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Student Insights for Entrepreneur Interviews

Entrepreneur insights and perceptions related to their businesses were obtained through interviews conducted by students. Student insights and reflections regarding the interview process are shown on this page.

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The most meaningful part to me about this project was the fact that I actually got to sit down and interview an entrepreneur. It really helped me to see and appreciate just how hard these people actually work to achieve what they have, and thrive well they are doing it. I think it is everyone’s goal to one day run their own business or work for themselves, but really everyone has their own reasoning behind it. Most people just don’t want to work a typical day job where they have to answer to someone else; while others aspire to make a living out of what they love the most and do what their best at. Being an entrepreneur truly is more than just being a business owner. It is a title for someone who seeks endless opportunities and one who is willing to take risks and stop and nothing.

It was very aspiring to be able to sit down and talk one on one with some one who is very knowledgeable and experienced. It always feels good to take advise from a person that is in a position where you hope to one day be. During the interview I felt very comfortable with my interviewee, we related on many topics and ideas. He gave plenty of inspirational advice and good tips on how to succeed (i.e. what to look out for and what to avoid). I was assured that no matter what goes wrong, to always keep my head up and focus on my long-term goals; and what I want out of it. That was the most meaningful thing I took from this experience.
Date Submitted: 2013-10-23 23:14:57

The most meaningful thing to me about this project is it gave me chances to not only learn about a business started up by an entrepreneur but to also get to learn more about the owner and how their business works. I have taken classes at the store a few times and my family and I have shopped only at that business for all of our cake and chocolate needs. I am a big baker so it’s wonderful to have a business like that so near to me with so many products available to make almost anything you wanted. The owner and employees are always willing to answer questions and help and I was so excited to get the chance to enter into an interview with the owner. I was told many things about the start up, basic running, and problems of the business that I never thought about or even knew about. It gave me a lot of in sight about some of the obstacles I would most likely face if I ever started my own business.

However, with all the positive facts I learned about running a business I was confronted with an equally large, if not larger, list of negative facts about running a business. I knew the economy was bad but I never imagined all the things that could make the impact of the bad economy even worse on a business. I knew customers could be difficult yet I never knew how much sites like Yelp affected businesses let alone the frustration for the owners at having to pay to remove unfairly posted negative comments that were not the business’ fault. I suppose the worst thing would be starting up and getting your business’ name out there and recognized enough to get your business going. In the beginning that could make or ruin your business before it even really got a chance at entering the business world. If no one knew about your business it most likely wouldn't last for long but then again I suppose that’s why you would work so hard getting involved in any type of advertising in any way possible for as long as possible. All in all the entire experience was very interesting and I would definitely do it again if given the chance.
Date Submitted: 2013-10-23 23:40:13

What I found most meaningful to me about this project was that it takes a very committed, determined, and creative mind set to create the business of your dreams. I learned that good business connections and helpful resources are important to advertise and gain more potential customers. The more people you help the more people will help you thrive. I found it that creating an interesting with unique products will sell to both investors and customers, respectively. Customer loyalty, along with a mass recognition can be key factors in creating a successful business. The important way to run a good business is to have excellent credit score and time management.
I can’t wait to apply these ideas in real life to gain a mass profit with a strong, wealthy company. I would talk about my ideas, but then I would find quick competitors. But in order to actually make my dreams happen is to now apply all this information that I just learned from my cousin. She was great in explaining every detail that is included in running a legitimate business that I will never forget. This was one of the most enlightening projects that I am going to remember while conceiving my first small business venture. It takes a good talk to manage a thriving company, but now, I feel a lot more comfortable in my walk.

Date Submitted: 2013-10-23 23:56:13

My ucle was a great person to interview
Date Submitted: 2013-10-24 00:00:43

Thank the homework, this is the first time I talk to a businessman about their businesses, and I never think I will do this before. In my mind, businessman should be very busy and they may do not have time to interview me. But the person I interview is very kind and open, he tells me a lot not only about his business but also his experiences what I consider is very valuable. I can feel respect and earnestness from his attitude even I am only a student and he has no responsibility to help me to finish this interview. I consider this is a necessary potential to become a successful businessman. It is a right way to keep a company has long time good development that to be an honest man first, and to build an honest business then.
Another meaningful topic to me is how to decide a type of business. I think that learn how to discover and seize a business opportunity is very important. In my opinion, business opportunities are everywhere no matter here or in my country. But why the amount of rich men is much fewer than poor men? I think the answer is the poor can not seize a business opportunity. There are two ways to me to discover a business opportunity these are paying attention to what is new in normal life and learning other’s experiences. A good business opportunity is not only appearing in the new things, but also appearing in improving old things.
Date Submitted: 2013-10-24 00:39:34

I learned a lot for this project. It was nice to meet a owner how was gone through a lot. He had a lot of knowledge I can use when I start my business like having good credit to buy product and pay later. Another thing I learned was to always have higher education because it can always help. Lastly one thing was that its good to be a people person to help you with get cheaper product or help during jobs. Glad this interview allowed me to experience this with an Entrepreneur
Date Submitted: 2013-10-24 01:38:01

The most meaningful thing about this project would definitely be getting the opportunity to educate myself with the entrepreneurs experiences, and ideas. [Name removed] is a very intelligent man who has gone through an abundance amount of hard work to achieve all his goals and aspirations. Not giving up and never settling in your business is an important aspect in sustaining your business. Customer service and customer satisfaction will always determine your business success and growth.

Always keeping up with your business, never giving up, and maintaining customer satisfaction in your business meant the most to me because without any of those aspects, you do not possess a business. Determination should always be motivation to keep your business running, and without customers to keep you moving and working for more, your business will fail. Your instincts and decision making will always lead to customer flow and eventually leading to personal satisfaction and financial growth.
Date Submitted: 2013-10-24 02:36:26

The entrepreneur I asked to interview for this project is a friend from my undergraduate years at UC Riverside. In the extensive time we spent there together, he would often share with me his ambitions of running his own food service business, following in his parents’ footsteps who own a bakery catering to the Filipino community in the South Bay Area of Greater San Diego. The most meaningful aspect of the project to me was getting the opportunity to learn from him the first-hand experiences of being an entrepreneur running a franchise business.
For example, I learned that business owners must always be on top of everything, including things I never expected. For example, my friend shared that he checks business websites to always be current in his knowledge of the state of the economy, and he also checks daily because weather can affect his business, even though I never thought that weather could so obviously affect his business. Also, his answers affirmed the commonly-held wisdom that no amount of time spent in the classroom is an adequate substitute for real-world, on-the-job experience. In his interview, my friend reflected on his business undergraduate degree from UCR and how the program emphasizes more corporate issues. He felt that he could have benefited from additional coursework directly relating to restaurant management. Gaining work experience in the field beforehand is also important to be able to succeed in your business. Overall, I had an insightful experience getting to learn about my friend’s experiences running a business , especially reading the details of the challenges he faces and the steps he takes to remain ahead.
Date Submitted: 2013-10-24 02:40:01

What was most meaningful to me about this project was the way this business owner started to build his business and how he managed to do something he enjoys doing for a living. I learned many new things I didn’t know by simply asking these questions. For this project I interviewed two different business owners and I was amazed how their businesses were completely different but for some of these questions they answered in a similar way. This project really helped me prepare myself more to what I want to do for my business and gave me great ideas on how to improve my own business. Some of the strategies I learned were very meaningful to me because it helped me visualize what I can be doing to prepare myself for my business. I currently own a business with a friend and this project helped me see how different owners work around things I am having trouble with at this moment.

This project helped me and my business stay more organized and gave me ideas to how I can make my business a more successful one. This project also made me realize that there are business owners out there who would actually share some valuable information with you to help you become a better entrepreneur. After this project I am going to meet up with more business owners to learn on how to become more successful in my business and learn new strategies to take my business to the next level. I learned that in a business you never stop learning and that you should always make changes and not stay with the same old ideas because your business can be left behind. I learned that there is always more you can do for your business to make it better. Most important thing I learned from this project was that no matter what business you are involved with you should always like and be happy with that particular business in order for it to work.
Date Submitted: 2013-10-24 05:06:44

Learning what the entrepreneur had to stay about everything and the advice he was giving was great help to know what to do to start a business. Knowing what others go through is really great help when you're clueless about how the world works. Knowing what he had to do to stay and what to watch for can help you avoid those little "bumps" along the road to success, but also knowing things won't be perfect can help you expect trouble but always true.
Getting the advice of others and taking their advice if you really listen can help you later. Its amazing to hear the exciting tale of the business world and wanting to get started. When listening to him and watching his excitement when he tells me of his business was a kind of passion that every business owner should have because you should always love the job you want to do
Date Submitted: 2013-10-24 07:39:19

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Records 641 to 650 of 1253