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Student Insights for Entrepreneur Interviews

Entrepreneur insights and perceptions related to their businesses were obtained through interviews conducted by students. Student insights and reflections regarding the interview process are shown on this page.

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I wanting to one day own a business I kind of feel as if this was a big eye opener. I now understand that if wanting to open a business I would want to have a little bit more knowledge and research in the business I’m trying to get in to. I also wanting to have a family I now realize that I will have to be more organized and have to make time for not just my family and business but kind of for myself to so I can keep a steady mind, stable family, and steady business. I now know there will have to be difficult decisions for me to make when owning a business like whom I decide let be part of it by which I mean who I let work for me, and having to make the decision of having to possibly fire someone due to them not performing at full capacity, and with the guilt of knowing I may effect someone’s life by firing them, but knowing now I will have to have a strong mind not to worry about the little things and focus and what’s really important. Owning a business doesn’t always mean that’s a steady income and that I’m financially set there will be set backs such as if I was a property owner I may have to pay for damages and legal remedies or miscellaneous expenses will all affect my income. I appreciate the most that out of all of this Mrs. Jimenez took time out of her busy schedule which of being a business owner, and a part time worker for two jobs, a mother, and wife helped me with this project.
Date Submitted: 2012-04-11 19:30:04

The most meaningful part about this project is actually is the whole interview part. I mean by this is looking for an entrepreneur and contacting them. First time I have done this, and the person I interview was someone I knew. I never talked to them this deep about their business. While the interview was happening I knew and understood what he was telling me. Taking this business class and knowing some knowledge of it helped me out to understand what we discuss about. The advice he was telling me was very interesting. Seeing that he didn’t start from the best start but yet he is still running strong in his business was very impressive. Hearing him tell me all this advice to start up the correct way motivates me to think about start some sort of business one day. All the information I receive I believe is very good to know. Seeing what mistakes not to do and getting help information to improve and make your business a successful one. This project has made me feel more knowledgeable on how a business starts, runs, flaws and there success.
Date Submitted: 2012-04-11 19:56:47

The most meaningful thing I learn about this project is that there is more to a business than just selling a product or a service. You really have to look at it in dept and at the big picture. You have to dissect the structure and inner cores of a business in order to come out profitable and successful in the industry.  You have to fall in love with what you are going to do and understand it. You also have a good operating system in order to keep everything stabled and under control. Managing your money would also be important, because you need to know how, when, and where to invest it to make the most profit. Well learning the infrastructure of your business can help you mange it at its most efficient way. You have to know from what your customer needs to the amount of paper your company consumes. Knowing your business can really help you succeed because any problem you run into, you will have a solution for it due to the knowledge you know. If you do not love what you are getting into you will never have the will power to overcome the hardships of running your own business. And if you do not have a smooth running system for your business you will be bamboozled with obstacles and you will fail in succeeding.  What I think is most importantly is managing your money. If you have no control over your earnings you might as well gamble it away because what you reinvest is what your business future will be.
Date Submitted: 2012-04-11 20:59:52

I was able to go in depth with a debt attorney this helped give me insight of what kind of help is out there for people that want to basically start over their financial life again. I was also able to see that people were losing their houses. This to me is very sad and I’m glad that there are certain things people can do to help them get out of a bad situation. I was also unaware that there was software out there to help attorneys make their job easier, and it makes me upset to see people rob the very people they need to get them out of the situation they are in.  I find this all very meaningful because these attorneys are people that care. The attorneys seem like the ones who are trying to help, it’s frustrating to see how much competition is out there and what they have to do to survive in this business. Owing your own business is hard and tough work, knowing all this makes it seem like opening your own business in this economy is very difficult. This project opened my eyes to the world and I only hope that these people can be helped.
Date Submitted: 2012-04-11 21:23:48

This interview project has truly been an enlightening experience. Before this assignment, I only knew my interviewee as my friend's father. Now, after having an in depth discussion about him and his company, I've come to realize that he is an entrepreneur that's good at what he does. This project has given me a whole new perspective on how to start/manage a business. His descriptive answers provide steps on how to be successful when owning a company. Hopefully, the rest of the class and I can take these steps and follow them to create our own profitable businesses. A copious amount of useful information was given by my interviewee during this assignment. One that I think he stressed in particular is that it's important to maintain healthy relationships with stakeholders. Networking is vital in business, and in life. Growing a personal bond with customers, presidents of other companies, even the president of another company's wife (as mentioned above) can keep you out of trouble. I also found it great that he listed the college courses he took that he deemed the most important to succeed. I will definitely try to partake in those courses if given the opportunity. In conclusion, I truly appreciate the time and effort that my interviewee has put into these answers. I've learned so much from this project, and am more aware of the business world.
Date Submitted: 2012-04-11 21:43:45

What was most meaningful for me through out this project was that I’m hearing all this from my uncle and how passionate he is about is business. I had the opportunity to interview someone else but this felt more personal and hearing what he has to say. I wanted to pick his brain because I feel he has a different way of thinking about everything which is very intriguing. For instance how he mentions that we should give it our all and not fool ourselves into thinking we “tried” when in reality we didn’t. Also, he is one of my role models, despite some differences, I aspire to be like him in the future business wise. He really has achieved that goal, bringing that exciting sensation to his costumers every time they enter the store, I still feel it even when I’m working there. All together this project was very educational and you get great advice for becoming an entrepreneur or starting your own business.
Date Submitted: 2012-04-11 22:13:13

It was great to have this interview experience. I learned a lot of things that I never knew before. I thought starting a business was simple. After the interview, I learned how much thought and planning must go into starting a business. From finding a location to hiring the right workers, to researching the products you wish to sell. I realized you have to plan much more than I thought. Simple hard work is not enough. Researching and planning is the most important of all. This experience has taught me very much. I now know how difficult it is to start a successful business.
Date Submitted: 2012-04-11 22:31:01

The most meaningful thing about this project was learning about my entrepreneur’s business history, how it got started, and the goals he had. Another thing he told me comes in handy and is something you need to achieve your goals is to have a set plan. Having a set plan meaning know what you’re getting into. My entrepreneur really explained and showed to me the passion he has for his business. Keeping a positive mentality when a bad situation occurs is a key component, and if in a bad situation keep looking for solutions.  I realized how one must have passion for the business. Having good friendships and good previous work is a must. I think if I ever start my own business it’ll have to be something I enjoy. I have to also realize that any can happen so being ready for the worst is crucial. My entrepreneurs business is still doing okay but it has been affected by the economy, from this I think anyone starting a business should realize the possibilities, good or bad. I really enjoyed this project because I really liked to see the passion this man had for his job. Maybe one day l might join the family business
Date Submitted: 2012-04-11 22:48:49

This project allowed me to sit down and pick into the mind of an entrepreneur.  By doing this interview I learned that business is not easy and there are obstacles that will have to be overcome.  Some of those obstacles can be with your business partner if there is one and some other obstacles you may have no control over such as the economy.  By being aware that business is a process and I may need to learn from my mistakes I know that giving up is the only way my business may fail, but adapting and finding new ways to succeed will be more beneficial.  I also learned that the main obstacle, for me to overcome would be to know that I will not be working 9-5.  This is something I better get used to if I want to succeed.   I also learned that it is important to maintain a good report with customer and vendors.  By keeping a good report with your customers, your company’s image will be protected.  Having a good company image may be one of the most beneficial advertising techniques because people will refer you to their family and friends.  So the better your products and services are the better your company image will be.  Also keeping a good report with your vendors may keep you ahead of the game.  Vendors can tell you about new products, techniques and equipment that are available, or will be available in the near future, so that you may make the changes needed to compete with your competitors.  Business is not easy but if you really want to make your company succeed you will succeed through your effort.
Date Submitted: 2012-04-11 22:55:38

The most meaningful thing about this project is that I was able to learn how other people successfully started their business. I learned that it is not an easy job to own a business. It requires more than just a great idea to operate your own business. There are things in life that cannot be learned through books, but through firsthand experience. I am glad I was given the chance to interview such a successful entrepreneur, thus inspiring me to do better in my career. By learning about this class and its project, I feel like I am able to keep building a better path toward a successful start-up in the future.  I have learned throughout this project that many businesses have their own struggles in the beginning. "For without struggle, there is no progress" by Fredrick Douglas was a quote I have learned throughout my life and this implies to every aspect of life especially when trying to start a business. Furthermore, if I want to become successful like many great businessmen today I will have to plan out my path a bit ahead of time so I can be prepared for struggles that my company will go through in it beginnings. Just like others I will work around an idea that I am passionate about and will further develop on it to make it profitable.
Date Submitted: 2012-04-11 23:57:57

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Records 381 to 390 of 1253