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Student Insights for Entrepreneur Interviews

Entrepreneur insights and perceptions related to their businesses were obtained through interviews conducted by students. Student insights and reflections regarding the interview process are shown on this page.

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The first most meaningful thing to me about this project was that I developed a stronger relationship with my mentor. One of the ways we share a stronger relationship is that he feels comfortable inviting me to his house, so I really get to see the way his lifestyle as an entrepreneur has influenced his standard of living. Another way we share a stronger relationship is in the way that he now shares new ideas and lets me try out products that are still in the testing stage of the process. Further, I think this symbolizes a strong relationship with my mentor which the fact that he is willing to let me be the first to experience his new ideas and products before the can reach the market.

The second most meaningful thing about this project to me is the inside knowledge of what my mentor does to be successful. Before this project I knew my mentor was successful in his business; however, I did not know exactly what he spent his time doing and why he was so busy. Now that I talked to him I found it motivating in terms of what it takes to run a business and how a successful entrepreneur chases his passion and makes a living out of it. Another thing I found out about his business is that he is in the business of motivation high school students which I feel is amazing because there are many high school students that go through life unmotivated and just waiting to be inspired. The last thing I found out and most important to me was that he is seeking interns to train and I feel that this would be an amazing opportunity to learn about the business world first hand.
Date Submitted: 2014-10-21 20:40:23

What was most meaningful to me from this project was that I actually went out to seek an entrepreneur and interview him myself, this is something I wouldn’t have expected to do from my business class. It was a learning experience and this just makes me want to go out and ask more questions and interview more entrepreneurs or at least get to talk to them more to get some information from them that can help me in the future and in the present with current goals. This makes me want to seek out a mentor to go to when I have questions or seek advice from someone with experience and expertise in the business world. It’s always nice to gather and collect information from different sources and put all the pieces together to get one big source of knowledge from all sorts of aspects in the business world.
It’s good to know that there are many entrepreneurs out there that have started from nothing and turned it into something; all with a different story to tell and different advice to give from different aspects. I feel I will begin to conduct a social experiment with entrepreneurs using this assignment as my way to get information from successful entrepreneurs and learn from them and possibly build a good relationship with these entrepreneurs to get even more specific details into how the game works in the business world. I feel that talking to actual entrepreneurs just reminds me that anything is possible with the proper mind set and motivation and having an entrepreneur to go to can be very beneficial to me.
Date Submitted: 2014-10-21 21:02:13

most meaningful part of this project is that I really got to sit down and talk to my boss the dream of her owning her own gymnastics gym and how it came true for her. I got to know her in a different personal level than I knew her before. I got to learn the complications about my job and what it takes to own a gym, all the hard work she does so I have a good working environment. Learning all the little details of what it takes to stay in this business made this project very special.
Date Submitted: 2014-10-21 22:28:58

The most meaning full part of the project was learning the “ropes” of being an entrepreneur. Getting an insight of what being a business owner in the industry in which I would like to do join is just priceless. This project has helped me to realize that your hobby really can become a successful career. I’ve learned that if you work at it that sooner or later the work you put forth will pay off. In an industry that is as competitive as this you must do as much as you can to set your self apart from the others. You must really work hard at it, learn what risks to take and find your niche in the industry.
Doing what you love is another thing I really got out of this project. Be passionate about what you choose to do and do it well. You will have times in which you may want to quit but you must not give up. Keep pushing and working at it and remember that becoming an entrepreneur is not the easiest career choice. It requires much more work than any other job. Being an entrepreneur is taking a leap of faith, it means long workdays possibly without pay, little or no sleep, believing yourself and knowing your worth.
Date Submitted: 2014-10-22 01:50:53

This project was very insightful. The person I interviewed was my brother and I actually learned a lot of things that I never knew about. The fact that he took the time to talk to me, as a business man, meant a lot. By him allowing me into his process from the beginning helped me understand how hard it is to start your own business. Though it showed me how hard it could be to begin, it also showed me how rewarding it could be. My brother seems to be very dedicated to his line of work and he is proud of his business. I personally find that to be very insightful, because it shows that to be an entrepreneur you have to be passionate about your business in order for you to push it towards success. This project has been a great opportunity to learn and start thinking about my own plans for the future regarding my business. His advice is very honest and helpful. In the future I can look back at this and see the challenges any one business can encounter throughout its lifetime and it hopefully helps to keep in mind the changes that go on and how it can affect my business.
Date Submitted: 2014-10-22 04:13:27

I think one thing I found most meaningful in this project was that I got some great detailed answers about the business world. I plan to take ownership in a business and run a success company. This project has showed me that I still have a lot to learn about the business world and that it will not be easy to be in the business world the way I want to. That still won’t stop me. I have many goals and I plan to learn as much as I can about the real world of business. This has really opened my eyes as to what I am getting myself into and what I need to prepare myself for. It has truly been a learning experience for me.

A couple of things that I found that might not be easy were having to adapt to new technology and new ways of banking. We are always going to be advancing in the world of technology and if that is something I cannot keep up with, the survival rate of my business might not be as strong as I first intended and also might not make me as success full as my competition. With all the new possibilities of banking and getting paid is yet another thing thing that I find will be challenging. Just as technology, banking is also changing very rapidly. Being able to pay on smart phones and on the internet is something that my future business is going to have to take into consideration
Date Submitted: 2014-10-22 10:30:15

I like this project overall but I would say that it would’ve meant a lot more if I could’ve interview an owner who has the type of business I might be interested in so I can get motivated and believe I can conquer the world. However, I have always thought about starting my own business so I won’t have to work for no one, I don’t like to be boss around therefore I just thought about creating a web page and start a business which I still don’t know what it would be. Anyway what I like about this project mainly is that I was able to get an idea or prospective on how to do it and some key components on what to do and not to do. Although it may seem a little too heavy owning a business because of all the rules terms and conditions to follow but with commitment I think I can start my own and finally even better because I got answers from professionals who started their own business and gave me ideas on how to manage it. How to create a better environment and what to expect and what my employees expect from me.
Date Submitted: 2014-10-22 12:28:14

I have become more motivated to pursue my dream after the interview. I have always dreamt of having my own coffee shop providing the best desserts, aromatic coffee, and a comfortable atmosphere. This would be a space for the customers to come and relax while reading a book, chat with friends, or enjoy an afternoon with desserts. Before the interview, I kept this dream in my heart as something that is really far from me, since I don’t have enough experience or the capital to start a business. After learning that [Name Removed] started his business with merely $2000, his business journey is really one that is admirable and made me believe my dream is closer than I thought.
[Name Removed] has met a lot of people along the way that has helped him throughout his journey, maybe a lot of things are really determined by chances and fate. He told me that I should express my ideas and thoughts more to seek for guidance from more experienced people. This will help me gain different perspectives and support for what I need to pursue my dream. He also reminded me to not be afraid to seek advice from elders, every time I express my ideas will be a good practice in completing my thoughts fully and more concisely.
I have learned a lot through this interview, although I may encounter a lot of challenges, entrepreneurship seems easier than I expected. Worrying too much may make me miss the best opportunities. Maybe it is time for me to discuss my coffee shop dream with my family now!
Date Submitted: 2014-10-22 12:34:59

The most meaningful part of the project to me is the advice and experience I learned from the interview. My dream is to open my own small business where I can be my own boss but also enjoy my work. I emailed my old previous manager in which we both have a pretty good relationship and he was happy to take time from his busy schedule to do this interview with me. I was one of his best workers so he was happy to share many advices and secrets in running a business. Normally he would not do that since if everyone ran restaurants like he did, business would be harder. His English is not so well but I got down what he was trying to say. If his English was amazing, these answers would’ve probably been in more detail with stories, experience, and helpful advices that could fill a book.

Probably the most stressful part of the job would be managing the money. There is so much work into managing the money from paychecks all the way shopping. And probably the most happiest and irritating part would be the workers. Some workers can be the best workers but sometimes not click with others where you have issues and decisions on what to do with that worker. But in the end being your own boss and creating job opportunities and another family is probably the best feeling someone can get. Along with the profit.
Date Submitted: 2014-10-22 13:41:48

During this project I was able to take away two very important things that meant the most to me during this project. The first one is the ways in which you build relationships and trust with customers and individuals who all share a part in the success of your business. How your business treats its customers and how its customers respond are key to reputation and positive review. People seek businesses that have great customer relations and provide customers with opportunities as well as satisfaction. The second thing I took away was the networking! There is no question that networking is by far one of the most important things a young entrepreneur can have. Ties with CEO’s of major companies, supervisors, managers and professors with eventful backgrounds can all go a long way with opening many doors for yourself and others. Sometimes it is not how much you know, but who you know!
Date Submitted: 2014-10-22 17:57:38

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Records 761 to 770 of 1253