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Student Insights for Entrepreneur Interviews

Entrepreneur insights and perceptions related to their businesses were obtained through interviews conducted by students. Student insights and reflections regarding the interview process are shown on this page.

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For my Entrepreneur interview I had the privilege of interviewing a self-made success in the business world. She asked not to use her whole name so I’ll refer to her as [Name Removed]. [Name Removed] is owner and manager of [Name Removed]'s coffee cart. I felt she would be a reliable source of information in regards to the questions outlined by [Name Removed]. [Name Removed] was a pleasure to interview. She gave valuable information that any aspiring entrepreneur could look to for guidance, and any knowledgeable entrepreneur could vouch for. Personally she gave me insight to different sides of business that I had never given much thought too. This interview expanded my entrepreneurial mind, and gave me a lasting impression of what being a successful entrepreneur is. In conducting this interview I feel I have gained some great insights to running a successful business. I never really gave much thought to the specific aspects of running a business like labor laws, networking opportunities, or technological resources. In talking to [Name Removed] I have come to understand one must be plentiful in their knowledge of, not just the business from a sales profit standpoint, but also from multiple aspects. For example, if [Name Removed] had been educated in some of the areas in which she said she was “blind-folded” she would have more than likely encountered far less struggles in operating her cart, and her sales would have only benefited further from that. What I take from this interview more than the aspects of operations is the fact that [Name Removed] loves the business she runs. It makes me feel good to see someone making it how they want to. I strive to be like her one day. Working and living off of what I choose to do, and more than that what I love to do.
Date Submitted: 2014-04-24 13:37:08

What was most meaningful to me from this project was the vast amount of information that one can collect from this eight simple questions. I find it interesting to witness someone else’s perspectives and takes on their own business and their personal lives as struggles or achievements. In addition, it is very helpful to hear stories or examples on material that he have covered during our class. For example, in my interview I was able to see how advertising can shape a business and what physical steps I must take in order to increase my revenue. Another example I witnessed during the interview was the way my entrepreneur was very solid to acknowledge his target market and segments. By having solid business strategies, he was able foresee potential threats that would hurt his business, however he was able to overcome any changes in the market by being well prepared.
Having concluded my interview I began to realize that I too can build my own business and manage it as well. I think one of the hidden purposes of this project was to build confidence and to acknowledge the fact that we have given the tools to take a business idea to the next level. In my perspective, I find it interesting that by given examples from this business owner I have began my own journey to develop my business idea on to an actual business. I am currently taking the importance of this interview and acknowledge how competitive or how open is the market on which I plan to set my business. In addition, I am looking ahead to see any potential threats that my business might struggled with once I operate business. Another strategy I learned from this project was to acknowledge how technology can play a strong role to my business, for I have considered that my business can grow rapidly by investing in new and efficient technology or I can fail as a business owner for not taking the right precautions that my business can struggle due to technology. One final thing I learned on this project and from the business owner I interviewed was his advice on believing in myself, for I have to realize that what determines a successful business is not necessarily the strong capital, but the ability to continue and belief on my own goals and abilities to succeed as an aspiring entrepreneur.
Date Submitted: 2014-04-24 14:35:13

What was most meaningful to me about this project was that if you did it on someone you know most of the time you might just think about how they are successful, but you might not really think about the things they've gone through to become successful. This project helps give me an insight of what business owners do to be able to survive and be successful. It helped to show me what the business owner does to survive its not just learning about it from a book its learning from experience it sort of like a guidance. It helped me to know what things are helpful and good sources to a business. I learned that the most important thing for a business is its customers. That is why it is good to maintain good products and services because the customers are the ones who make a business successful and they keep it going. I also liked that it gave us the business owners’ opinion of what he thinks is important for us to know before going into business. It helps me know what to educate myself in before taking the next step in owning a business.

What I also thought was meaningful about this interview project was that not only did it just help me by telling us things we should know, but that it also taught us about some struggles that a business faces. I liked the fact that the business owner could talk about the challenges in their business. And how they can approach the challenges. Another thing that I thought was also meaningful about this interview is that it gave me the opportunity to actually approach someone who owns a business and ask them about it. I wouldn't have had to do this interview I don’t think that I would have been able to do that. Before I wouldn't have thought that someone would be willing to help and give you advice and talk about what they've been through with their business.
Date Submitted: 2014-04-24 15:36:29

People always have dreams and some degree of ambition, but ambition without actions is just dreaming. I will present some ways this project has been meaningful to me.
Being an entrepreneurial is always looking for an opportunity to grow. This assignment has been valuable to me in getting a different perspective on starting and sustaining a business. This is because from a learning perspective we always go to textbooks, of course, to learn the necessary information and knowledge we know we will need in order to be our best and be successful in our journey to reach our goals.
Being an entrepreneurial is always looking to solve problems and learn different way to solve them. This project has given me an opportunity to answer some question I have had and has given me a different way to find those answers, by going to source, which is a business owner who has gone through the process of starting and sustaining a business. This assignment, like I said earlier, has given me the perspective from a business owner who has gone through the hurdles just recently and this has given me a very clear painting of what to expect in the near future when I expand my home base business and grow it. This is because I did not just read information form a textbook but I received the information from an entrepreneurial who has gone through the process of building and growing his business.
In conclusion, I think this project was a great idea, because it connects the student to an entrepreneurial who is active and running his business. This gives a completely different perspective to the student because they are not just reading information but actually hand on with a business owners and getting answers directly.

Date Submitted: 2014-04-24 16:37:38

In conducting this interview with [Name Removed] I came away with insight from a legitimate entrepreneur. This new information was valuable and every chance I’ve gotten to speak with him I try to pick his brain. [Name Removed]’s business is selling affordable Health care insurance. The most influential topic that we touched on wasn’t on the questions. I found out that he actually had a degree in Engineering from USC but decided he wanted to be his own boss. Even though he enjoyed what he did at his original job he had a vision for helping people and controlling his own destiny. I was told that you can’t be afraid to take a chance.
Some of the more concrete details that I took away from the interview process were simple good habits. For example, networking with your competitors and creating strategic relationships with other owners. In addition to work relations the most powerful piece of information I came away with was the need to constantly learn new information. If [Name Removed] was to stop attending seminars his business would soon be at risk. Lastly even with all the advice and insight in business that I attained the most influential bit of information [Name Removed] gave me was one of scripture. “Have faith in God that if you seek first the kingdom, all things will be added unto you”
Date Submitted: 2014-04-24 19:04:20

The most meaningful part about this project to me was that it was inspiring. It is a true story about someone who worked their way up from the bottom. As someone who wants to own my own business stories like this are very motivating and inspiring because sometimes we look at that goal and just realize how far away it is but hearing a story about how you can push through and work hard to reach that goal is very helpful. Hard work is something we are all preached to about. It is something that we do not always understand though. The people that actually work hard are the ones who actually succeed. It is that simple. A aspiring entrepreneur needs to go every day with their goal insight and work hard in everything they do.

What I took from this is that even in this part time job I am working now I need to put my all into it. I need to have my goals insight but also need to be patient. Even though I am very excited I need to focus on getting my degree and doing my best at any job I have. Another tip that everyone hears growing up is to save your money. This is very hard to do. It takes sacrificing. When trying to make a simple decision like eating out or making food at home you must always consider your goal. Everything adds up. It may seem like nothing at the time but choosing to save time after time can add up to a lot of money that later you will be very thankful you had.
Date Submitted: 2014-04-24 19:07:48

The most meaningful to me about this project was that I interviewed my mother. Since I was a small child I have watched her work very hard to provide for us. And it wasn’t easy for a young widowed mother of three. She is a very respected in her field and in the community. She has won The Woman of the Year award three times from different Congress members. She is an active member of the National and California Association of Realtors. And she was president of the local Citrus Valley Board of Realtors. She also started a nonprofit, Real Estate Professional Foundation that holds events to raise money for different charities. She has quite the resume, I couldn’t be more proud of her.
I began this project by interviewing someone else. As interesting and as prosperous he is I wasn’t getting the information I needed. I initially thought if I interviewed someone other than my mother I would gain a different perspective other then what I witnessed growing up. In the end, she was the perfect fit. Of course there were things I couldn’t have possibly known unless I asked her. This project allowed me to do just that. I am currently studying for my real estate license. And plan to learn everything she is willing to teach me about the industry. And I plan to help boost her business with the help of social media. After this class and this project I am excited and more motivated than ever to join the family business!
Date Submitted: 2014-04-24 21:10:09

The information that I received while working on this project was very helpful and insightful. There's so much hard work and grind that goes info starting your own business. For anyone to think it's easy is totally wrong. In starting a business, you have to be patience. Don't rush anything. If you're not sure about something, take time to think it over. Listen to people's advice, but if you don't like it, don't take it. Be able to know when to say yes and no to certain things. Don't be gullible. Don't be easily influenced by anyone or anything.
Enjoy your business. Do it because you love it, not because it'll be something to do. Be fully committed to your business. Love your business. Build a relationship with your customers. Provide your customers with the best products possible. Take feed back from your customers about the product you're giving them. Don't be afraid to take chances. Last but not least, once again, enjoy and love your business.
Date Submitted: 2014-04-24 21:42:34

When starting this project I was very excited to have the opportunity to talk to the owner of [Name Removed] bakery, a place I have been going to since I was very little. I chose to interview someone in my ideal field because that is what made it more meaningful to me. I was able to hear someone's personal story and struggles with owning a bakery that I would never be able to hear in a classroom. Owning a business comes with its fair share of ups and downs, whether its economical or personal, there are so many different things every business will encounter, each unique to the separate business. While I interviewed [Name Removed] and was able to hear his family’s story of how they bought the business in 1997 (it has been family-owned since it opened 1916) and made sure to keep the quaint, independent bakery the way it has been for so many years really meant a lot to me since a bakery like [Name Removed] is exactly what I strive to create. His advice on location planning and being prepared for everything really opened my eyes to see how much work a bakery is. I learned that there are two sides to a business in the food industry; a financial and a product. You must find a balance in these two aspects of a business in order to make sure you are successful. Being able to be told first hand from someone who owns a business how time consuming and hard it is to handle both sides by yourself has made my reconsider my idea of running my bakery completely by myself. Having someone help with the financial side of my bakery would be ideal since I am poor at math and really want to put my heart and soul into my product.
The second thing that helped me figure things out was his advice on schooling in the pastry and culinary arts vs. home bakers/cooks. He told me that his team is made up of a mix between both, but the general manager of the kitchen does have a diploma from a culinary school. He shared with me the personal stories of his employees and how some of his best cake decorators started off as sales people in the front of the store and through observing and practicing have now made their way to the kitchen. After all the questions and the advice he gave me on what to look for in a location to how to keep my files organized, his biggest point was that experience and passion makes all the difference in this industry and that to me is the most meaningful piece of advice he could give me.
Date Submitted: 2014-04-24 21:49:31

This project made me realized a lot of things I did not know before. I learned that there are too many things I need to learn before entering an industry. Now I know what I need to learn in school to help me for the future. Before talking to an actual entrepreneur, I did not know what to focus on my learning.
Another thing I learned is that I need to be more mentally prepared. I only saw the good side of owning a business before. Now I realize the hardship in it. So I will build myself a stronger person so I can be fully devoted.
Date Submitted: 2014-04-24 23:38:37

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Records 731 to 740 of 1253