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Student Insights for Entrepreneur Interviews

Entrepreneur insights and perceptions related to their businesses were obtained through interviews conducted by students. Student insights and reflections regarding the interview process are shown on this page.

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From this project, I learned some meaningful stuff about businesses. In order to survive and thrive in my business, it is necessary to keep good relationships with customers. In addition, I need to make sure the quality of the product meets the demand from customers. Selling high quality products helps the company to gain good reputation. Also make sure to adjust the price of the product in order to compete against my competitors. Even at home watching TV or surfing on the internet can be helpful for my business. And it’s good to have multiple business information sources because I can observe the same information from a different point of view.
More skills and technologies I have equals more chance to be successful in my business. In this project, the entrepreneur talked about accounting and Iphone4. Accounting is very helpful for a business because every business needs an accountant. With high technology product like Iphone 4, the owner can gain information or communicate with customers anytime, anywhere. The entrepreneur I interviewed started his beauty supply business because he has working experience before in the same area of business. What’s more important is that he got the source of business information and became a friend with his employer. His employer shared entrepreneurship experience with him and taught him lots of things. At the end of the interview, he gave me three advices and the most significant one is find a job before I start a business. I agree with him because I never had a job before. Therefore, I need to learn from work, figure out how things run and gain some experience about the business society  to prepare becoming an entrepreneur.
Date Submitted: 2011-10-13 10:42:55

I think it was really meaning was to actually sit down with my dad and actually have a good converstion with him. I really didnt know alot of stuff he told me until i actually I told him. Its hard to figure out why he wants to sell it because it needs to focus on all things in world that has to try to change it. I wonder why every one says he is a hard worker but now i understand. He works really hard to focus on all the things that will he try to always watch all the smart things has done.

I wonder why i need so many things to become succes i knew it was going to be hard but not this hard it really hard to image all the things in world that people need to notice all reason why people always figure why need to watch how there reactions change when i'm proving everyone wrong and need to watch me become more succes then everyone else. I just want to make money and prove to my dad that im more succes then him.
Date Submitted: 2011-10-13 10:53:58

This interview helped a lot. I had an idea of what a business was and how it was run. But to receive the advice of how they get customers and treat there employees is a good way for me to learn so when I have my business in the future, ill take the good and use it to succeed. I liked the questions the interview had they were very personnel so I got to  see how an individual thinks about there business and how they worked to get there. It takes a lot of hard work, and time away from your daily life, its a sacrifice, family time is scarce and its good to have support of people (family) that will be by your side through that journey. The person I interviewed had a family business, and they all worked together when they could. Its a peace of mind. When I have a business I would love to have my business a family business, working with the people that care about the business. Knowing that its a business and I will be running is a feeling of accomplishment, it going to satisfy my personality, cause I know how I am, and what I like. Freedom, and my great ideas.
I pictured in a entrepreneur world that it was all profit, and that all entrepreneurs were good in the financial situation, but that was not the case. They too have to work hard just to makes ends meet, they work to meet there goal, and that goal is the time where they are financially stable, and then have money coming in to get some luxuries. But to get to that point it takes lots of time and hard work. Im glad I found that out, I thought to myself that once a business was open it was going to stay open, and its going to bring some business, and money at least to stay up, but no some businesses do fall. It could be for anything, a bad location, bad customer service, etc. This person I interviewed, in their case it was lack of receiving customers, because of this bad economy, but still what they have now is barely enough to survive, luxuries are out of the question, for now.
Date Submitted: 2011-10-13 11:00:20

After the interview, I learned how as a business entrepreneur, good planning and good management skills are the stepping-stones of a successful business. Both operating and organizational management are also vital.  Additionally, entrepreneurs should be quick and alert in identifying the biggest challenges and be adaptable in finding solutions and alternatives to approach those challenges. For instance, being prepared for worst circumstances, planning ahead, and diversifying risks to minimize cost/loss. In facing business challenges, i should always be optimistic and not to give up easily.

During the interview, he made me realized the importance of 3 main factors: (1) being knowledgeable in my company/products, (2) company’s performance, and (3) my competitors. Clearly, in order to have a deep knowledge about my company, I have to analyze where my company stands based on its performance in the market. At the same time, studying my competitions gives me the opportunity to identify and create my company’s own unique selling points and differentiates myself with my competitors. This results in attracting more clients and building a long lasting professional relationship with them.

Besides, I learned on how significant the presence of a business owner coming to office everyday and develop a relationship with its workers (while monitoring their work). It results in positive impact in workers’ productivity and performance. Apart from that, i should always take good care of my employees, which ultimately resulting in my employees taking good care of the customers. As a successful entrepreneur, one should never stop learning and continuously equip oneself with more knowledge and skills. One should take the initiative to learn more and keep improvising oneself. Lastly, it brings to my awareness the importance of networking, and knowing people who are the center of influence does make a great difference.
Date Submitted: 2011-10-13 12:02:04

i think it would be in the three things that are most important to thrive in a business. It was most meaningful to me beacuse it's important to bea bale to communicate with your customers no matter what the business. It would be hard to understand anybody if you went to a business that didnt speak the same language you did. you would be confused on the product or service they would try to provide for you. You might miss important details about the product / service. I want to be able to make cusyomers feel comfortable when they are talking to another person not scare them away with a language they never heard about.

I also like the first question because he says to be confident in yourself and your bsuiness. I think that a really big part because whats the poin of starting a business that u dont care about. might as well save yourself the trouble and not open one in the firsst place. confidence can play a huge part in a business because you are the one that has to put effort into making a successful business. your confidence can help you in making decision and knowing whats good for your company.
Date Submitted: 2011-10-13 12:39:08

 What was meaningful to me about this project was that we were able to seek out real business owners and learn from their experience. To learn what it was that gave them the inspuration to do what they do. To hear how they did it and hear the anthusiasum in their voice because the injoyed everything about it. To learn what it takes to be a business owner. Most business owners are really busy and don't have the time to sit down and talk to ordinary people. Having been able to sit down with them and speak to one another was more joyful experience then I could have imagined.
 Before this project I thought of business owners as money hungry individuals. Trying to become millionares quickly and not careing for the people they come across. I now understand that is not the case and that each business owner has a certain drive that keeps doing what it is they are doing. We can all be successful business owners but only few can do it right. We are the ones that decide if it will be successful or not.
Date Submitted: 2011-10-13 12:48:32

This was meaning full to me because it was a different look on why town a business.  I was interested in the experience more then the  money.  He linked the idea of being old fashioned. he wanted the costumer to feel like his personal friend.  I am a  regular at his market for the same reason he is talking about.

I also found it interesting that he inherited the business form his dad.  he talk about it as his dad passed down the torch.  he was proud of what his dad did and his dad is proud of  him.  The business i wanted to create wasn't going to be a family business but now i think a family business would be a great.  i wouldn't mind an old fashion market that gets passed down from generation to generation.

The  fact that he was so happy with making so little.  its like he gets paid with the smiles of his costumers.  
Date Submitted: 2011-10-13 13:26:45

What was meanigful to me was having an intresting conversation with my father who is the owner
of the small Business called [name removed] Hardware & Supplies.We talk about two hours taking about the business
and this aspirations toward the business.I could say that i had a blast to dig into my fathers brain and find
some intresting ideas for the future of the business. I really enjoy what my father had to say about the techniques
to sale or to make deals.It was things that at first i could comprehend. After analysising the techniques i started to
understand my father.He gave me a tour to using Quickbook to that i could understand to what he does.

As he was teaching me, i felt the motivation an the enthusiasm in his face.That feeling was telling me
that he loves what he does and its being a business man.i was happy to see my father like this.He is a very knowledgable
man.I could tell that he knows what his doing.He tought me how yo look at graphs and find the GP.He motivated me to
me maybe start my own business or maybe help out with the business and be succesful.I think by him teaching me that was
meaningful because he took the time to teach me.

I stayed to work with him the whole entire day and learn what he does.He shadowed me and gave me some books
that help him start up the business.He had a journal where he wrote down everyday what he told and the technique that he used.
i helped hime restock and went with him to a business meeting with his vendors.i had a good time talking to him and his vendors
about the business. beside talking to mad i also talk to some vendoes and ask them some question.they told me to study hard
and use what you know an apply it.

In conclusion, this project was meaningful because i got to learn new things and maybe how to run a future business.
i had a great conversation with my father about going forward with business.Hw told me some way to better a business.He told
me stories when he started when i was a little kid helping with the restocking.I also got to see what kind of software and
computer that he uses.This project open my eyes to better opportuniy to use what i know and apply it to the businesss.I think
that this project make you talk to business people and pick their brain and use it.
Date Submitted: 2011-10-13 14:40:02

I think the most meaningful aspect of this project for me was learning about a business that someone I've known my entire life has.  Wendy started cutting my hair when I was two and I've followed her from salon to salon to her house and then finally her own business.  It was interesting actually talking to her about what she loved and what she didn't like about her business.  It's funny because she doesn't really consider herself a business person, she considers herself a stylist.  I think she has great ethics and ideas that could be helpful if they were put into use in larger salons.

Although she doesn't exactly give me a lot of detail I can see for myself how her business is there and how she achieved her goal.  When I'm there, everyone is always having pleasant conversation and their just relaxing.  This gives more of an experience instead of just a simple service to customers.  I think that's what makes her customers, like me, come back every time they need a haircut.  When she makes executive decisions, like which employees to hire, or which products to use she always has the customers' mindset.  When you're an entrepreneur I believe that's the best quality you can have, it gives you a complete better understanding of your customers wants and needs which in turn helps your business grow and earn more profit.
Date Submitted: 2011-10-13 15:05:03

 The most succesful part of my interview was that i finally realized that it is not easy to start a buisness no matter what kind of buisness it is. All start ups are hard but it has you challange them that will determine the faith of your buisness. Also to keep in mind that you will never succed without the help of someone. It is not consider weakness if you asked someone for help,as a matter of fact it might just be helpfull.
 Another great thing that was very meaning full was that some stores dont like to mention who there owners are because it might get to distracting. But if your customers do know who you are the place might look more family freindly and you will get more customers.The way you treat your customers will ultimately lead to future of your buisness. It can be your downfall of your buisness or the rise of it. So always keep in mind the customer is always right.
Date Submitted: 2011-10-13 16:09:18

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Records 301 to 310 of 1253