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Student Insights for Entrepreneur Interviews

Entrepreneur insights and perceptions related to their businesses were obtained through interviews conducted by students. Student insights and reflections regarding the interview process are shown on this page.

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From this project I have learned that starting a company, or just being an entrepreneur in general is not easy work. There are a lot of considerations and variables that must be taken into thought. Not only are their a lot of variables but those variables are constantly changing and we must constantly be adapting.  Their are more ways than can be imagined to becoming an entrepreneur it just depends on the drive of the individual. Before entertaining the idea of becoming an entrepreneur you must first fully understand that often times being an entrepreneur can be much more stressful than being an employee. Extensive research into the field or product you are considering starting a business in is a must because you may be trying to tap into a dry well.
Date Submitted: 2012-10-18 19:50:47

This interview was very important to me. It helped me to have a better understanding of what a business is. I never thought how hard was to keep a business running. As I was interviewing the owner of the store, I realized how hard is to have its own business. Now, I have a deeper understanding of what can be some of the negatives of having a proprietorship business, which is ether you risk it all and succeed or fail and lose everything. I also learn how there are many ways to keep you business going like marketing by finding ways to promote your business. Also, how the media can be a strong tool to create an online business.   As now, I believe that in order to succeed in business is better to have plenty of knowledge of what business management is. I have to consider all factors that can create a good business or terrible one. I have the good side and the negative side of a business. It is not hard to start a business, but what is hard is to keep running, innovated and not give up when the hard moments come. Little details are the ones that count, appearance, how merchandise is set up and the most important have excellent customer service.
Date Submitted: 2012-10-18 21:25:11

This project was very inspiring, because I get to know who and how my dad is. And also what kind of business he does and what he expects from me on my business. Even thought there are many things that I do not do, I believe I could change and do what my dad does to succeed in my life.  The Most important Lesson I learned is that, I will manage my money and shop that I have to success and grow my business so I could be a better person than before. It’s true that I do not take care of my life very well, but hearing this will give me hints on how to manage my time.  This Interview not only got to now about my dads business, but who my dad is. I have never knew my dad was very bad in management and that my mom was taking care of financial side. I never knew how hard my dad’s job was until this interview. Sure I’ve helped him this and there, but most of all I didn’t know he was teaching me how to do most of the stuff with out any conversation. I thank my self interviewing my dad and I thank my dad for life saving lessons.
Date Submitted: 2012-10-18 21:49:07

   The one thing that was most meaningful to me was the fact that I realized where I am as far as opening my import and export business.  There were several key points that stood out; I need a lot further education and discipline within myself to able to further my skills in the long run.  A second point I noticed was when she mentioned about networking, social media, technology, and keeping up with current software; during various periods in my life, I have learned and actively became an entrepreneur that is on top of the these things.  In the past, I have created websites and mingled among social media sites, I noticed that my willingness to continue a tedious part of entrepreneurship is not my cup of tea, but as she pointed out that is what it takes in order to become successful.  Areas like networking and promoting my business are all part of my skills that I have to continue to gain experience in, which she mentioned “remaining a life-long learner."       Other areas that I notice lacked ambition on my side was promoting myself already out to the world with the skills I already possess.  She helped my understand that networking not only involves mingling with social  and professional sites, but that I must also stop procrastinating and announce myself as a freelance, that  way I gain the experience required to continue motivation and will work its self out when I open my business.  By then all the pieces of the puzzle with fit in neatly into a well-organized plan for success.  If I were to start implementing what she spoke of, I would network with her personally, because she described to me and helped me understand what procedures are required to pursue grants.  She is a consult that has a full-time job but helps society by helping an individual locate and write a grant for them.  Therefore, I thought maybe hiring her to write a business grant for me would be beneficial and I would continue to network with her down the road.  The last thing that grabbed my attention was finding a mentor advice.  I thought that was very helpful because it makes you realize that you cannot do it all on your own.  Networking is “KEY” to my success.
Date Submitted: 2012-10-18 21:51:59

Reviewing at that I have learned from this project I believe that it has helped me gain a better understanding on how to run a business. I found out that it is not easy it takes hard work and determination. The interview process was very insightful and very especially because of what was taught, it was free advice. There were several key points that stood out; I need a lot further education and discipline within myself to able to further my skills in the long run. A second point I noticed was when she mentioned about networking, social media, technology, and keeping up with current  trends.  Areas like networking and promoting my business are all part of my skills that I have to continue to gain experience in. The last thing that grabbed my attention was how helpful he was and being open minded about the struggles of a business and not just the positive, and pointing out what can be very helpful. Which I thought was very helpful because it makes you realize that you cannot do it all on your own. A big important factor in business from what I gathered is that networking is a vital importance to stay afloat in todays growing businesses.
Date Submitted: 2012-10-18 22:06:21

I liked how i got to know the entrepreneur more. I've known this person for a really long time and was excited about interviewing them. I never thought i would see the person as a mentor and that is what they have become to me. They have even asked me to help out to get a feel of what its like to start up a business. I look forward to starting my business one day and getting more helpful tips from my new found mentor. Its going to be an exciting journey and i can't wait.
Date Submitted: 2012-10-18 22:38:46

Everything told to me was very good information especially because its the industry i want to go into. I think that the most meaningful information i received was the advise of always being aware and truly understand the industry i'm going into. This type of business is very broad so that can be both good and bad. Good because it opens a lot of doors to other industries and i get to work hand in hand with them. Also bad because starting in a business where is really broad can be overwhelming if your not on top of everything. Its not a business where the service or product is limited and you only need to understand that. I already pretty much know what this business consists of but i'm sure that there is much to learn still. I think that another meaningful advise i received from this interview was to always believe in your business. i know many people who hit bumps in the road and give up. I'm sure that a business like this might encounter many bumps in the road as well so i always need to keep my head up. You need to have  leadership when running a business like this because a lot if people count on you to lead events and run them successfully. I've always wanted to work in a business where my job is to make people happy. In a business like this i get to make client happy by providing good service to them and i know that would benefit me because if they hear good reviews then that will also help get more clients. Lastly i think that the financial advises this business owner gave me were very helpful. I did not know about the regulations of the city could be so costly. I'm definitely going to keep that in mind when i open my first banquet hall. I will also take into consideration his advise on going to the SBDC for help when making my business plan. I'm definitely going to stay away from fraudulent lenders and stay only with the banks. It sounds more safe to me. Overall i was very happy to have the opportunity to hear from someone who already works in the industry i want to go into. All the information was very helpful and i will keep it in mind when i open the doors to my first banquet hall.
Date Submitted: 2012-10-18 22:45:01

the most meaningful part about this project was learning from a person that was and still is very successful i feel like i walked out of his office knowing so many things i didn't know. it was also meaningful to hear the problems and issues small business owners are facing today. i feel that people are blind these days and have no idea what is happening to small business in America without these businesses America will die a slow death. in conclusion i really enjoyed this project it was fun picking the brain of a smart man.
Date Submitted: 2012-10-18 22:51:16

I very much enjoyed meeting and talking to the two owners of the Ecosway store. The way they greeted me took away my nerves and I was relaxed by the way these women welcomed me into their store. They were very friendly and showed me the entire place. They answered my smallest question and even took me through their franchise and main company’s dealings and ways.  They were quite knowledgeable and knew all their products by heart. The Ecosway store is a new type of business very similar to a typical franchise, but the main company pays for all the startup costs. This is an unbelievable appeal to those who want their own business but do not know how to start from scratch. Since the main company eats the cost, they put the future franchise owner through a thorough test of products and financial studies to weed out those who aren’t serious. Because of this no-risk business, many franchises are popping up like wildfire. They told me if I wanted to start a business I need to have the passion for my field, the drive to work harder and longer than in a normal job, and ability to sacrifice my time and my own personal expenses. If I have this type of dedication and love for my future business, I should go ahead and do it. But I must take your work seriously. There will be no safety net if my business struggles and I simply can’t just quit if I don’t feel like working anymore. I must learn from my mistakes quickly and never think I know more than someone else does. And constantly watch other businesses like yours. Observing other business will show you what does work, if a shop is doing well, and what doesn't work, like if a business goes under.
Date Submitted: 2012-10-18 23:16:56

Having the chance to interview a software engineer who owns a social media site proved to be a wonderful experience. i learned that the industry is very competitive and that you always need to keep your goals and objectives in mind. Alexandre's advice to "put yourself in their shoes" made me understand that entrepreneurs try to find an opportunity of any situation. Big players as well as the economy are one of the hardest challenges that small businesses face and that acquiring resources can help thrive a business. i learned that keeping a high pace on the business as well as being flexible work well together. Finally i learned that through this project, being committed to the business is key to being an entrepreneur.
Date Submitted: 2012-10-18 23:54:49

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Records 491 to 500 of 1253