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Student Insights for Entrepreneur Interviews

Entrepreneur insights and perceptions related to their businesses were obtained through interviews conducted by students. Student insights and reflections regarding the interview process are shown on this page.

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I enjoyed this project because it gave me a detailed look into the mind of an entrepreneur that may not have been presented.  It took some time to do because my interviewee is a busy person and getting on a good time schedule was not easy but overall I had fun.  My interviewee even seemed to enjoy it as he reminisced down memory lane.  Talking about the business sparked good ideas and questions that gave me insight on his industry and what it takes to make it.  Asking these questions got me thinking about starting my own business and some of the different ways I could do so.  I thought about one day being a business owner myself and having to answer these questions for an up and coming young entrepreneur.  While doing the interview I was able to see how the changing of times affected this business and the adaptation needed in order for it to survive.    But this also gave the opportunity to form a bond with a businessman who is already established and can provide valuable insight on what to do. Since he has been established for a while he is very resourceful when it comes to business and helped me to see some of the things that you would not be able to see from the outside as far as owning your own company goes.  I also learned a lot about what he does and all the hard work that goes into something I thought was so simple.  Other things that seemed complicated turned out not to be so and that was good to learn as well.  He told me that if you are going to do it, then do it; do not waste time.  I’m glad I had the opportunity to meet him and hope to keep a good relationship throughout the up and coming years.
Date Submitted: 2012-04-12 13:42:07

The thing that I found most meaningful about this project was the advice and knowledge from someone who successfully started their own business. I enjoyed listening to their story about how they started their business and where how they ended up where they are today, their struggles and outcomes. What knowledge that they gained from their experiences and how they learned from their mistakes and the hard patches along the way. It’s a hard road starting your own business, but with dedication, hard work and long hours I believe that the accomplishment you must feel would be worth all the hardships along the way.  In order to be a successful entrepreneur, and to own and run your own business, that doesn’t come easy. There is a huge majority of business already out there, it’s a competitive market and in order to survive you need to forge your own path. It’s a big step starting your own business, brainstorming and coming up with fresh ideas and new improved ways to do things is essential. Hard work and dedication go hand in hand; you need to be willing to put in the time and effort to make your business successful.
Date Submitted: 2012-04-12 14:31:29

This project has many meanings for me.  When I lived in Mexico my dad had a shoe industry as well as both of my uncles who resided in the same area.  The interview was over the phone with one of my uncles, but both still run their own business.  My father ended up closing his business before we all moved to the US.  This winter we visited them in Mexico for my cousin’s graduation and I stayed for a longer period of time.  In the time I stayed I had to go to my uncles factory daily and at this period of my life I understood it way more than before when I was younger.  The passion my family has had has been passed onto me.  I aspire to one day begin a business as well, but maybe not in the same field.  I see the time that is invested into the businesses and it repays if applied usefully.  In my case there is no business that is going to be inherited onto me, but I plan on inheriting one onto my sons one day.   I had known some of the information of the industry before, but conducting it in a more formal state opened some new doors.  My uncle opened up more about his business and I felt the interest that he put on what he said.  Originally it was in Spanish, but the translation was not a big problem.  I consider his business a family one, because the whole family puts in all of their time into the industry.  Even if it’s the smallest of jobs it is done in the inside, so there are no trust issues.  With this project I definitely remembered why I am studying for this and why it’s my passion.  Mainly because it is what I am used to, but also because I see myself in the same way in the future.
Date Submitted: 2012-04-12 16:28:58

The most meaningful part of this project to me was that I received answers that some I did expect, but others things I did not expect an entrepreneur to say. Like in question eight, although it was a pretty open ended question I never thought that someone would tell me that you should not try and grow really quickly. I had always expected that most entrepreneurs’ goal was to start a business and have it expand as quickly as possible. So to have an entrepreneur tell me that this is not always the best case is something that I did not expect. Also I had also held the belief that it should not be impossible to finance your own business without the use of credit. Although she made it very clear that it is difficult she also encouraged me by showing me that it is not impossible to do.  She really had the belief that if you are good at what you do then you would be able to expand your business using the revenue that you earned with the business itself. It is slow expansion but if you continue to do things well then it slowly gets easier. This is something that I now have to carefully consider. As someone who wants to start their own business. I have to consider which way would be better more me. Now I know that using credit will help me expand much more quickly that by not using credit. And although expanding by not using credit is possible, but also slow and difficult. This is an important take away for me as now I have two opinions on how I should expand my business and can now try to adapt my needs in the future with these forms of expansion.  Another thing that I took from this project was how deeply involved someone who starts their business. From what she told me it does not appear to be an easy task by any mean. Even now it still seems like a daunting task. It even scared me at how much work that it is that I have to do to start my own business. The entrepreneur that I talked to owns a couple of stores, and she has to be running back and forth all day from store to store and then to her vendors. But as she talked about it, it did not seem like it was something that really bothered her anymore but was more something that she had accepted as normal. So in essence what I really learned is that although what it seems like what an entrepreneur has to do seems hard at first and to someone who has no ideas as to what it is like to run your own business, it will also slowly get easier and those things that seem hard now, if you work hard at it will just become a normal situation and you will be able to handle it.
Date Submitted: 2012-04-12 16:42:22

Most meaningfull about this project was, That I had a chance to interview this ealy business owner. She is just about to open her big restaurant.Everything seems like if its a big success, but it takes alot to get there. I really had the opportunity to see the inside of a business owner. I had a chance to listed to her everyday life, and her thoughts. What worries her, And her plans. Although she did mention that she needs to be more organized and that she needed help that she wasnt able to do everything.  Every question in this interview I learned something. Now I know that to run a successfull firm, no matter what it is i will need help from diferent individuals. I will always remember that my weekess is someones strongest point. And that I cant take a piece that I cant bite. And determination, good adminstration, and organized is the key to success.
Date Submitted: 2012-04-12 17:08:34

Being able to ask a fellow entrepreneur these sort of questions has a great deal of importance to me. This enables me to sort out all of the positive as well as the negative things that come in to play when starting a business. Getting advice can be a key trait in determining if a business will be successful or not. Getting great advice on a particular subject matter can boost one’s confidence by making them feel that there are already prepared for the tasks at hand. Getting negative advice on the other hand can make a future entrepreneur feel that he/she is not good enough to be in their particular business, with these negative thoughts, ones confidence can take a dive and from this, they would feel that their only choice would be to quit. Basically one of the most meaningful things I got from this project was the “inside scoop”, on the things that I can expect in the world of becoming an entrepreneur. From this hopefully, I can avoid the negative problems and mainly focus on having positive experiences from this knowledge.  Another meaningful aspect that I got from completing this project was being able to have a greater deal of appreciation for a entrepreneur in learning about their struggles to get where they are in the present time. Fighting for something you love takes a great deal of commitment, sacrifice, time, effort and will power to be able to get through the tough times and come out of them unscathed. In triumphing over the setbacks and heart breaks, a person would feel like they had just taken on the world and came out on top. I hope I will be able to fully understand and progress through these tough times that I know are heading my way. I am always delighted and smiling at business success stories that I may see on the television or hear from a person or through word of mouth. These stories make me feel that I to will be able to come out of any sticky situation if I continue to have the drive, will power, patience and determination to fight for what I love.
Date Submitted: 2012-04-12 18:30:45

This project was very benificial to me in many ways. I really liked this project because, it helped me build a relationship with an existing entrepreneur that I can use as a mentor from now on. When ever I have questions regarding business, work ethics, or just everyday problems I know I can go to him for help. He seemed very  open to me, and I can tell that when ever I need help he will be there to help me. As well as with financial advice, he can give me tips on what to invest in. Another reason I found this project to be beneficial is because it gave me insight as to what it takes to run a business. It showed me what I need to start my own business, I also learned how to manage my money, and that I need to invest my money early in order make the best use of it. He showed me that in order to make it you have to have integrity, and dedication. Things won't be easy but in the end I will feel fulfilled, and satisfied with accomplishments. I honestly appreciated this project very much because it taught me a lot of things that most likely I would not have went out of my way to learn, unless I knew from the begining how valueable this information could be.
Date Submitted: 2012-04-12 18:41:20

What was most meaningful to me was that I was able to grasp a different perspective on the industries of the world. I normally have no interest in this type of industry and this has opened up my eyes to the possibilities. Another would be the reassurance of the most efficient ways to advance growth and secure foundations in a business start-up scenario. In summation, this new experience that i have been enlightened with has helped me further hold my views, and also extend my knowledge of the business world in general and specific terms.
Date Submitted: 2012-04-12 18:47:36

I liked this project because it really helped me understand the difficulties and choices entrepreneurs have to deal with on a daily basis. I want to have my own business and interviewing this business owner helped me see what it will be like. It is hard work, long hours and a lot of dedication. Even though i want to have my own restaurant and talking to an entrepreneur you get the general idea of what it is like to run a business even if it is not the same kind of business. After this interview i am happy that i am already on the right path by taking business classes because i will be educated in the business i am going into. I do think i will take a marketing and advertising class because from what i got out of this interview was that you have to be able to promote and show off your business to make people aware of you so you can be successful.
Date Submitted: 2012-04-12 19:52:27

One of the most meaningful things about this project was the fact that I saw what it takes to run a business. Through seeing what it takes to run a business I am able to set an agenda for myself for the steps I must take to having a business of my own. Since I also plan on having a restaurant of my own interviewing the owner of one definitely helped. Starting a business is a lot of work and have to be completely dedicated to striving for success. When you have a business of your own you can not treat it as simply a job, you have to treat it as if though it is part of your life. When you are the owner of the business you have to be always thinking of ways to improve your business 24/7. But though owning a business may seem tougher than a simple job and truly is, the rewards in the end are much greater than any simple job. With the jobs you create for people and the financial backing you can provide your family, having a business of your own does not mean does not mean it only rewards you. This interview helped me see I must do to first break into then strive into the business market. The Interview ultimately taught me all the does and donts, and the in and outs of having my own business but always having a studious mind set of never knowing enough.
Date Submitted: 2012-04-12 20:03:08

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Records 401 to 410 of 1253