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Student Insights for Entrepreneur Interviews

Entrepreneur insights and perceptions related to their businesses were obtained through interviews conducted by students. Student insights and reflections regarding the interview process are shown on this page.

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The most meaningful aspect of this project was being given the opportunity to talk to someone in the same field as I am looking into. This gave me the opportunity to talk to someone and get some insight into what it will take to be successful. I realize that it will not be easy to get into a field where you are working on someone’s baby, who want all the best things for that horse. This can be difficult because some of the clients will try to tell you how to do your job, and how I handle this situation will make or break me. Being able to talk to an entrepreneur made me realize how much farther I have to go. I have already started my business, I have my certification, and have a solid base of clientele, this project made me realize that I have a lot further to go.
This project also helped me to understand how to help grow my business. It also helped me to understand that it takes a long time to build this business up. It also helped me to understand that I will be working hard for a long time before it begins to pay off. And even then I have to expect to keep on working hard to make ends meet. As the person I interviewed emphasized, you will be working hard for a long time, but the people and horses that you help will make it all worth it in the end. If you do a good job, people will help you out and be extremely thankful for the help you give them. I believe that the hard work will pay off, and be more fulfilling than any other type of job or business.
Date Submitted: 2015-04-20 07:54:50

“We want to fix problems,” he concluded our interview by telling me. “A lot of us are driven by the desire to find creative solutions for what are always intractable problems in development. We know, on every project, we’re going to run into roadblocks. Usually, there are different roadblocks. What actually has become fun, over the years, for a lot of us here is to figure out new ways to blow through those roadblocks.”
He continued. “That is, for me, just as much fun as participating in game design. Because it’s more social design. It’s more figuring out what we all respond to well and what solutions work in such a fluid environment. I think because we’re dedicated to constantly coming up with better ways of doing things, whether they work or not, it does help people here look past the problems that we all encounter on a daily basis in development. And they feel confident that, no matter how stressful it gets, no matter how challenging a particular project is, we’re going to figure out a way to make it work.”
Date Submitted: 2015-04-20 07:57:14

The most meaningful thing about this interview is that I plan on opening my own business one day and now I have an insight on what it takes to do so. I learned to be more prepared. It was probably the most important aspect of the interview that [Name Removed] kept talking about. She made me understand that it would take a lot of work to find the right location, because everywhere is so different that I need to think about what kind of cliental I would want. I could tell that she had to struggle for a while because she didn’t know how to keep inventory correctly. She said by not doing so she had lost a ton of money. So now I know I would have to keep track of everything that I have.
With talking to [Name Removed] you can see how passionate she was about her business and how proud she was to be her own boss. I think that’s probably what inspired me the most about this interview. I realize now that it is going to be a lot of work to open my own business. She actually inspired me to take more classes to learn the accounting side of a business. This way I would be better equipped to keep track of my money. This was such a great experience talking to her about her business and the journey that she took to get it. It actually makes me excited to get started on looking for ways to start my own business some day.
Date Submitted: 2015-04-21 12:36:28

The first and probably most meaningful thing about this project to me is the knowledge that I have learned from it.the most important thing that I have learned from it would be the process to start my own business During the interview that I had with entrepreneur from his business he says that having knowledge of your trade is one of the most important things, and the other thing is to always have a good marketing plan to draw in more customers because he told me that gaining new customers is one of the most difficult thing to do. Also, too make sure that I always have a comfortable buffer to keep paying bills, as well as paying employees to keep the business running smoothly and to avoid any problem.

While there were a lot of information that he was able to provide. The only thing that he told me to remember about was to take smart risk and not worry to much on the outcome. He said as long as your giving it your best you can never fail. A small failure are acceptable it make you and your business a lot stronger. it is the big failure you do not want to have. All this can be prevented if your able to change and anticipate any problem coming . All in All the project was a great help to me.
Date Submitted: 2015-04-21 15:15:56

This project was most meaningful for me because I got to interview my mom. I've been around my grandma and mom watching kids my entire life. It was cool to see the business aspect of child care. There is so much more to just keeping an eye on a child until their parent picks them up. I had no idea what extra steps my mom had to take to turn part of our house into an actual certified daycare. It was meaningful because this business is the reason I have a roof over my head. My mom had this plan to open a daycare for years and the fact I get to experience her plans with her is great.
In addition to learning about my mom's business I learned how I want to help her. I want to one day franchise her daycare into a center or two. This would not only be financially doable, but also give my mom the peace of mind that her house is hers alone. She loves the kids she watches but I know she feels trapped at times because she has to share her house with people who can sometimes be uninviting and rude. I know that one day I'll make it happen for her and one day [Name Removed] will be a real center with my mom at the helm...and me as the main every other position
Date Submitted: 2015-04-21 18:35:16

During my interview, the entrepreneur’s experiences about her business are very helpful. I agree with her, interest is the guideline for people to start your own business. When I am interesting in something, I will pay more attention and all my passion to do it. If we are not interesting in our business, we won’t elaborately organized and run it. So I think I will remind myself of remembering the initial goal to run my business. Benefit is a businessman’s finial goal, but there are more worthy things to do. Do things that don’t scale, we need the quality at the beginning instead of quantity. Don’t want to be success in hurry.
Another meaningful thing is about the business situation. She told me a lot problems that she met. In my opinion, some of the problems are common. I could try to avoid those problems when I start my own business. Theory and practice are always different. Sometimes the theory don’t work out during the practice. However, the theory is the basis and the guideline to help people. Combining those two and learning some experience from other people will make me become more competitive. Moreover, be ready for everything is always a good thing.
Date Submitted: 2015-04-21 23:08:53

.) The project provided me a peak in to the world of business. As I spoke with [Name Removed] and she talked about marketing and the future of technology, I could easily apply the same formula to any business model. This gave me a tremendous take away and insight on how to start a new business, and apply basic models and fundamental that work. I also came away with a clear understanding of strong customer service in today’s, can’t wait climate, which opened another window for peak into the value of human capita, and how it is the most primary resource. [Name Removed] stated, she wanted an automated system to give her more time just interacting with clients and getting them to feel warm and fuzzy with a mutual trust. I also learned a little about destiny, [Name Removed] was thrust into a field which she had no prior knowledge of, and somehow she was picked up and sat down in a bus company, and some ten years later she is still with it and happy. Is destiny at play, perhaps? This was a great learning exercise for any learner.
Date Submitted: 2015-04-22 05:58:51

What was most meaningful to you about this project? Why?

Answer:The entire project is meaningful and interesting. I appreciate the fact that my interviewee is extremely knowledgeable in business management. Every response that he provided put me back in my small business lecture room and beyond. I am now able to connect theoretical principles to the practical aspect of running a business successfully. I learned that it is easier to transition from an employee or an intrapreneur to a bold and ambitious entrepreneur by starting a business that will compliment my background. By sharing the things that he would have done differently, I learnt not to repeat the same mistakes as an aspiring entrepreneur.

I definetely will study the nature as well as any available historical data in the line of business I intend to go into. I will also research any source of funds available as leveraging will be advantageous for me. Most of all, I actually realized that starting and running a business required a variety of skill sets, dedication and patience. He impressed on me that fear has no place in One's aspiration, strong desire to take risk and enjoy the reward is necessary instead. I, particularly,am appreciative of all the pointers that he gave me on the preparation for starting a business. I will cherish his advice and follow every step in my business.
Date Submitted: 2015-04-22 07:50:25

The most meaningful concept I have learnt during the entrepreneur interview is the attitude. We should love our work or job. Be passion and patient. Never gave up on ourselves. No matter how worse it is. Passion is significant to keep business strategy moving. Negative attitude will drive you down in the entrepreneurs’ filed. Trust what you do. Read about successful businesses history and performance. Take in the wealth of knowledge that’s been provided by successful entrepreneurs.

Moreover, I learn that always be prepared before start up a business. I should know at least basic concept of accounting, human resources and marketing. Also find a right product or service, and then do the marketing research to find consumers’ needs. A brief business plan will help me to analysis and make a profitable business decision. Last but not least, be confident and management ability are the main characteristics for an entrepreneurs.
Date Submitted: 2015-04-22 09:38:57

The most meaningful to me about this project is that how this sole prior ship struggled and went through to be successful and prosper in life. He limited his family on money to be able to pay bills. The first couple of years it was really hard to him and his family do to the limiting in money. The surprising on how much and how long people struggles to be successful and prosper in life. Its amazing how you just dont struggle, you suffer because of what you expose your family too, to get through your business to be successful. Having to work harder when you open your business because you have to bring food to the table.

That life is all about challenges and obsticals you have to go through, this kindnof things that lifes puts you through to get strronger in a personal way. That at the end of the line is worth struggeling in your business because that means that life has many more positive things for you and that doors will be opening into your business. That also having good credit opens doors to your business and help from the banks. That also its not necessary to go to college to open a business and be successful. But it will be much help and worth geting your degree because you will already know what will be expected. And to never put yourself down to always push yourself to more to never give up because you will successsed.
Date Submitted: 2015-04-22 10:30:46

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Records 821 to 830 of 1253