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Student Insights for Entrepreneur Interviews

Entrepreneur insights and perceptions related to their businesses were obtained through interviews conducted by students. Student insights and reflections regarding the interview process are shown on this page.

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The most meaningful for this project are asking question and found some new information that I don't know. The most meaningful about this project is learning source of how to make a business survive by having basic rule of service, product, and location. Learning about the sources of how company advertise for show their product using website or social network. Before choosing on how to open your business there are a lot to prepare like research your product demand for the market. Having a great credit limit to borrow money like personal or business loan from the bank. Also have a great vendor will be important for you to start getting products and start your company.

The most important of what I learn are advice from entrepreneur and their three biggest challenges. The advice giving me a great think that most business will need as to follow and understand the market in order to start or not letting your company bankrupt. Understanding the market will need to know its supply and demand of information and some new product that will come out and you will need to know to not make a big mistake. The other is three biggest challenges like economy down rate, shop location, and hiring. Economy down side like people losing job are big concern for what business product. Location can make you getting a lot of profit or losing your company. Hiring people than losing them in time is a big problem in long term that will make you business out of human resource. I like this project that giving me a lot of information that might help me in the future that might open my own business this problem and information will help me a lot.
Date Submitted: 2013-10-22 15:06:47

This project helped me realize who my boss really was. When I first met her I thought she was going to be a pain, but I see she just wants us all to succeed and grow. I see now that she's preparing me for my future, in a sense she's another teacher. It makes me realize that were like her kids. I come to work knowing that I will learn something new about running a business. I just leaned to appreciate her looking out for us everyday. Whether it's with my schedule or days off she takes care of me.
I realize now that my boss cares about more than money. I'm hoping to stick with her for awhile and I want to soak up everything I can from her. Essentially I would want to run a store for her. I can't see anyone else being my boss. She's teaching me the little details that matter. I just have a new respect and a new outlook on my future.
Date Submitted: 2013-10-22 15:25:23

The most meaningful for this project are knowing how difficult is to open a business. You will need a lot to prepare like research, experience, technologies, loan, and problems to face to open a business from start to end. Research will be a great start before you open a salon to what location or knowing different kind of customer will be a research title. Social network or webpage can help putting picture and knowing more people so it will help a lot. Experience can help you determine which of the decision is right of getting new idea or information like location will help a lot. Location as opening the salon that attractive more people to your store is a important step.

The other important is technologies, problem solving, and advice from entrepreneur. Technologies problem is like computer to organize and let customer use it to spend time on waiting. Give customer Wi-Fi can let them use their phone and wait on time. Problem solving like customer that have make an appointment and cancel it can call the upcoming customer to come earlier as reorder the chart. I also learn the important of opening a salon that you will need to have a source to know more people. Great communication skill will help you a lot on contacting customer and other people to let them know your salon. This project is great that letting me learn a lot and meeting more people as helping me in the future.
Date Submitted: 2013-10-22 16:47:08

For me just meeting [name removed] and talking with him about a business is meaningful. He gave me so many tips and showed me new ways to expand and get out there. I want to own a streetwear like [name removed] and carry my own brand. He showed the struggles but also the benefit. He showed me that even at a young age my dream is achievable.
When he talked to me about his passion for style it was cool to see someone doing it for so long and still be happy doing it. And seeing him want to try and achieve more success is inspiring. Also seeing his store layout and how he changes designs and fixtures to keep things looking smooth. He has a real good eye for what's trending and how to keep customer's happy.
Date Submitted: 2013-10-22 17:54:27

The most meaningful thing about this to me was the ability to learn about my uncles car business and why he chose this type of business. It was very interesting to learn about how he made his living off selling cars. He basically told me his life story and the struggles he and my dad went through and why he chose the car business. He explained to mean how he got started in the car business, he told me that since he was 18 he begun working at his uncles car lot. He learned everything he knew about the car business from his uncle and he decided that he wanted to do this for the rest of his life. He really opened out to me and told me how difficult and scared he was when he first started but he knew if he wanted to make something of himself that he had to take that chance.
My uncle talked to me about how he overcame adversity and how that helped become a better sales person. He told me that customer service is everything in a business. He said that being a nice and caring person is very important in business. He tells me that he wasn't like other salesmen who just screw the customer over. His goal was always to be the most helpful salesman he can be and to be able to sell people quality cars at good prices. He told me that he always tries to build a good relationship with a customer. That way even if they don’t buy a car, hopefully they can refer others and tell them that this is a good and honest dealership. He told me that the key to becoming a successful business is having outstanding customer service.
Date Submitted: 2013-10-22 19:54:28

The most meaningful thing to me about this project is that I got to know a family friend on a business level rather than just knowing her on a personal one. She and my parents grew up as best friends so having her like a second mom, I always heard about the business. Having the opportunity to question someone of my choice was also helpful. I was able to go through the interview process with a real understanding of her explanations. A few years ago I worked in her office for the summer. I was just there to help file and organize papers, so I never got the chance to educate myself on all of the hard work that really went into it. I was always curious about her business, so having the opportunity to ask her the proper questions gave me the right amount of knowledge to answer all of my own questions.
The responses I was given reminded me of the benefit of meeting face to face with clients. As helpful as technology can be, it is always important to remind customers that there is a face behind the emails and text messages. It also helps so we can be more clear about questions and the curiosity the clients have about the business. Technology is extremely convenient and helpful, but everyone should learn how to balance face to face encounters and technological relations. Ultimately, people usually feel more confident in personal connections.
This project gave all of us students the confidence to use what we learned in our day to day lives. The wisdom we can gain from successful entrepreneurs is something we can put into our own businesses. Every entrepreneur is capable of benefiting from another’s expertise.
Date Submitted: 2013-10-22 20:45:24

I had a lot of fun doing this project. [Name removed] is within walking distance of my house. My parents spend a lot of time there and talk about [Names removed] as if they’re gods of beer. So who better to interview than the local brewery that is known for their amazing beer and customer service. [Name removed] is the type that is really great with names and faces. I thought it was cool when I was interviewing her, she said hi to a lot of her customers by their first names. She even knows the dog’s names! You can really tell that the customers enjoy and appreciate the effort she makes to know their names. She was really the right person to question, customer service is key
[Name removed] was the perfect person to interview. In my opinion everyone else was at a loss not being able to interview such an aspiring growing company. [Name removed] has only been open for just over a year yet they have won some awards through the city. Probably the best one is “best new business” that just shows how great of a job she is really doing. They also won “the best place for the guys to grab a drink” that just tells us how laid back and comfortable this place really is. That award beat the back aby, which is known for being like craft ales but with food and wine. Those alone show and tell that [Name removed] is heading in the right direction
Date Submitted: 2013-10-22 22:02:11

Having first hand advice from someone who is a real entrepreneur is something that you cannot simply look up on Google. This interview was truly helpful when it comes to giving me a taste of understanding startup businesses. This small business owner in particular is the owner of a much respected bicycle shop in the Pasadena area he is well known for great service and a phenomenal relationship with cycling. It is obvious that he has a genuine love for what he does he knows what he is doing and has actually grown wisdom for his business that cannot be earned over night. No this man speaks truly from years of experience with his entrepreneurial journey. From working his market and managing healthy relationships with his business associates he really seems to be on top of all of it, I understand that when it comes to knowing the customer he is absolutely phenomenal I was impressed by the way he treats customers whether they came in to buy something or just to browse. I am grateful to have the opportunity to interview such a great asset to the bicycle community I know this knowledge will do me well in the future when I plan on a startup of my own.
The advice resulting from such an interview was most meaningful to me because I too plan on entering the business world as an entrepreneur. Although I wish to pursue a startup business more in the lines of the skateboarding industry rather than the bicycle industry the advice given was pretty universal. I would say it was universal in regards to my interviewee suggesting an understanding of my market and attending to what is most needed by the customer. The list of universal advice given respectively goes on and on really its just applying the successful strategies that he uses in the world of bicycles to the world of skateboarding. Instead of staying updated with bike magazines and forums I would have to devote my attention to skateboarding magazines and forums. Looking into the entrepreneurial lifestyle through the words of my interviewee has created quite a spark in my system I am truly eager to attend to such a given opportunity the thought of independence and freedom from employment gets me motivated. I am truly thankful for what I have learned from this interview and I will look at it as very valuable information I thank my interviewee for the input and wisdom that was shared for I will use it in effective terms to obtain a positive output in relations to my entrepreneurial voyage.
Date Submitted: 2013-10-22 22:11:00

The most meaningful to me about this project is learning about my interviewee's business and what she did to get to where she is now. I think that this project is very helpful to those that want to start a business because you are able to get insight of what the business world is like. You get to see the successes of someone else and somehow you can use that to your advantage to duplicate what they did to be successful. You can also use their mistakes and steer clear from making the same. With my interviewee i learned the best way for a aspiring entrepreneur to make it in this world. She showed me the potential threats like competitors and cyber theft. She also showed me what i could do to make a business better by using strategy and having a vision. I learned why its best to know your customers because with that you can improve your product actively and able to spot the trends your customers are looking for. I took in so much into this interview. I learned a lot more about starting a business and owning a business than i thought i would and i'm hoping i can use what i took in from my interviewee into a business i might start one day.
Date Submitted: 2013-10-22 22:57:05

This interview was very meaningful to me I always like to talk to people about business and I always ask them to share their experiences. Sometimes they are shy about it, and sometimes they like to share it.
With this project, I got to ask more personal questions. I am more knowledgeable and I have a better perception of what a small business is and how much work it takes to keep it going.
I surely do not want to be part of the 9/5 business. I have the mind of an entrepreneur. I grew up in a family where everybody is self employed in different kind of business, so I know there is no other way for me to do it, but to be self employed with my own business.
I do believe it takes a lot of work and motivation, being focus and the vision and mission have to be always there so you know where do you want to go and how big do you want to grow with your business. I see how my dad mentally works on his business, he is always trying to be on top of everything and that motivates me.
This interview also helped me to realize how people start from the bottom and years after they start to see profit. It takes a lot to chase your dreams but once you are on the top it feels amazing to see that you made it.
This interview surely is a great way to learn from others mistakes and right decisions.
Thank you
Date Submitted: 2013-10-23 00:35:33

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Records 601 to 610 of 1253