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Student Insights for Entrepreneur Interviews

Entrepreneur insights and perceptions related to their businesses were obtained through interviews conducted by students. Student insights and reflections regarding the interview process are shown on this page.

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The most meaningful part of this project was that the owner of this daycare was my grandma and her advice was the most important to me because it is very true. I always need to remember why I am doing what I'm doing and I need to enjoy it. Owning your own business should be very important to you and the people helping you with business should also be important and be able to enjoy their jobs as much as you do. I realized there was a lot more to running a day care then I thought and you must have a lot of patience, knowledge, and be able to entertain the children. Also to be extremely knowledgable in safety because you would never want a child to be injured over something that shouldn't have been there in the first place. Parents are an important factor in your business because they need to love the way you care for their children, trust you with their child, and your capability to do a good job.

This project has taught me a lot about running a business and the needs you must  meet. A lot of education and experience come in handy. Also a lot of requirements you must meet in order to care for a group of children.
Date Submitted: 2010-04-13 21:15:59

I enjoyed this interview becuase it allowed me to experience personally to an extent someone elses point of view and experiences in becoming an Entrepreneur.  I have gatherd information that I can use for my personal effors in staring my own business. For instance I did not thingk of checking with the SBA regarding my business.  I though that I did not have much opportunities abailable to me in openning my Home based Day Care espeically becuase at one point I spoke to a bank and they gave me the impresson that I did not have to open a business accout for this type of busienss.  Basically this discurraged me a little.  I asked my self if I was wasting my time.  

I have been sceptical about staring my Day Care Business due to the ecomony crisis we are experiencing in California and all over the world.  But I have been motivated by taking this business class and having the experince in interving an individual that has successed as a sole proprietorship.  He gave me some tipes that I have not though about.  I understand the promoting is a big impact to succeed but as he said trying to be possitive will become a big effort in the Entrepreneurial world and be willing to take a chance.  I also realized that I am in the right tract by taking child development courses as well as obtaining a state permit.  This will give me a good backround for my business and perfesionalisum in this particular field.            
Date Submitted: 2010-04-14 00:03:18

The most meaningful part of this project to me was just the experience to talk to someone who actually has a business, did it by themselves, and is successful. I enjoyed discussing with him the ins and outs of his company. He seemed really enthusiastic about it and it made me feel like I need to be enthusiastic also. He started his company out of a passion, and that is something that I admire. If i am to start my company, I want it to be something that i can see myself doing everyday. This man is doing that for himself. He loves cars, and he turned it into a living.

Another meaningful part of the project to me was gaining some real life insight into what it is like to own a business. He wasn't afraid to tell me the problems his company is facing and it made me realize that it may not be all simple. I now realize that owning your own company means dealing with customers as well as employees. These are real people with real concerns. It is the owners responsibility to handle these concerns effectively and honestly. He showed me that honesty and relating to people can go a long way in establishing networks and a customer base. The owner of Al's Auto Body has a passion for cars, and it shows in his work. I want to be the same way.
Date Submitted: 2010-04-14 17:39:03

    The relevance of the project to my prospective future is what I found to be most meaningful.  I was able to interview an entrepreneur who is working in the exact same field of work I will to be in.  Because of that, the information I received is completely indispensable. My goal is to operate an apparel manufacturing company with a semi-vertical platform.  I want a hand in the production, advertising, whole selling, and an online retail outlet to reach my customer directly.  It’s reassuring to find an entrepreneur who can manage all those complex outlets in a small, yet incredibly successful, operation.   Even more so, I found out that running a multifaceted business can have many advantages, as information from one area can aid you in another.
    I gathered from this interview that you can never be over prepared or finished with your education.   As people, time and technology changes, we must adapt and find better ways to work our business.  If there’s an aspect that your business may be involved in, it is worth to study and learn that subject.   From computer software to the internet, payroll and accounting anything with some relevant tie to your line of work should be looked into.  The entrepreneur wears many different hats.  
   “Be good, be fair, and be different” is the summation I took in order to survive and thrive in business.  The simplicity and honesty of this business motto speaks to me.  Coming from a retail background, I’ve learned to understand the importance of customers and the relationships we build.   It’s admirable to discover that the same philosophy, applied to something you love, can make you a success once you take the leap into entrepreneurship.  

Date Submitted: 2010-04-14 19:14:59

This project was very meaningful to me in several ways. The first way being that this business is a business that I deal with on a week to week basis.  Being that it is small business I have built a bond with them and consider them to be close friends.  He runs this business with pride in what he does and gives people assurance in the products that he supplies.  Getting more understanding in what it takes to run a small business such as this makes me respect him even more.

The owner is someone you can count on to be there no matter what time it is if you have any problems with his product he will try and work it out for you.  That is something that i think some business lack is the customer service.  This project has allowed me to get behind the scenes with a business that I am familiar with and allowed me to get some information that was very helpful in possibly starting my own business one day.
Date Submitted: 2010-04-14 21:46:41

The most meaninful thing about this project to me was seeing what it takes to be a thriving business owner. I had the chance to see how their perspective was on how a business should be run. Its also helped me to see two sides of the business as a worker and the owner. Ive also realized that the owner has the knowledge of intricate details required to run a succesful business. Wether or not they handled their business that way I would have to say no. Being one of their fellow managers in the company Ive learned ways on how to run a business more efficently with minimal effort. For example more communication between the owner and his staff also by acknowledging what the customers want followed by putting out some type of marketing to get their name out there. This based upon my knowledge and years of experience with the company are the basic neccesities needed to to run a successful business.
Date Submitted: 2010-04-15 14:59:24

One of the most meaningful thing to me was that it was not as bad as I thought it would be to Interview an Entrepreneur.  It actually was a pleasant experience to me, and very helpful.

I have learned that if you take the right approach to contact a very busy person like Linda Klain is, you still can get good results. I left a message with her assistant to call me back at her convenience which she did, and I communicate her my need about my project an she was glad to help me out.

It also gives me motivation to continue to learn, and my aspiring to become a Business owner, I still feel good about it.

I would like to help my son, his looking forward to open his own Mechanic Shop and perhaps this Interviewing has been of good help
Date Submitted: 2010-09-14 11:58:52

Interviewing a small business owner was a great experience for me.  I was able to see for myself what it took to be a small business owner. I did realize that there are many challenges that face small businesses. I found it meaningful that the small business owner was open to answer the questions asked. I found it meaningful that an instance such as a job loss could help someone start up their own business.  I also was able to better understand how to prepare before opening a business such as doing research. I also learned about the different types of financing available for small businesses such as loans.

Something meaningful that I realized after the interview was that there is help for potential entrepreneurs. Many times we just have to look for the proper resources. Before this project I thought of an entrepreneur as someone who had the money to open up a business.  Now that I better understand the resources available such as consulting and seminars I have a better idea of how small businesses start. Any little resource that helps people start up a business is great because of the knowledge gained through attending those seminars. Most importantly since I want to be a small business owner one day I learned that there is help for me to reach for if necessary.

Date Submitted: 2010-09-16 15:44:56

Seek 1st to understand rather than to 1st be understood.  Asking myself how can I say this without offending the other person.  These were two of my entrepreneur's last statements and words of encouragement and advice to me.  It was such a joy getting to sit down with other like minded people that had only good, and great things to say about business and what and how they choose their careers.  None would change it for nothing.  The lessons and experiences they gained from pursuing these avenues of business have only made them a bette person.  This was apparent in their demeanor and character.  This is what I liked the most about doing the interview and why I gravitate towards them, as well.  Thank you for the opportunity to allow me a more closer look at who they were, as well as, who I am.     
Date Submitted: 2010-09-20 17:35:40

The most meaningful thing I learned today was how to become useful even if you are not the biggest company. Small time barbers are hard working men and woman. We all strive to become successful but only the strong survive. Meaningful to me was seeing someone in the local neighborhood make himself a small business with just positive thoughts and motivation. I also learned that in his path to achievie this goal there where stops where he had question if this was possible. Although he over came these negative thoughts and succeeded. So the most value came from within his mind of a goal he had and he had accomplished!
Date Submitted: 2010-09-20 22:55:35

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Records 81 to 90 of 1253