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Student Insights for Entrepreneur Interviews

Entrepreneur insights and perceptions related to their businesses were obtained through interviews conducted by students. Student insights and reflections regarding the interview process are shown on this page.

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The most meaningful thing to me was that the person I interviewed took the time out of his busy schedule to help me and explain everything I needed to know about the job. He was very thorough in his answers which helped me to better understand his perspective. This interview motivated me to want to build a career in real estate so that I can be as successful as he is. The little tips that he gave me about staying focused and training your mind really helped me because it made me realize what is important from a business owner’s point of view. Since I completed the interview a few weeks ago he has been contacting me to follow up on how my business classes are going which also means a lot to me.
Also, a plan of the steps I need to take to get into real estate. He offered guidelines to help direct me to the path that he followed. Another thing that he did was he gave me advice on how to fix my credit so I can eventually buy a home. He is opening my eyes to opening a micro business in my hobbies. I am very thankful that I asked this person for this interview because they helped me realize how to achieve the goals that I have set for myself.
Date Submitted: 2014-10-22 23:17:52

The most meaningful part of this project to me is how much effort and passion and hard work I need to put in when I start my own business. The fact that it will be mine and my responsibility to keep up with it, being mentally and emotionally ready is a big step for me. For instance I never thought I would want to own my own business, but here I am taking a class and learning from it and learning from the interview as well. I think after this project I now have an idea of how I want to start my business and go from there. Even though with great power comes lots of responsibility, it is a risk I am willing to take and at the same time be smart about it. I am ready to take a chance not being afraid of changes, but also be very open minded and share ideas with my customers so that I can improve and enhance my business, and work on doing some research before taking the next step. Another thing is talking to lawyers and taking business workshops to improve my skills over all. I am going into the pastry business so for me it’s learning the latest products for example the latest cake designs the newest materials that are out there including the latest technology software to improve my web page also hiring a financial planner and making sure I pay my bills on time and keeping track of my customers and vendors and suppliers. This was a great experience working on the project it really showed me that I need to be ready and be prepared for the outcomes of starting a business.
Date Submitted: 2014-10-22 23:57:46

The project is meaningful to us because we established various ways and methods that have enabled the success of the business. In the project, the most meaningful is the part that deals with identification important things necessary for a business to survive and thrive. In this section, we realized that failure of one to establish and plan for a business is planning to fail. Therefore, among the three things essential setting up a business plan is very important to guide and offer directions. Secondly, always have a backup plan and do not give up easily. As the first we mentioned, plan to fail but have to have courage to restart the plan for ultimate goal. Thirdly, know more about self-limit and opponents’ strength. Being able to understand what the opponents are doing and how they are doing is crucial to own business. This information helps the following internal plans to strength the abilities’ of competition.
We additionally learned how big the world truly is. There are thousands of thousands of company in thousands of industries. Competition is the most difficult task to deal with. Via massive information researching, dozens of valuable information such as standards of successful business, how complicated and difficult to be a successful entrepreneur and how important values that business hold are. There are many more trivial and important information that enlarged our perspectives. For examples, salaries of CEOs, costs of business used in a year or the philosophy of the business supporting behind them are the tiny things, yet highly influencing the operation of a firm. The internal management is already a high barrier in the way to success; the competitions between businesses are the most headache-causing problem to be in the industry.
Date Submitted: 2014-10-22 23:58:10

What was most meaningful to me about this project was being able to put myself in a successful entrepreneurs shoes. Being able to experience someone’s life and struggle and also its connection to a family owned business. Even gaining the knowledge and some insight on a whole different type of business I was not really aware of. I never knew anything about labor union corruption and all that history until I had to conduct this interview. This was so meaningful to me because I enjoy getting personal with people. I enjoy getting the chance to see the life light up in people’s eyes when they talk about things they love, in a way it sort of brightens my days. I look forward to pursuing my dreams that much more knowing how happy some of these business owners are, and that even the simplest business can flourish with the right backbone.
This particular business owner is my grandmother’s close friend, and it was really interesting to find out he and his wife and son’s have a family owned business, still running after all these years because I have had the dream of one day being able to create my own venture and take flight into the world of business. It is comforting to know that I now have someone I can turn to in case I do need help with starting up my future business whatever it may be. I know what I will have to endure owning a business will not be simple and to my liking's, I know even for me everything goes wrong at the wrong time, but another thing I know is I have managed to make it this far. This project has provided me with the optimism I need to push myself forward, and that is what is MOST meaningful to me.
Date Submitted: 2014-10-23 00:26:29

What I found most meaningful about this project is everything that I learned from it. I feel like talking directly to a business owner just about their business is a good way to learn. Setting up a meeting with the sole purpose of talking about owning and running a business kept us on track and avoided distraction from it. The predetermined questions were also helpful. Some are questions that are important but that I would never think to ask.
Asking each question during the interview led into discussion. The discussions were very informative and turned into interesting conversation about business. It also led into other questions that were not in the questionnaire. I feel that having interesting discussions are the best way to learn because I can remember a lot more from it than from reading it out of a book or just listening to someone tell me everything. Overall I found this project to be fun and informative.
Date Submitted: 2014-10-23 00:27:17

What was most meaningful about this project that it got me feeling optimistic about my plans that I want to have in the near future. Being able to talk to an existing successful business owner about how they started and how far they have come really makes me understand that it is all possible. In the process of this project I've networked and made some valuable connections with people that I would have never thought I would be acquainted with. I've opened up and realized that the resources that are out there for business are almost unlimited.

Hearing everything that my entrepreneur had to say about being in business really settled in with me and I've truly learned from it. Having done this project, I have gained knowledge that I would have never known about business. Having an insider perspective about how to be successful in business can really save me from making the wrong choices or losing a lot of money. So, all that I've learned is priceless. Everything about this project was meaningful and holds true value on the future goals of my business.
Date Submitted: 2014-10-23 00:54:44

Wow! This project really helped me realize how much effort and time it takes to run a successful business. I feel like I gained so much knowledge from this project on how to run a business. I didn't just learn about the right things to do, I learned about what he did wrong. I'm fortunate to learn from Mike's trials and tribulations, and fortunate to see how he successfully overcame those hiccups. Being able to come to a family friend and have him really open up on his secrets of how to run a business, is huge for me and my future. Now I know that when I want to get started on my own journey, I have someone who I can turn to, someone who has been down the path that I am about to travel. The advice that he gave me about how to successfully attack the market was huge, because I had no clue that I have to put myself in the right market and surround myself with the right people in order to be successful. Other great advice he gave me was to choose the people who you work with wisely, because creating a bad working environment, can greatly impact your success. One of the biggest things I learned from this was to see how crazy and motivated he is to always get better and make more money. Another huge thing that I noticed was how much he loves what he does. He told me that loving what you do makes it easy to show up and work your butt off every day.
Date Submitted: 2014-10-23 02:41:54

I really enjoyed this project and the depth at which to cover some key points about starting a business. The first thing was the excitement that filled me with my friend accepted to do the interview. I take a 2 hour bus ride to their shop. I was able to get them some business referred to them just prior so they were stoked to have me with them. We shared many like ideas when it came to understanding a business mentality. We shared many ideas across some different topics. I don’t think they realized just how much I looked up to them for guidance when I first heard they were getting into business and how Ive followed their growth via social media. I always wanted one of their original “Too many Chiefs” hoodless sweatshirts, I was just going through so many hard times I didn’t have the money to buy one from them.
The twins and their older brother have always been good people in my eyes. The company they started was sure to take off and I’m glad I had this opportunity. While composing the synopsis for the interview for submission I realized I have a lot to learn with talking one on one with people. My brain is so full of emotion when I get into something, sometimes I forgot I was interviewing them, but we stayed focused on got the project done.

My contact information and extra concerns regarding this project can be requested at The company is willing to disclose or help in any way towards future projects. Let me know!
Date Submitted: 2014-10-23 03:01:36

The most meaningful thing of the project is learning about the startup of an entrepreneur, and what it take to become successful. I have learn a lot about the startup of this industry and its target market, and what it takes to be successful in this industry. Two major thing I have learned from this interview include learning how to start a company with limited financial, and the importance of communication. It is always difficult for a startup to survive and thrive in its industry. With limited capital it is even more difficult to do so. However, I have learned that the by negotiating with the vendors it can save me lots of money.
The second lesson is communication. Communication unsurprising was one of the main ingredient for success in business. The success of the business comes from reputation not from advertisement. With good reputation business does not need to waste its money on advertisements. Customers will recommend other customers like money growing on tree. All that is necessary is for you to outshine your competitors by gaining the trust and loyalty of your client.
Date Submitted: 2014-10-23 07:21:58

In this project, there was the opportunity to talk to a small business owner. There are a couple of things that were the most meaningful to me about this project. I was able to talk to the owner about their interest in making their company, what led them to making it, and about the challenges that they have had to face, and may even still face today. One of the things that was the most meaningful to me about this project was the advice that the business owner gave regarding the advice he could offer an aspiring entrepreneur. He gave the advice to be organized and to think about the initial and the ongoing costs that owning/having a business comes with. This was good advice--I myself need to become more organized, especially when it comes to papers and in general. I also need to learn to make a well thought-out and organized plan and not just jump into things straight ahead without knowing completely what I'm going to be jumping into.
Two of the other things that were most meaningful to me during the interview was what drove the business owner to starting a business, and how he faced the challenged that he and his company faced. The meaning behind starting a business can often be the motivation that pulls the owner into making a commitment and pulling on through even when the going gets tough. There is going to be financial strain, customer complaints, relationship strain, trouble between employees, people that don't do their job right, and family obligations, among other sorts of trouble. There are going to be the bad times, but then there is going to be the good times in there, too. Learning how to 'ride the waves,' how to get through in the good times and in the bad, is a vital skill that the company will surely need to learn how to do in order to maximize their survival.
Date Submitted: 2014-10-23 08:42:00

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Records 781 to 790 of 1253