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Student Insights for Entrepreneur Interviews

Entrepreneur insights and perceptions related to their businesses were obtained through interviews conducted by students. Student insights and reflections regarding the interview process are shown on this page.

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This project was meaningful to me because I was given the opportunity to interview someone that is successful in their line of work. Talking with the doctor, she told me things that got me thinking. I will start looking for internships and immersing myself into that field. An important aspect that I received from her answers is that whatever you do, have good communication skills. Without communication skills it will be hard to run your business successfully, and you are bound to run into many problems.

I aspire to be a broadcast journalist, so interviewing her was also a great practice for my future career. She told me that once you've immersed yourself into something you love like your business, if there is something you may not know, find someone who does. It's okay if you don't know everything about running the business, but you do need to know where to find the answers. Such as, after you've taken inventory of your strengths and weaknesses, find people who's strong points are your weaknesses. I feel that those are very valuable things to know when running a business. I can honestly say this project was very enjoyable and enlightening!
Date Submitted: 2013-10-24 22:17:55

The most meaningful part of the project was the knowledge and experience gained from it. I got learn a lot of things that goes on inside a business. For example, I did not know the many difficult challenges that a business may face. Another thing I learned was the many different things a business focuses on to survive. I think that it was important because a business should find ways to separate themselves with the other competitors and it was something that I learned in class. I was also able to learn in the interview what we have been learning in class and it made me feel closer to the business owner because I knew exactly what he was talking about. The advice I picked up is forever embedded in my brain and I will take into thought when I try and start my business.
The experience from the interview is something that I should be able to do more often. Doing this interview I was able to overcome the fear of approaching a business and asking them questions and I think I will be doing this in the future. I really liked how we were all given this project in class and I am sure many of my classmates enjoyed the experience. This experience was meaningful because a business owner actually took the time to answer the questions and it was a good feeling throughout the interview. This project really got me excited towards my road to starting my own business.
Date Submitted: 2013-10-24 22:38:35

This Project was interesting to me. I got to hear what its like to own a business. I stepped into the world of a business owner and I found out a lot I never knew before. I found out that business can be slow at times and may never pick up, that can cause your business to shut down. I learned that no matter what there will always be competition.
Also, Trust plays a big role. Employees can't just be random people, you need to really know the people you are working with and be able to say you trust them. Customers need to feel that they are able to trust you as well. Its very important to build a relationship with customers so that they want to come back. I know now that when I have my own business one day to never slack off or get behind. I will stay positive for myself, my business, my employees and my customers.
Date Submitted: 2013-10-24 23:28:39

2. The most meaningful thing about this project for me was being able to interview my two bosses because what they are doing is exactly what I want to do with my business. I am in the dance industry and I want to be able to make a difference in children of all ages lives that aspire to be working dancers, musicians, and actors. The field of entertainment is very risky and if you go in there just wanting to make money or to be famous it can ruin you life. I believe that it is very important to have place in all communities where kids and teenagers who have a special gifts in the arts can come to get the elite training for their fields; but most importantly have the training for good character and make a positive influence on the entertainment industry. I got a lot of great incite from this project and all of the information I received, I am going to use it for my future performing arts school and also in my dancing and choreography career.
Date Submitted: 2013-10-24 23:41:10

As for this project, the most meaningful to me about this project is how helpful the advice was from the entrepreneur I interviewed. It is very eye-opening when it comes to the business world. Not only is this project going to benefit me from this point on but now I am able to take what I learned from the entrepreneur I interviewed, in as more helpful knowledge. It is great hearing someone talk about their business because they know from experience. I’m sure as an entrepreneur, she’s also had her ups and downs throughout the time she has had her business. Which can be helpful as well because it motivates you to do better. This is also another thing that made me realize what I had to be prepared for. I truly hope all the information I received from this project as well as the information in my class, I can use as being beneficial to me so I too become successful in the future.
Date Submitted: 2013-10-24 23:52:00

In the end what I found most meaningful is that customer service is vital for any business to thrive no matter what the economic time or forecast. It relates with everyday life. Being able to have fun at work and enjoy yourself has been a foreign concept for me in the past after speaking with [Name removed] and the crew I realized that it does not have to be that way. The way [Name removed] and his family see customer service is not how everyone else sees it. To [Name removed] and his family everyone is a customer or guest to them that includes its employees. [Name removed] sees it as his employees are paying him with their time in order to get paid. [Name removed] and his family have no choice but to treat them with respect and making them apart of the family. This belief makes everyone at [Name removed] apart of the family. It seemed that the people there wanted to be there whether if it was a customer who just walked into the door or if it were someone in the back.
[Name removed] and its employees do whatever it takes to make their customer happy. This had the most impact on me because it amazed me how an often two man crew could juggle the stresses of running a business like Anthony’s. Things like taking orders, making pizzas, delivering them, keeping the kitchen clean and prepped all while having a smile on their face and an extra minute to share a story about New York or one of their crazy travels. [Name removed] and his family are committed to making people feel welcome. It was nice to hear the customers chat with the coworkers as if they were best friends. This style of customer service has always been amazing to me it brings out the best in people and can easily change someone’s day. Being there giving this interview I felt like one of them as though I was coworker of the team that keeps Anthony’s Italian Kitchen alive and well.
Date Submitted: 2013-10-25 00:34:21

In doing this project I didn’t realize that it is possible to open a business without using credit or taking out loans. I have always seen how business have a good amount of money due to loans at first but then don’t know how to manage it and end up without a business and in dept. I think that the idea of saving to open a business is great because what if the your business does not end up working out for you then since you paid for it with your savings that’s just money lost and not money you have to pay back. The type of business that I would like to open is very different from the business I interviewed but I found that I can apply the basics to my own one day. My goal is to save and prevent the possibility of taking out loans and to know that the profits are really profits and don’t have to pay off interest from my loans with that.
I was told that Locations play a major part in a business and I should take my time to look around before making a final decision. I will take that more into consideration when opening my business. A family member made a mistake of taking a good deal on a location but didn’t realize that it was low traffic area for her business and ended up closing it. My interviewer mentioned that getting the basic business classes could have prevented a lot of hardship in the beginning of her business and high recommends getting as much education as I can before opening a business. This is why my minder in college is small business management so I can be as educated as I can when opening my own place. I will also keep in mind that I would need to invest a good amount of money in advertisement and should look into where my competitors are advertising.
Date Submitted: 2013-10-28 15:56:58

I have learned a lot of productive things from this interview. The most important thing that I learned from doing this interview is that one has to be responsible and have a strong work ethic. I learned that it is not easy starting your own small Business but with hard work and determination one can go very far, the point is not to give up. Also it takes a lot of knowledge and confidence to start your own business and that makes me happy knowing that I am getting my education in business that way I have the background knowledge and I won’t struggle as much as people that lack that.
The concept that I was introduced to during this project was transportation. I really found his topic interesting, I never knew how important freight brokers are in our society; everything we own came from a truck and needed freight broker to move the freight from its point of origin to their destination. After doing this interview I am actually motivated to learn more about this topic and maybe take classes to learn that market. It pays really well and one gets to have the financial assets they have always wanted.

Date Submitted: 2013-10-29 11:44:08

The most meaningful thing was all of the guidance I received for achieving my dream. The person I interviewed was a family member and someone I respect greatly. And, honestly, this project made me realize that I have a wonderful resource for business management in my own family. I received a lot of useful advice and having a talk with her afterward about all of this, really gave me hope and confidence that I can achieve my goal. I really appreciate having to do this project despite my tardiness in turning it in.
I learned that for the type of business I intend on entering, credit plays a huge roll in purchasing merchandise. I also learned that social websites can be better at reaching customers than an actual website or blog. I also learned that even though so many people doubted her, and she struggled over coming her shyness, like myself, she has become so successful. I learned that if I stay committed and have faith all things can work together for my good. Business management has been very questionable for me because of my personality type, but I see some light at the end of that tunnel. I learned many valuable things about owning and running a bussiess that I can definitely use in the future and that will never go out of date.
Date Submitted: 2013-10-31 23:58:17

For me this project was personal and especially meaningful because it gave me the chance to interview my mom. I've always known about my mom's business and what she does but never to this extent. I've worked for her and helped out around the office but just doing office work such as filing and answering phones. I never knew all the work she put into it to make it successful and all that she does do to keep it running. From keeping tabs on the stock market daily to looking at exports and imports of other countries. This is the field of work that I plan to go into and this project gave me that gentle nudge to go into and see some things in detail.
The one thing that really stuck with me the most is my mom's last piece of advice. Perhaps cause it was raw and everything about it was very truthful. Most other business owners tell you to just work hard or do this or that but I got more than just that. It is very true because in business people do talk and you see that in todays market. You do always want to be truthful and make everything that you earn work for you. It wasn't just information for business but also key things for life in general and that is the best advice I could of ever gotten.

Date Submitted: 2013-11-06 22:27:13

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Records 661 to 670 of 1253