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Student Insights for Entrepreneur Interviews

Entrepreneur insights and perceptions related to their businesses were obtained through interviews conducted by students. Student insights and reflections regarding the interview process are shown on this page.

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This project was a great experience for me and helped me grow as an entrepreneur and as a thinker/leader. Going into this project I was a bit nervous about interviewing someone for something like this but after he was so open I felt relieved. Everything he spoke about was meaningful to me but some important things he said to me stood out above the others. The understanding of distributorship hadn’t really crossed my mind because I don’t distribute anything yet. So learning new facts about distributing was key and now I know that I must contact regional type managers and people who distribute and build lasting relationships with those people. They are the ones that do some of the hardest work and being on their good side is a great ways to be a strong company.  Lastly, I really enjoyed hearing speak about loving the company. It really helped me understand that you must be fully engulfed in the company and everything the company is about. I understand that it builds strength and moral. Knowing this at an early age can really help fuel my business experience and help me grow as an individual also.
Date Submitted: 2012-10-15 17:28:35

The most meaningful for me was how an entrepreneur may have his ups and downs but with optimism we can reach our goals. Studying also is a great opportunity to reach our goals, it opens a lot of doors and it is a key to success. There’s a lot of things that an entrepreneur may face up but we have to see it as a game, when sometimes you lose but sometimes you win, and when you win it is more satisfactory.  It doesn’t mater if you are starting with a little business you can make it as big as you want, if others could do it you can do it and ten times better, every human being has the capacity to do great things. I really enjoyed this interview and also I learned many things about and entrepreneur life, what they think, what they do, the challenges they face up and that the most important thing is to love what we do.
Date Submitted: 2012-10-15 22:17:19

By doing this project, I really get the idea of what entrepreneurship means. It is not only open a business because I want to be the boss. It is more than that. Specially talking about the person in my interview, he is a very sensitive person and he thinks about his employees, not only him. Whenever he has the opportunity to talk to the employees and ask them how are the things going with them at home or work. I think maybe he does that in a natural way, but unconsciously these actions make the workes work harder and happily. In order to be a good entrepreneur it is required to have as much as information not only the business itself, but also about what is going on outside the business. There is something impacting the business success. And if you as the owner knows what is happening around your business, you will become more successful in making decision like if is a good idea to expand the business, change the procedures or stay the same. I think all depends on the circumstances.
Date Submitted: 2012-10-16 13:28:47

Everything that I learned was incredible and gave me such insight into what it takes to really start and run a business. The enthusiasm that I saw was incredible and just gave me hope. The idea that you have to truly love what you do is great advice, and something that I think most people consider and even think they are doing, but really aren't. Hearing so much about relationships makes me rethink how much actually goes into it. I never really thought of the community as a starting point and a foundation to build on. It makes perfect sense though, just in the sense that you get your name and face out there without much risk.  What really surprised me was the human idea aspect. I know that the customer is what you need to focus on and understand, but you have to keep analyzing the surroundings and markets. Things change, especially state of minds and it can have a huge affect on a small business. It's surprising to think that so many uncontrollable forces are either going to make or break your business. However, if you really focus, you can prepare for some of them and work around them, maybe even use them to your advantage.
Date Submitted: 2012-10-16 15:13:08

I learned that starting a business is not a easy thing. You have to know a lot of things and prepare for a lot of things in order to do well in your business. Also, there many problems that will happen when you starting a business. sometimes, it is not your problem like the environment problem. For example: the economic problem. There are many problems that you cannot expect. Now, I know a lot of website and information that can go and use to get more useful information and also see how my business doing. I know how to do well in a restaurant business. I know what three things I must provide to the customers so the customers will come back again. This project let me learn many things about a small business and also how to manage a small business.
Date Submitted: 2012-10-16 16:56:23

The most meaningful part of the project was the entire interview. I found it to be really fun and educational at the same time. The business owner really opened up to me and really went into great detail about all the positive and negatives there are in not only running this type of business, but also the challenges of trying to run a family/marital business. How personal problems can really affect the business and the necessity to find a balance between the two. Being able to separate "business and personal" is key factor that can hinder a business or make it successful. These two things can really affect each other.  Another thing I found very meaningful was that the owner mentioned many point that we are studying in class. It is a good to see what we are studying is being applied in a real situation. One thing that my interviewee did emphasize on was to find mentors and network with the people in any industry that you plan to get into. Through this interview I was able to do just that. I can say that after the interview found a mentor in them. The industry they run is along the same industry I plan on getting into. This will become very useful in the future for starting up my own business later in life, since now I have already started building up my network of entrepreneurs.
Date Submitted: 2012-10-16 17:08:14

I think the most meaningful thing was getting advice from the small owners.This helped me have a better idea on how to get where i want to be and what to do when i get there.The advice was varied but i think its important to have good financing and to be always alert on trends and changes.I also noticed that all owners have there own way of doing things.Such as with my interview he didnt have much modern equipment.    They realy helped with the ideas of where to put my focus the questions realy helped to get the most out of the owners. I think it helped me learn their most important ideas. I believe it also showed how people came across acquiring their businesses and how they kept them running. This gives me much hope of being an owner myself one day.
Date Submitted: 2012-10-16 17:28:24

The most meaningful thing about this project was getting the chance to sit down with a business owner and get her perspective on the business world. She brought a lot of new knowledge to me about the business world that I did not know. I was especially happy to interview someone who was almost barely starting her business so I knew the hardship she is going through is real and honest. Also the rewards that owning your own business can have. Her goal in her business was great I loved the fact that not only was she doing it to gain profit for herself but to give back, and how that goal can even affect me.  Having a goal that gives back to the community is a win win situation. You feel good because you are helping others and in turn that makes people more likely to buy which brings you revenue, which then hopefully you can see these customers wearing your clothing and feeling good about themselves which is more then I can ask for if I were a business owner. I also enjoyed her letting me know that even if my business is a little different from the trend or norm to not let that get me down, there are other people out there who are willing to buy and it just takes a few to start a trend and she made me feel that  even if I can just change some lives through my business if the message is something life changing then that is sometimes better then make millions of dollars. This project had not only helped me get more insight to the business world but it’s helped me find a mentor, a role model, someone whom I feel if after this class I might have questions I can ask her.
Date Submitted: 2012-10-16 17:41:58

Doing this project helped me as a future entrepreneur and business owner tremendously. I feel a little more comfortable hearing it from a current/ experienced business owners prospective. There were many tips and suggestions that I feel could help me as I start my business and while my business is in motion. I received advice like be profitable when asking for a loan because loaners or suppliers won’t want to invest their money in a business where they don’t believe they will get a good profit out of the return in the end. In addition, what a lot of future business owners, including myself, should know is to learn how not to listen to people when it comes to them controlling your company. Not all advices is good advice so be careful on who you get your advice from.  Also, when given advice think on how it could help or hurt your business if chosen to go through with the advice that is given to you. I plan to use these and a few other advices to better my company in the future, or even help create it. As an entrepreneur, I feel that speaking to other business owners or even other people in the same career choice as yours is beneficial. It helps you get a better understanding on how your business should work. In addition, it could give you an idea on what you could do to your business to make it better than your competitors could. Therefore, in a way it boosts your confidence when entering the competitive business world, where everyone is going after the same things.
Date Submitted: 2012-10-16 21:01:31

First of all, I want to know what I should do before I start and develop business, which is I need a plan before star. This plan will take about a 1 year time in this industry, and in this 1 years, I should be sure to carefully study, including understand this kind of dynamic, and grasp the basic technology, and accumulated some communication negotiation skills. Secondly, I should learn some management knowledge, I could start from how to manage personnel start, but it is an on going process.If you are a good management, you can conterol the whole company. And I need to learn how to finance, no matter if I run a company, or business or maintain have plenty of cash flow are very important. They will learn how to make use of the integration of resources, this in business process is very important. Time management is also very important, it depends on how you use and arrange time. Third, I must learn to use my brain to think about the problem. Usually people should to care about it more. multi-observations, analysis, for example to analyze why somebody else will do that, why do such a decision, so invisible among is in the ascension of my judgments and problem solving ability.  Fourth, people need experience. When you decide to do a business, I must have prior to do a detailed inspection and investigation. Things to consider two aspects, success is is good, but it maybe fail too. So wee should always ready face the worst result.
Date Submitted: 2012-10-16 21:49:56

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Records 441 to 450 of 1253