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Student Insights for Entrepreneur Interviews

Entrepreneur insights and perceptions related to their businesses were obtained through interviews conducted by students. Student insights and reflections regarding the interview process are shown on this page.

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When we were first given this assignment I never thought I was going to interview a pharmacist. I thought I would interview someone who started a profession that I have interests in starting myself, like a bar owner, a Real Estate broker, or anyone who had a business that may seem like fun owning and operating. But as the deadline drew closer and closer, and a cancelled interview with a broker, I turned to a family friend named Andrew for help.

I still have no interests in starting a pharmacy. However, I did discover how similar starting and running a pharmacy is to other business. I guess going into this interview I pictured you go to pharmacy school, you open a pharmacy, and you have a caravan of elderly people in their way too big cars arriving for the prescriptions to be filled, like if they were notified on their “Life Alert Systems” that you were now open for business. The biggest take away from the interview for me was that even professional people who have years of specialized schooling to practice a skill that so few have, find it important and essential to study and learn the importance of marketing your business and how to run a successful business. Whether you own a retail store, a restaurant, or a pharmacy like Andrew, the basic principles of running a successful business are the same.
Date Submitted: 2013-10-23 00:54:26

The most meaningful to me was the advice and the classes i should take. I was thinking i should go ahead and get a graphic design certificate because i already knew everything but he made me question myself in if i know everything. He also told me to do a lot of internships witch i never thought about because i was always looking to get paid for it but i never looked at it the way he did. the experience and knowledge is worth more then money. I also talked to him about my concepts and he gave me about i have to much i want to do and i need to start with the basics first witch is why i have not gotten anything that i wanted to get out for my clothing line.
Date Submitted: 2013-10-23 09:48:56

What was most meaningful to me about this project was that I could get the perspective from an existing entrepreneur. I was explained that sometimes it takes time and patience to get where one wants to be. The mistakes I was told about have helped understand situations in a better way. Sometimes one wishes to have had many good things at the beginning of one’s business, but without them one is able to conquer more with time. The business the owner I talked to has isn’t necessarily one that I would plan on entering, but the advice given to me (I believe) can help anyone. Thanks to the interview I have a better idea on how things work, and how I plan to become successful in the business I own.
The advice given to me was excellent. I was told to never be discouraged by any other competing company and or other people. I was also told that I should get ready to work hard, because my goal is to become an entrepreneur and not an employee, therefore I will have to work hard to make sure my business will succeed. With what I was told I will make sure to study a language, always pay back loans, and always be generous and kind to my customers, because they are the ones who will keep my business going. Thanks to this interview I have in a clear thought of how to begin my business. Unfortunately the owner preferred not state the annual income so the above amount is not accurate.
Date Submitted: 2013-10-23 10:20:07

It helped me understand that any business It helped me understand that any business venture can be a little risky and can have down falls to it. It helped me understand that even businesses with no big money behind it can successful and make it in the world of business. I do have a better understanding of all businesses in general; I have big business background and now understanding the little people can help. Just because if I ever wanted to go into business for myself, I do know that I can make it without a banking helping. I have always thought that I would need some type backing in order for me to be stable.
After, all the hustle and getting things done, I still would try to go into business with someone close to me, like my husband or another one of my family members. Just because I do know that I do have knowledge on different things. So this project has help me come out of my shell and look into different avenues.
Date Submitted: 2013-10-23 11:06:03

The most meaningful thing was probably the problems I encountered getting someone to interview. I put in the time as well as the foot work and I skill got rejected at place after place if I were to assign this project I would have a list of willing business owners already lined up for the students to interview. After a while I began to take it personal and started questioning myself as to what I was doing wrong. I lost interest and was ready to give up. I needed more time for this and based on my experience it is incomplete and terrible.
Date Submitted: 2013-10-23 13:38:03

The most meaningful lesson I learned from this interview, was to keep a focus on my interests. My entrepreneur's main interest was to help people. With this in mind, he began a successful gym which now has a second location. It was interesting to hear how he was more concerned about encouraging members to attend classes and to engage with him and his staff. Franchise gyms, on the other hand, are more concerned with selling memberships than having members visit and use the facilities. My entrepreneur's focus on helping his members is synonymous with quality. By taking the time to develop a relationship with each member, he shows them their interests are his own. The service offered at this gym is very much conducted on a personal level and that focus is held by its owner and staff.
My entrepreneur expressed that I should keep an open mind when starting a business. He said that the unexpected will happen and the vision of my business plan may need to change. Listening to other business owners will be helpful to avoid the same mistakes. One could also learn from their advice and experience. My entrepreneur said a business education may be useful, but it does not guarantee success. He preferred experience to education and he learned from the shared experiences of his mentors. Challenges will occur and test one’s determination, so one should expect them and plan ahead. Also confidence is needed. An entrepreneur takes risks and must believe in one’s product, but must also be agile to the unexpected especially when involved in customer service. So I should believe in myself and be ready for trouble.
Date Submitted: 2013-10-23 14:41:57

The most meaningful to me about this project is that I have learned about entrepreneur’s life. By interviewing an entrepreneur, I have understood how to start my own business and how important of financial needs for startup a new business. By doing this project, I have noticed that business management is the most important fact for the business to succeed. I have learned how to survive the business in today’s economical environment. When facing challenge, how to overcome the problems in the business.
Another important fact that I have learned from this project and interview is how to choose what kind business I want to own. Prior work experiences are very important for me to determine my future business. Setting a goal for my business is the key to achieve the business. At same time, new technologies could help to compete with the competitors; moreover, using new technologies could lead the business to another level. Learning new technologies should never stop in life no matter where you are and how old you are. This interview project is really meant a lot to me; and I have gained so much knowledge about the entrepreneurships.
Date Submitted: 2013-10-23 14:43:48

This project really helped me gain knowledge from an owners type of prospective. I was able to interview someone who really had a passion to become something other then what they were comfortable with. I'm sure its never easy to step away from something and in a sense start over. Through this interview I've learned that it isn't impossible. There are definitely a lot of challenges that come with opening a business but if you work hard enough and constantly ask what can I do different, it can become successful.
I was able to learn the advantages and problems that come with being an owner. This gave me great insight of the things i need to look at before starting a business of my own from permits to the small things like cost of equipment. I've always wanted to be my own boss and now I have a better understanding of what it takes to become that. Getting this information from an actual individual other then reading it from a book is inspiring. As I look into the possibilities of my own opportunities, I can take the information I have gained here and apply it to creating my own successful small business in the future.
Date Submitted: 2013-10-23 15:42:07

What was very meaningful to me about this project is getting to know what key things are needed to make a dentist office a successful business. Such as always having a plan or vision on what on what business you are going to do. How you must keep up with the latest technologies and computers to work on patients quickly and efficiently, which makes the customer’s happy. Time is always a factor. It’s very important to always deliver for the customer. People love new technologies and she showed me that without this she wouldn’t have become as successful as she has. She must have the customers wanting to comeback. The competition is always going to have the better software’s and computers so she must always keep up to date on that. She showed me that good customer service will always bring you business and I completely agree with that, a business is successful if the customer trusts you, which makes them want to come back.
Another meaningful key point I learned running a dental office is to always motivate your staff. Like she said everyone in her business she treats them like family, it is a family. Always treat your staff with dignity and respect and they will provide good customer service. Patients always want to feel important and to do so you must motivate your staff to make the business a success. I liked how she said always keep in mind that in whatever business you do all your staff has to be on the same boat as you because if there not then the business will never thrive Lastly I liked when she said don’t do the business just for the money. Sure money is important, but the most important point is to have the passion in what you do and have the vision of it being a success. You might not make your money back in a year but have the vision of looking at the business, that in the long run it will make you money. With this I believe this is why she has become such a successful business.
Date Submitted: 2013-10-23 16:11:26

This is my first time to interview someone who is a entrepreneur. And this entrepreneur is my neighbor. I was nervous at the beginning of the interview because I did not have any experience before. Later, I felt relaxed when I was in interview. She introduced her company to me first and told me a lot of details about her company. She is a very passionate person and patient as well. She said she started her business just in these two years but she did not regret at all. She felt it it was a kind of late to start it, and this is one of the reasons for her works as hard. She said if I want and like something, then do not give up easily. At least, I need to try. To be a success is not as difficult as it is in our mind. For a successful entrepreneur, the goal and confidence are very important and necessary. Efforts are also essential. At the end of the interview, she encouraged me, and I think her words make a lot of sense. For me, this is a very meaningful interview.
Also, I summarized several points when I after all of this interview. The first opinion is initiative. We must actively whether we do anything. We also should take the initiative in the competition. We need to analysis with market information and competitors. To use our advantages neatly, wonderfully, and perfectly. Second one is we need to pay attention on our service attitude. As far as possible to meet the requirements of the customers and coordinate with partners. Sometimes, meetings also have a great effect on the company. I also need to keep learning not only the business management, but also the relevant aspects about the business. I hope that I run my own business reasonably in the future. This interview is very meaningful for me and help me a lot. I will keep this interview and record it in my mind. I am going to learn more knowledge and fulfill myself. I am very glad that I can finish this project.
Date Submitted: 2013-10-23 16:12:00

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Records 611 to 620 of 1253