also with the links provided, I can have a clearer idea of what they went through. I found out that this company allows anyone over the age of 18 to have an opportunity to remake and reshape their life. The only way they won't have that opportunity is if they have any kind of felony or convictions due to the reasons that the state of California set up. I used to think that starting a business would be difficulty due to the starting payment, but through this, I learned that they allow anyone to have an equal opportunity to strive to make a living.
Date Submitted: 2011-10-13 02:21:21

The most meaningful to me about this project was letting me know how the business man run his own business. He answer the question about the project, each question is kind of same information from the book, but when the real person tell me about his opinion and what is really going on on his business, I realized that the text book which i'm studying is really important to learn. And also, it can help me get       more information about what i have to plan to my future business.

After the introductions , I have though more detail about my business. I have asked more information and the opinion from the other people. Opinion is really important in every business, because of that we can improve the service and the product which the business have.
Date Submitted: 2011-10-13 04:27:40

One meaning full thing about the project was being able to talk to an actual entrepreneur. It was interesting getting to see the business from the entrepreneur's side. I liked getting to see his opinion of his company and all the facts that he does to run his company. I liked seeing all the things it took for him to make a company. I realized that there are far more things to running a company. I always thought running a company didn't have all these details that i learned. I liked seeing how he got his business started and how he ran it.

Another thing i liked about this project was the hard work that the person i interviewed had put into his business. The thing I liked was how he explained his experience of his business. I also liked his advice that he gave me. I found his advice really helpful to me. Another thing i liked was seeing the problems the company had. He gave me ways of how he solved his problems that really helped.
Date Submitted: 2011-10-13 08:38:49

The most meaningful information to me would have to be from the first and last question.  I greatly appreciated the information that my person has given me.  I believe that this information could be taken anywhere and could be use for any kind of business I hope to one day open.  I enjoy how this project has given me new things to think about when opening up my own business.  I will be more then willing to take the information I learn and apply it to my business.

What I got out of this is you have to have a strong customers base relationship and be able to manage your cash flow well.  Starting a business is not for the average person you have to put in a lot of time and effort into it.  You need to be disciplined and you cant do it for the money alone but you have to love what you are doing or it will not work. When I am ready to start my own business I will take the advice given to me and use it to make my business a success.  I believe that this project will open up my eyes even more to what starting a business is really like.
Date Submitted: 2011-10-13 10:06:00

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Records 291 to 300 of 1253