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Student Insights for Entrepreneur Interviews

Entrepreneur insights and perceptions related to their businesses were obtained through interviews conducted by students. Student insights and reflections regarding the interview process are shown on this page.

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My analysis of the project:
I truly enjoyed speaking to this commercial photography entrepreneur, as I am also an aspiring commercial photography entrepreneur with my own commercial photography business coming to fruition. With this interview, I gained a deep wealth of insight and valuable, practical information that I could apply to my own commercial photography business that I am starting, and use immediately.

This entrepreneur’s advice has inspired me to plan on taking additional business classes, as the points addressed during the course of this interview allowed me to realize that I had been putting unequal emphasis into the technical photography skill aspects, versus enough emphasis into the business management portion. This information has caused me to rethink and redirect my own personal higher education plan for my entrepreneurial endeavors.

In summary, I learned a great deal from this entrepreneur about how valuable small business management, financial acumen, marketing, social media, and the various hands-on skills that a professional commercial photographer must have to open and run a studio or on – location business. I feel confident that this advice that I obtained from this interview could serve as a reference as I am creating my own business. It was time well spent with a knowledgeable commercial photography mentor.

Date Submitted: 2014-04-23 13:45:15

Through this project, I learned that people, knowledge, and adequate tools are important in running business. Working with a group of responsible and talented people is essential in doing business together. The power of people can bring survival of business. Sufficient knowledge about products and market is also plus in doing business. For instance, knowledge about government’s policies and market trend can help company making right decisions in almost every step. Tools like internet, newspaper, and software are extremely important in today’s world. My interviewee is selling auto parts - especially brake – to domestic market. The interviewee imports these items from Asia, mainly from China. Therefore, a good software program is very critical to tracking down inventories of either suppliers or customers.
The most meaningful to me about this project is learning how to start and manage business. Before I decide to go into entrepreneur world, I should have well complete business plan. In this business plan, I will definitely include my dreams. My interviewee mentioned several times about the importance of people. Working with responsible people can bring out the best quality of everyone. In this project, I also learned that technical difficulty can be solved and learned, but people problem is hard to manage. After I finish this project, I gradually developed positive thought about doing business of my own. I know it does not have to be auto-parts business, but the skills and knowledge in which I learned might be similar in other area.
Date Submitted: 2014-04-23 15:39:29

The thing that was most meaningful to me was being able to meet and understand someone’s reasons and information behind their small business. Another meaningful thing, I was able to see the good and the bad that comes with owning a business of your own. For example [Name Removed] said it was hard for her because of where she was at financially, but as soon as she was able to she opened her business. To me that was in a way inspiring. It was Inspiring in a sense that she didn't give up on her goal to run her own family business. I now realize that opening up your own business is way much difficult then working in a business where someone else runs it. Another thing that was meaningful to me was that [Name Removed] helped me realize that the business world wouldn't be for me. I am not good with pressure, math, and dealing with financial things.
Overall this project was an eye opener. I’d have to say meeting [Name Removed] was a great experience. She asked me to teach her anything I learn from taking this business class, which made me feel really special that she would ask me for help. I was able to explain my reasons for why I thought the business world wasn’t for me and she offered to help me out if I ever do decide to open up my own business. And hopefully by that time she’d be more experiences and she’d be able to mentor me. Not only did I walk away with an interview and pieces of information, but I walked out knowing id have somebody to go to if I ever have a question. I’d have to say the most meaningful thing besides everything I mentioned was that I made a friend. Thank you so much Prof. Jagodka for this experience.
Date Submitted: 2014-04-23 16:43:24

To me the most meaningful part about this entire project was learning about my family business and how big of an asset my brother and my cousin are to the growing business. I did not realize when I was creating the new website for my family that I was affecting the business. I was simply updating an outdated website for my family because it felt like an obligation. And that helped me see the beauty in a family business, it works partly because we feel obligated to one another. Also our business works because we have a younger generation to help our parents and grandparents keep the business they started up to date and current.
This project is also inspiring because my grandpa started this business all on his own and I am proud that I myself am a small entrepreneur with my own crafting business. My grandpa is the most proud person of me and my business and I never realized his whole story was so long and how innovative her truly is. I also admire my father because of the time and work he puts in at our shop hand building these machines that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and how successful our company actually is. Hearing the dollar amounts for the first time in my life was eye opening because my family pulled off something people dream of doing.
Date Submitted: 2014-04-23 17:14:42

The most meaningful aspect of this project for me was getting to talk to such a successful business women and be able to get her insights on all the aspects of building a profitable business. It was nice because she owns multiple businesses, not only this one so you can tell she really knows what she is talking about. You could tell that she really loves what she does and that showed me that if I find something I love to do, that will most likely reflect on how successful my business will be. It was also interesting to be on the other side of the interview process. Usually such a successful business women would be interviewing me for a job but I got to interview her and pick her brain on how to run a successful business. I was very selective when choosing my entrepreneur and I definitely think I choose the right one.
When owning your own business, you really have to rely on the connections you make. Whether they are a supplier, customer or fellow business, all these people can help to make your business successful. This project really makes you go out there, make a connection with someone and learn firsthand what it’s like to own your own business. I think talking to people and the willingness to ask questions is the most important skill you can have, and that’s what I learned from doing this project. If I ever do decide to own my own business, I think I would be more prone to ask questions and get help along the way now.
Date Submitted: 2014-04-23 17:24:38

I actually work for this company and though I know both owners I was able to get a better feel of what it takes to make this company function. The owner I interviewed is in his late 60s and I knew a little about his past work history. It was nice to understand what it is that makes a man who has retired twice come back into the work force. I was very curious to know how a retire grocery market manager ended up owning and operating a repossession company. I have seen the struggles that this business has gone through and I have often wondered what drives this man to do this work each day. It is refreshing to know that it is not the line of work he is in that makes him continue on it knowing that he is working for himself and responsible for others that drives in on past retirements.

He is also great with people and problem solving and I want to learn more from him. His is one of the funnier bosses I have ever had. He choices not to take all the negatives that the business offers and dwell on them, instead in has a smile on his face every day and a funny story to tell. In this line of work there is a lot of bad news that we are either dishing out or listening to and it is refreshing to see someone that enjoys being at work no matter what the day will entail. Getting to know who makes this company run and while was very meaningful to me since I myself have a hand in the day to day grind of it.
Date Submitted: 2014-04-23 18:25:39

One of the first meaningful things to me about this interview was how determined and focused her was on becoming successful. For me, believing that I will be successful was hard for me to grasp. In many ways I didn't believe in myself and thought that i would just be like everyone else and just get a usual job. As soon as I did this interview my whole view on being successful changed. I saw a spark of desire and the will to soar above the rest, and now I am more confident in myself more than I ever have been before. For me this interview helped me regain my confidence as well as me believing in myself. Also the advice I received about becoming an entrepreneur and how to handle financing was very meaningful to me.

Another meaningful point in this interview for me was when he explained why he got into this kind of business in the first place. Reading his reasons behind it really inspired me to stive for my goals and what I want to do. It made me want to go right into the business that I want to pursue and just grab it by the horns. Another thing that was very meaningful to me was how much he emphasized about putting the customer first. He swore that with out good customer relationships or loyalty, running a successful business will become very difficult, if not, impossible for those who do not have good relations with their customers. He showed me that customers are the bread and butter of your business, without them you wouldn't be successful nor would you be able to support your business.
Date Submitted: 2014-04-23 18:49:12

For me, the most meaningful thing I got out of the interview was to know and understand what you want and what you are doing. Don't just jump into opening a business to make money. This is the first way to make mistakes and jeopardize your business. Having a good idea is not all that is needed. Having a good business plan is the most important part of developing a good business. Knowing who your customers are and not trying to make your customers be who you want them to be.
Date Submitted: 2014-04-23 20:32:59

For this project I met up with the person I was interviewing at her hair salon and what was most meaningful to me didn’t have to do much with the interview itself but watching her work and interact with her employees and customers. And then once I interviewed her I got to understand a little bit more of why she does the things she does and why she works so hard. When talking to her I really got a feel of how dedicated and passionate she is about her business and how important it is to feel that passion when you own your own business. I saw her work very hard and always keep a smile on her face without ever complaining. If something needed to get done she never put it off to the side she did it as soon as she could with no excuses.

I really think I learned a lot and come out with good knowledge and ideas that I would not be able to get from a textbook. Yes we do learn about all the topics that she talked about but with the interview I got to hear first hand about how things can really affect you or help you.
Date Submitted: 2014-04-23 20:51:47

Speaking to an entrepreneur allowed me to have some insight in the business world. It showed me that getting more involved in the area you want to work with is highly beneficial. College degrees cannot provide real life experience. In order to really be developed in the area you want to work in, you have to put yourself out there and think "What can I do better than the next person doing the same thing as me?" Take for example I want to become a chef. If I go to culinary school I will learn the techniques, I will learn the recipes, and I will learn tastes of various foods. Despite all this, I will not learn the real pressure and feeling of being the chef of a restaurant, perhaps only a stimulation of it. While taking culinary classes, it is highly recommended to look for internships at restaurants willing to give me a chance to experience a day of work.

Learning to be social and working with others will benefit me a lot in the business world. This company was able to thrive the fact that it knew a lot of people, knew who grew the products that has the best quality, and knew what to look in each produce that they had to distribute meant it had good attributes. Becoming personal with your business is really important, not just in the produce but also with the people. Having employees with good attitudes means your business can produce products with better quality since the people working love what they are doing. Make sure that you as the entrepreneur are treating your employees right and giving what they work for in a righteous manner.

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Records 701 to 710 of 1253