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Student Insights for Entrepreneur Interviews

Entrepreneur insights and perceptions related to their businesses were obtained through interviews conducted by students. Student insights and reflections regarding the interview process are shown on this page.

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The most meaningful part of this assignment is that it reaffirmed for me that following your passion can create a great living and lifestyle. Many people fear their dreams and are afraid to reach for them. Hearing a personal testimony from a successful woman in a male dominated industry re-motivated me to continue structuring my business plan and pursue my dreams further. It was also great to hear that the path I've taken educationally has been wise, regardless of the industry I am entering into. Although her interview was somewhat industry specific, I got a lot information on what to expect when it comes to differentiating yourself from other businesses and how to deal with competition. In all it was a great experience interviewing someone that has gone through the process from start to finish, with trail and error, and little to strong success. I think the experience would not have been as successful if it had interviewed someone who inherited or bought a running business. To hear the ideas from someone who worked from the ground up to running a profitable business is an experience that I can never replace. Her knowledge and advice is and will be great motivation for my future.
Date Submitted: 2012-10-17 18:51:08

I would have to say actually conducting the interview was most meaningful to me. just to actually sit down and talk to someone from a business level stand point,hearing there down falls an there successes in there own business and giving information and insight from there own personal experiences from running an operating there own business.   I would also have to say the additional advice that was given was very meaning full to me. Don't ever let someone tell you that you cant do something when you want something, go get it. I took away a very important lesson  from that statement which has change my mind set and has made me even more hungry to start a business and not let anyone or anything stop me.
Date Submitted: 2012-10-17 19:10:37

I enjoyed interviewing an entrepreneur. The interview gave me insight on the business aspect of things, rather than just the consumer aspect which is what I would be. He had great advice on starting a business and staying competitive within the industry. I learned a substantial amount of information about his business and why he is at the top in his industry.  He not only gave me answers to my interview questions but also a new outlook on the business world. I strongly agree that taxes are too high for small business owners, when they are the ones creating jobs and trying to decrease the unemployment rate. It made me rethink the upcoming election actually. It was a great learning experience and gained knowledge about aspects of the entrepreneurial world that I would not get in a classroom setting.
Date Submitted: 2012-10-17 19:59:24

The most meaningful aspect to me about the project was that I had the opportunity to listen to the experience of someone who is an owner of a business. I learned that any dream can come true. I only need dedication and passion to succeed and enjoy whatever I choose to do in life.   Confidence and perseverance are the keys for success in any kind of business. Sometimes it may be difficult to maintain a business because of everyday life problems; however, being optimistic and dedicated can make the difference and help us to destroy any obstacle in our path. Also, I liked the way she mentioned that a detailed business plan is important to succeed. This conversation help me to get motivated and to start my own business plan .
Date Submitted: 2012-10-17 20:42:20

 The most significant things about this project are the information I have collected. This project has giving me a different view on how to do business. This project has impacted me, in all areas due to the extent of information is available to every business person or an entrepreneurs.  An impressive experience was that my boss took his time over dinner explaining some of his experiences about his business, on how he has managed his business threw harsh and terrific times.  From this experience I learned various methods on how to invest my capitol at all times. From all this experience and knowledge I have collected for this project, it gives me the opportunity to use it on a daily basis.Another reason is that how entrepreneurs practice their skills in their business on a daily basis. Also, how entrepreneurs advertise their product. I was marveled on how they reach their customers and community. The system entrepreneurs use to extend their advertisement to non-customers and as well to provide services to other business. I was also impress on how the littlest significant things or items can be use to promote more business to your company. Another topic that caught my interest, was when I was interviewing my entrepreneur I saw the way he treated his employees. He treated them like family with respect and character. He also mentioned dignity and honesty takes employees to a different level of success not only in his business but in their personal life. That is the reasons why doing this project meant a lot to me
Date Submitted: 2012-10-17 20:46:17

What I have learned was starting a business is not easy, but maintaining it, is even more difficult. The way to start is actually learning from hands on work or taking it by other experiences. School may help you understand things, but it will never help you succeed in a business. You have to learn a lot of things like for example, to keep track of your competition, get loyal customers, make your customer first, no matter what the argument is about. On the road of starting your business, things may be bumpy and slow but you shouldn’t give up, because anything new won’t bloom fast. For example a seed takes time for it to grow into a beautiful rose bush, with your help. This project has given me insight on a bigger picture that I failed to see before. That I need to find something I am passionate about, because I will know I will always take the extra mile for it.
Date Submitted: 2012-10-17 21:35:18

The most meaningful part of the project is obtaining an actual first hand life experience of what it takes to run a business and to truly understand the importance of being prepared before one goes into business. It gives a different perspective when the person that is invested in the business is speaking about their business and how they made it to where they are now. The paths taken by the entrepreneur are helpful and the hindsight perspective allows one to avoid the errors one might make when starting a business.  The advice given by the entrepreneur is good, but if one can receive the advice first hand, the ability to question the entrepreneur can bolster the experience. It allows one to absorb the information more easily because you can feel the passion behind the content. The advice that made an impact was management of the business and accounting. Some people think they can manage a business no problem because how hard can it be to give orders to employees and have them do it, but other issues may arise like training, hiring, firing, and others parts of managing a business like cash flow, financing, and growth. One cannot just take a business on a whim, but one must plan out with researching and the learning of new tool like how to manage a business. One can take classes or learn from experiences by being a manager of a business to get started. One must try to look for opportunities to improve our skills by learning through schooling or experiences in the real world. Secondly accounting has been something I had been thinking about before this project because I am taking an accounting class at this time, and the importance the entrepreneur gave to accounting correlates with what I am learning in the class. I never really gave much thought about accounting, but it seems to be one of the major pillars of a business. Now that real life experience back up the theories in the classroom, I am totally convince that one must keep accounting in high regards. In the end all the advice in the world cannot save you in the business world, but it’s what you do with that advice that will make or break your business.
Date Submitted: 2012-10-17 22:02:54

The interview was meaningful to me because I learned  that the most important key in a business are the employees. The entrepreneur shared that her success come from having people who understood her mindset, and wanted to build upon the companies success. Her background in accounting helped her to create a five year business plan an for which she first self funded the business and avoided to have any debt that came from bank loans. In her experience she saw how many other business owners defaulted on their loans and the only collateral to pay back was their business. She recommended an accounting class to properly manage the finances of my future business. The entrepreneur said that the second reason behind her success was the passion, and love for your business. "If you love what you do, you will always have fun on what ever you do."
Date Submitted: 2012-10-17 22:31:30

The entrepreneur I interviewed was my dad. The most meaningful part of this was that I got to know more about my dad’s business and what he does. I got to know his struggles as well as how he handles them. It’s truly inspiring to have a father go through his own risks and challenges and succeed. I don’t get to see my dad much because he’s always busy with work so it was good to actually get to sit down with him and talk to him about something we could both relate to. It’s truly inspiring to get advice on how to run a business from a successful entrepreneur. I got to know a lot about running a business. I also realized how many economic problems could get in the way of your success. There are many risks involved with starting a business and it’s hard to follow through with it. I didn’t know much about the permits and it was great to know more about it. Honestly, I didn’t know much about financing and credit, so it was good to get to know more about it. It was also surprising to know that your future plan isn’t always what it comes out to be.
Date Submitted: 2012-10-17 23:03:07

The most meaningful aspect about this project was the excitement and passion of my interviewee.  From the beginning, you could tell that he really enjoys his business.  It was really interesting to me that a simple hobby turned into a profitable lifestyle.  His excitement about his craft and company got me really excited and truly inspired me to start trying to figure out how I can create a business of my own.  It seems really difficult to start and maintain a business.  However, just listening to him talk about his business makes the whole ordeal seem worthwhile.    I learned that simply having a good attitude can help you to enjoy your business and make it successful.   I also got a lot of technical tips and warnings about starting a business.  The answers to the provided questions really helped me get an idea on what it’s like to start and run a business. In particular, it was helpful to learn about how crucial it is to maintain strong relationships with vendors, banks, and pretty much everyone in between.  It seems that you need to have a lot of charisma to manage a successful business.  I happy that I had this opportunity to learn from an experienced entrepreneur exactly what it takes to own a successful business.
Date Submitted: 2012-10-17 23:31:03

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Records 461 to 470 of 1253