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Student Insights for Entrepreneur Interviews

Entrepreneur insights and perceptions related to their businesses were obtained through interviews conducted by students. Student insights and reflections regarding the interview process are shown on this page.

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What was the most meaningful to me, is how someone so incredibly young can be so incredibly wise and be part of a fast growing company. To know that he was once just a guy with an idea and ran with it. To see someone so successful and happy with how their company is growing is an ideal state that I would like to reach.
Date Submitted: 2010-04-08 23:11:14

To me, the most meaningful about this project was learning about the importance of the past, present, and future to have a successful business. I learned that you must know everything about your business because it will not survive in the long run if you are not on top of everything. Also, keeping data is of great importance because it will allow me to succeed in my business and determine whether the business is successful or if there are changes to be made. I also realized that even though certain things such as waitressing or cooking would not be my job, I still have to know how to do those things in order to improve the business. I also learned that knowing how to do all employees job would help me whenever there is a shortage of employees.
Another important thing was learning how you must take risks. To not be afraid to ask questions because it will only help me in the long run. He also told me that starting a business is not easy. There is a lot of information gathering and research to do before starting a business. Before it seemed so easy starting a business. I did not realize how much money you have to spend and that you do not start seeing that profit increase quickly.
Date Submitted: 2010-04-08 23:24:59

    The most meaningful things for me about this project was that i got to interview my father and learn better how he has to run the business. Something that stuck out to me was what he wanted to learn if he could go back because he picked some really good topis like english he has learned alot from when he started and he can communicate with his clients much better. Math because he has always been a good with numbers. Business was the one that really stood out to me because he had mention to me before this project that his uncle taught him how to be a good business maneger but I'am guessing he wanted to now more than his uncle and improve his own company.
    What was also really meaningful was that he went out of his way to try and make a better life for him and his family.Since he could have stayed with his uncle and worked at a daily wage and we would have lived with money being tight, but he decided to work hard and have a better life style than what he had. Also because he as been working so hard trying to keep his business running smooth and keeping all his clients satisfied.
Date Submitted: 2010-04-08 23:29:19

I learned about how you start a business from the bottom and how you could reach the top. I know that if I try my best, then I could reach up and touch the sky. My dad once told me that I am a Sikh and I am not the type that gives up like a wimp because of some others. My mom told that I am never alone because I have my family with me. I know that to start a business from the beginning, I would need to have money and knowledge about what I am doing. I believe that working hard makes you strong physically and mentally.

I learned how you could advance your business in things like technology, marketing, magazines, and in other places. I love to do things on my own and if I need help, I would get it from my family members. I learned about what I would need to do keep my business in doing well and thrive in it. I know what to do when my business is going to start downward.
Date Submitted: 2010-04-08 23:42:52

The most meaningfull thing about this project would be,that i had a one on one with the owner of the restaurant of where i work. And because i got to hear a couple of things he went trough to get here. Although he did get support from his family it was still not easy and it also made me feel good that we got into detail about what he does for a living. I got the opportunity to hear what he thinks about his business and he knows alot he is filled with different ideas for the future of his business and well the advice that he gave me was also vary meaningfull as well.
 There was alot of information that was all meaning full to me, but like i said the most important thing would be that i finally got into detail about someones business and how he got here to stand where he stands.
Date Submitted: 2010-04-08 23:44:53

This project was very rewarding and helped me better understand the reason for decisions that are made in my workplace.  I feel like interviewing my boss really helped me understand the business from his perspective.  Understanding the motivation for some of the decisions made at work helped me understand what we are trying to achieve as a team a lot more clearly.  My boss spent about an hour talking to me, much more than the initial 30 minutes of time I had asked for.  He was surprisingly accommodating and seemed excited that I was asking these types of questions.  I believe the interview process brought us closer together and made me feel more at ease in my boss’s presence.  I feel like this knowledge will help make me an even better employee, because I now can combine my perspective as an employee with what I learned from my boss to do my best and help out even more.
The one piece of advice that stood out the most for me was “Money makes money.”  It seems silly to forget this simple fact, but it is something that I hadn’t given enough thought to yet.  My boss helped me realize that being prepared to capitalize on opportunities is just as important as being able to recognize opportunities.  He struck a cord with the advice that financial sacrifices must be made now, in order to set myself up in the future.  As I work hard to find an opportunity that will hopefully become my own business someday, I must also save as much as possible in order be able to call that venture entirely my own.  He made me value the crucial elements of independence and patience as it relates to owning a business.  He told me that he was never in a hurry to get rich.  That reminded me that success doesn’t happen overnight, it is a grind that requires hard work each and every day.
Overall, this project was an enjoyable experience.  I got the answer to some questions that I may never have asked on my own.  It helped me realize how much sacrifice and hard work is required to be successful.  If I am going to succeed, I must be extremely hard working and make decisions today for tomorrow.  I think this assignment is great for anyone that is interested in starting their own venture, as it provides a lot of helpful insight.  
Date Submitted: 2010-04-08 23:49:17

  What was most meaningful to me about this project was that I had the opportunity to learn how to start a business from someone that has kept a business running for a long time. Through this experience I was able to interact with a true entrepreneur because the person that I interviewed gave me advice on how to start my own business and how to keep it going when times are either good or bad. Knowing that in order to keep a good business I have to do a good quality job has made me realized that when I start my own business I want to give my best so that my job is unique and efficient for my customers. At first, I was nervous about doing this interview because I didn’t know how to approach the person I interviewed, but as I asked the questions I had the chance to interact with this person and get a good conversation with her. Through this project I learned how to approach someone and I open my network to other people that gave me a good advice on how to be a successful entrepreneur.
  I was able to learn from other person's experience and not from a book or an internet website how to deal with a business and how to treat your customers. I also realized that a business is not an easy thing to do, you have to be patient when starting a business because not always everything will be given to you, I need to be persistent and never give up when I start my own business. The person I interviewed told me that she has kept this business for fourteen years because she is always persistent and she is always moving, when she sees an opportunity she goes to it no matter what. I learned that if I want to have a business I have to be like her always moving and not be shy, to always take risks because that is just how entrepreneurs are. This project gave me a clear example that a small business can survive in this hard economy I just need to know how to manage it and look for opportunities. I thank the person I interviewed for the advices she gave me and for her time and I hope that someday I could be as successful as she is right now.
Date Submitted: 2010-04-08 23:52:48

     This project reviled to me what it takes to keep,grow, and maintain a successful soccer club. Advertising and maintaining the club image are huge components when looking for sponsors to help out the club financially. Money is important for the club so that the club can have to of the line coaches and equipment there for have a higher change of being well know by other clubs and winning tournaments and people wanting to join the club, meaning making more money. The internet is a huge part for a soccer club. The internet has many resources that can benefit the club for example, videos to improve training drills and books/magazines that one can buy to improve coaching. Having a website will allow people to know about the club, a way of advertising the club. All of these thing will let the club compete will other old, more experienced clubs.
     i now see that running a soccer club is no walking the part. To run a club i will need to know a lot about soccer and advertising. So that people will know my club and I will know what i doing and talking about when talking to my coaches. I will need to find sponsors to help me financially so that  I will have extra money for things that the club need an example would be paying a coach or buying equipment needed. The new technology will help my player be safe and I will be less worried about one of my players getting hurt. But the biggest most useful part that I got out of this project was that the club as to maintain  its image so that other teams and offices and sponsor will support and respect the club.   
Date Submitted: 2010-04-08 23:54:50

The most meaningful about this project was that i got to learn how to run the business and how to be succesful and make money. Like any other job, if you want to be successfull you need to like what you do and pursue that goal and keep taking more business courses to expand my knowledge.
I got the chance to talk to business owners and they were very helpful i learned a lot from the business and i had the opportunity to go and help out on one of there photo shoot sessions they had.
Date Submitted: 2010-04-09 15:23:18

The first interesting point that I noticed is the importance of networking. The owner states that in order for this notary business to do well he has to network for several reasons. Networking is a way to fund his business. For example in his response to question #6, the owner suggests that the best sources for financing a new business venture in his opinion is through family and friends as opposed to applying for a loan from a bank. The reason for this is to avoid the high level of credit card debt that can accumulate over time. Furthermore, networking is also a way to gain clients. According to the owner, financing business operations through friends is a great way to merge ideas and develop new business concepts and potential clients.

Another point which I found interesting was the idea of modernization. In question #5, the owner suggests that his business is already benefiting from new technology like the iPhone which helps him complete financial transactions. For example, one thing that the owner's company has that his competitors lack is the ability to instantly complete a transaction over the iPhone. Future modernizations for his notary business include accepting signatures via a tablet computer called e-notarizations. E-notarization would help reduce travel expenses, and for the customer it would offer convenience and speed of service.  

Date Submitted: 2010-04-12 23:55:25

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Records 71 to 80 of 1253