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Student Insights for Entrepreneur Interviews

Entrepreneur insights and perceptions related to their businesses were obtained through interviews conducted by students. Student insights and reflections regarding the interview process are shown on this page.

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This project was meaningful to me because of the inside information and advice given to me by an entrepreneur. I am grateful for the opportunity to interview the participant involved. As an aspiring entrepreneur I am prepared to be patient and sacrifice without reward for a period of time. Like [Removed Name] said "Perseverance and resilience guarantees results". In order to succeed in the field of owning a business or starting up a business I need to be optimistic no matter what obstacles present themselves. Having a smart business plan written down so you know what your goals are and developing a creative approach for running your business is key. Taking some business class before you start would be a very great Idea and also doing research on the type of market you want to sale in. This interview gave me a good insight on what things to focus on when starting my own business. I really enjoyed talking to an actual business owner from his perspective about his own business to get the first person insight on some of the issues in running a business.
Date Submitted: 2014-04-22 10:20:51

What was most meaningful about this project was being able to have the opportunity to get an inside look to how an entrepreneur thinks. Being a beginner entrepreneur has been difficult at times for example keeping my thoughts and business ideas organized, as well as trying to come up with a start up plan as to what to focus on first. By getting the opportunity to pick at an experienced entrepreneur's thoughts I was able to get a better understanding of the dos and do not to a business. For example in order to become successful in a business I should focus on building trust with customers, employees, and business connections such as partners and suppliers. My business should be something I am passionate about and not something just there to just make money. Having a passion for what I do will make staying dedicated to my business easier as well as project to customers that I am dedicated to what I do and will give provide something authentic and not just for their money. As much as that seems like an obvious thing to think about and apply to a business I find that there are in fact many entrepreneurs who have a business who go into it half heartedly.
Another point that was meaningful that has given me some thought to look into for my future business was seeing what they might have missed starting up their business and what they should have looked more into and wished knew early on. For example
they wished they could have know more about administrative, management, and accounting to make building their business easier and more affordable. When starting a business it is really easy to forget a lot of the little pieces that make the whole picture of
what a business entails. Knowing all the copyright right laws, health code rules, licensing and other important business protection can be overwhelming but learning them as I go through my business courses and taking advantage of these classes will help ease my mind and prepare me for my future business. It is easy to feel intimidated by successful businesses in similar fields, but they all at one point started small. Many of these key points seem like they should be common sense however I feel that with the many pressures of starting a business big or small we can easily forget the little things that add up to make the bigger picture and a business successful.
Date Submitted: 2014-04-22 12:23:31

By interviewing [Name Removed], I realize there is a lot of Entrepreneurs out there all around the world. There are people like us, starting business after we just graduate. There are also people who already work for many years and decide to refresh themselves by starting new career. I could listen to them what they have done to survive and what they could do to make themselves better. Moreover, knowing their mistakes and what they should not do in the business.
I really like learning from the reality and the real experience rather than learning from the book. I really have some similar problems as his, such as management and employees. We are both too young to handle some problems, but we will keep trying to make everything better and better.
It is meaningful because I can hear from somebody else who really is an Entrepreneur, who has already started the business. I am an Entrepreneur too. Each Entrepreneur always has his or her own opinions on different industry. It is never a bad thing to listen to more opinions and more advices because you will find there is always something you can use from those words. By interviewing these Entrepreneurs, I can learn from them, gain their experience so that I would prevent the same mistakes that they made in my business. One person always have limited mind on the business, especially when you start a new business by your own. Thus I am very glad to have this project, which helps me improve myself in correctly.
Date Submitted: 2014-04-22 15:01:13

When I came to meet with the owner of the store, he was on the phone, with a calendar on his left side, laptop in front of him with multiple spreadsheet windows open. We had an appointment yet he was still finishing up some work before talking about his work. I realized that although this store was “a hole in the wall” type place that I’d driven by a thousand times and never really seen, it was way busier than I originally thought. I sat in front of him, on the few tables that are set outside and got ready to interview. He apologized for finishing business and told me he was working on payroll and giving raises and bonuses, which was what the phone call was about. As we sat outside and I conducted the interview, every customer that walked in the store he greeted with a “hello, how are you?” and when they exited he thanked them for visiting and wished them a wonderful day. Not only did he take a moment from whatever he was saying for me to record to speak to a customer, he knew more than half of them by name. It made me realize that customer base is going to be the number one importance and honesty, integrity, merit, and values are going to really skyrocket a business farther. He told me his business has grown more than any other business on that street, and though there’s big name coffee or sandwich shops surrounding them, they have a regular customer base that comes every day. Customers that come back will be the most valuable marking tool in a business so small, he taught me. So service is the most important thing.
Next I’d say that he taught me how important dynamics are. He talked about sociology and how groups can dictate the success of a business through both the employees and customers. Accounting is important because of how much business is involved. As a small business owner you don’t just take in the profits after all the employees and managers have sold the items and taken care of the establishment, it’s your responsibility as the owner to take care of those things or hire someone to do so, which is only possible if the business allows one to do so. If not, it all falls on the entrepreneur’s shoulders and is not only stressful psychologically but also financially. Which he taught me a lot about credit and how important it is to get started in the beginning. It doesn’t end when you pay off your loan you took to buy the business either, that credit will dictate how your business is run and can either make you or break you. Lastly he taught me the importance of marketing. Even things I would have never considered are important, such as the color of the menu. Who knew that an art psychology class could have reinvented how the visual appeal of his store attracts customers. While it may look small, it’s got intricate features that make it more unique than you could image. It keeps customers coming back because you can’t get anything like it anywhere else and that is a genius marketing strategy that wasn’t taught in a marketing class.
Date Submitted: 2014-04-22 15:01:46

There are a few things that I have found to be meaningful after interviewing this entrepreneur. One of the first things I have learned is how important it is to build relationships with the people around you. In his line of business, it’s crucial for them to maintain a good reputation because, like he had mentioned before, the majority of his business is based on referrals. I believe that this is important to know in any line of business. Another thing that I have found to be meaningful is that it is important to become educated about the business you plan to run, such as taking classes or learning how to network, and managing money. These are all things that I definitely agree with that are important to running a business and hopefully having it become successful. I am fortunate enough to already have a background of understanding how businesses work because both my own parents own one, so it was nice to hear another entrepreneurs perspective on how their own business runs and what they find to be helpful to them.
As a prospective entrepreneur, I truly want to gain the knowledge and expertise of a small business owner. I want to learn everything I can in order to be successful with my future business. I feel that I made a good choice in the entrepreneur I chose to interview because I know that although his business is successful now, he had to start somewhere and it took him several years to get him where he is today. For me, I know I have a long way to go before I start my own business and I’m learning so many different things. I’ve taken the opportunity to take business classes, to learn about different trades, work with people who are already in the business, and learn how to manage money. I hope to retain this information that I’ve learned and use it to my benefit in order to be successful and coincidentally I’ve already begun the process to becoming an entrepreneur and having a small business.
Date Submitted: 2014-04-22 15:01:54

What was meaningful to me about the project was the opportunity to act like a news reporter trying to get the scoop on running small business. I was able to get real answers from a person with experience just doing her every day career as an entrepreneur. I never knew I had a relative in my family that owned a company. I was also able to understand how important it was to manage your account balance and loans. In my research I was able to find out what to do in a business and what not to do. An example of this would be the building of trust in both of your employees and customers. It’s just like treating them as a member of your family.

One thing I should mention about thinking of my future business was covering some details about what they might have missed beginning their business. First I will follow my own path making better decisions on what I should be Studying first before opening my business. This will help me make better decisions building leadership starting as an entrepreneur. It was also good to understand the importance of creating a budget to allow the necessary spending of running a small company. Without money you can’t do anything. That is why it is important to save up all you can, to cover all business expenses. I will never think that the business I will start off with will become unsuccessful because I want to have my company become possible.
Date Submitted: 2014-04-22 18:39:50

I really enjoyed this project. It strays from the traditional project and really gets the student out there in any industry that they are interested in! Although I have family members who are small business owners, I really wanted to take this opportunity and interview someone that I wouldn’t normally be able to talk to. I chose a marketing group that is closely related to Scion Racing because it honestly catches my attention. Marketing is a growing industry and being able to group that with the auto industry is really interesting. I’ve been a car enthusiast since I was an early teen and having the opportunity to interview someone who is not much older than I am and is doing what he is passionate about really gives me hope. I was able to get a deeper understanding of what it really takes to start a business (even though it’s not related to my industry).
Date Submitted: 2014-04-22 21:49:33

What was most meaningful about this project was that i was about to learn a lot from the company. Also I was able to learn how every entrepreneur starts from the bottom and works their way up to get their companies up and going to become successful companies. It was a really awesome experience and something new. Last it give me more motivation in myself to finish school and continue to study Business.
Date Submitted: 2014-04-22 21:50:21

The most meaningful thing about this project is the fact that i personally know this man as a friend of mine and never had a clue of what was going on prior to him starting his business. The struggle is what caused him to live a dream of owning his own business and making enough money to live a nice life. He showed that it is possible no matter what condition you're in.
Business wise i learned that having a good customer growth is the key to any business. Creating a service or item that a customer needs or wants and creating that positive experience will bring not only that same customer back, but will also bring brand new customers into the business. Not having good credit can limit to how much financial capability you have in the beginning but having family help. It can be even more useful since most of the time you wont have to pay back interest and there will be a longer time you can have to pay back. One of the other things i learned was how a business card is designed can get them to keep the card and will help your business since many people will have it at their home or wallets. For the most part i was meaningful due to the fact that i now know more than i did before about owning a small business and can help me out in the future with a business of my own.
Date Submitted: 2014-04-22 22:35:17

This project meant so much to mean because I was able to talk to my old boss and get her input about owning a business. She gave me much information and advice about dealing with your own business. Knowing that hardship of starting something up out of nothing and having that pressure that you might not make it gives you that motivation to make achieve your goal. This project made me learn that if you thrive for something that you honestly want you can make it with some hard work and motivation just on your own.
Doing this project made think how surreal my dream of creating my own business really is. Getting information and doing this class and finishing this project opened my eyes to see that if you want to create something you have to deal with all the bad things. Being your own boss isn't that fun to do you have to still deal with so many problems. Besides all the bad thing of owning your own business you still have that success that you have created something out of nothing. Accomplishing your goal can make you feel like you honestly can achieve anything
Date Submitted: 2014-04-22 22:38:08

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Records 681 to 690 of 1253