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Student Insights for Entrepreneur Interviews

Entrepreneur insights and perceptions related to their businesses were obtained through interviews conducted by students. Student insights and reflections regarding the interview process are shown on this page.

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It was meaningful to speak to an individual who had fulfilled their dream of starting a new business in which they were passionate about. I was impressed with the fact that this individual had the courage to pursue their passion and dream of starting a health conscious business. I felt I learned a lot from this entrepreneur, especially concerning the advice they offered towards starting my own business. It gave me lots of insight into the importance of properly preparing a business plan and learning about the business process prior to executing my vision. I appreciated the advice regarding perseverance and passion for my goals as well as educating myself in all facets that my business might include. Being prepared and knowledgable about my prospective business is something he highly encouraged. I completely understood its importance. I also learned that one must believe in themselves and be prepared to work hard to build their vision.

I also found it meaningful to overcome my anxiety about the project as a whole and appreciated the vast amounts of knowledge I gained from the interview. This really opened me up to seeking a possible mentor in a similar business as the one I am envisioning. I plan on finding other professionals to learn from and who will hopefully guide me in the area of my choosing.
Date Submitted: 2015-06-01 11:17:15

I think what I found most meaningful about this project was being able to talk face-to-face with someone in the industry I want to get into. I know the horse industry is not for everyone. I’m not out to make millions of dollars, and control hundreds of employees. I just know I am passionate about the ranch lifestyle, and would find it very fulfilling. I relate to those values of people who are a part of this world, but I didn’t understand how their lifestyles was dependents on a business. I’ve never thought of owning a small business, and didn’t really realize that that is what owning a ranch would entail. Because whenever I thought about “the business man” I was very turned off to the idea of the business world. I’ve always painted the picture of “the business man” being a guy in a suit in tie; a man that is greedy, sly, and unethical; always playing in the grey area, working long hours in the city away from their family, willing to do whatever it takes to get to the top. They believe time is money so they focus on finding ways to manipulate people or things to maximize their gains in any interaction. I see them losing value in spending their time with their family. They are too busy to talk to anyone that’s not business related. They are shallow, superficial, and only future profit oriented. But after spending the time in our Small Business Management course listening to your lecture, I see there are people that are in business that are not like this at all. You can run a business with your heart and soul. You might not make as much money because of your priorities in family or whatever. But that’s fine, because the most important things in life are priceless.
Date Submitted: 2015-10-07 20:54:37

The most meaningful information that I’ve obtained from this interview project was taking a leap of faith and having knowledge of the business. Embracing the strong urge to do something no matter how big or small and hard or easy. It’s very scary to act on something like a business venture without having the slightest idea if it’ll be successful or not. It is one thing to know what you want to be/do however; actually being/doing is another. At a very young age, my interviewee has the courage to put his doubts and fears aside. While having faith in what I want to be/do is valuable; it’s not the only component.
Performing due diligence before taking a leap of faith. Cover the unknown by seeking answers to all questions resonated with me as well with this interview. Using different methods to obtain information such as internet research. Observing the way another person or company similar to you or yours is a great way to gain knowledge. In addition to observing, ask direct and specific question to competitors to better get an idea of how my venture will fair. The combination of faith and knowledge is half the battle, in my opinion, with making a vision or a dream a reality.
Date Submitted: 2015-10-13 08:33:37

The most meaningful thing about this project is that I got to talk to my cousin that I never really spoke to before. I also found out about her restaurant that I only heard my grandmother talk about. This also showed me that there are people in my family that are famous for what they are doing. This also got me thinking about what I want to do when I finish school and how to get started. I now am starting to look up things about my family to see if anyone else in it is famous.
This project got me in the right direction on what kind of business I want to start and how to get it started. Now I know to start saving money now. I will never give up and keep fighting for my dream. Also now I have a connection with that part of the family that I didn’t have before and I am going to keep in touch with them as often as I can.
Date Submitted: 2015-10-17 11:54:45

Use school to advertise their restaurant was meaningful and interesting to listen. She uses near area school to post her store information on yearbook, join school coupon cards, and school coupon book. I have seen and heard a lot of people use Facebook, penny savers, yelp or blogs to advertise. I thought use school was a good idea and never thought about. This will help make neighbors to know about her restaurant because school coupons are not only for students and staffs. If parents or other want the coupons, they can buy from students for a decent price. If my store, sells toys, game, books or gifts, I would like to join school coupon book to let people come and make them use the coupon.
It was very helpful when she talks about many requirements is need to be completed before you can open the store. I know you must have a license to open the store. I know you have to check the electricity line for light, air conditioner, and other electronic equipment. Also, there is inspector come over to check if ready to open or not. If all the requirements that you need are not clear will be postponed to open the store. I did not know that you have to contact with the fire department for fire protection and different departments of health service to be ready for any situations to take care. For fire, I thought you just setup fire alarm and sprinkler. For injury, I thought you just call an ambulance for help. The requirements to open store is lot to do, but glad to know from this interview.
Date Submitted: 2015-10-17 19:38:22

Because of my shyness I was little nervous at first approaching [Name Removed] a business owner. But after I told him a little bit about my project and what needed to be done, he made me feel comfortable and relaxed. He said being an aspiring entrepreneur can be very scary. He told me building a business from the ground up is no easy feat it takes hard work and dedication, but is nothing to be afraid of.
As a future entrepreneur, everything he told me was meaningful and clear. The passion that he has on setting up his business and maintaining it was truly inspiring. I picked up many good ideas and problem solving points, but the most important point for me was to be knowledgeable of the customers’ needs and fulfill them and a timely manner.
Thank you again to [Name Removed] for helped me with this project, I hope on my future I can become a success history as [Name Removed].
Date Submitted: 2015-10-19 12:07:21

The thing that was the most meaningful to me during this project was how a small business can make it out there. There are 3 different locations but compared to other business out there they are over exceeding the expectations. I feel now if this business can do it, I can also do it if I plan to start my own as well. This project proved to me that anything can happen if you believe in yourself. Now I want to own my business and have a college kid come up to me wanting to learn about my business. I am excited and can’t wait for it to happen.
Date Submitted: 2015-10-19 16:50:53

The most meaningful part about this project was actually talking one on one with a successful entrepreneur. Him taking the time of his day to answer my questions, knowing that I want to start up my own business one day, meant a lot to me. I will take all his answers and advice and memorize everything he said so I can use for future reference. The fact that I know how his business has tough times and he still manages to get through them and manage everything responsibly makes me realize that giving up isn’t an option. When he told me “There’s always a bright side to everything, so by giving up, you’ll never reach that bright side”. I will keep this in mind when I have my business and times are getting tough.
“$500 of your investment can turn into a million dollar business”, “You can make a million before you can win a million”. This is very inspiring because it just shows how hard work dedication and commitment can lead to success. Interviewing an entrepreneur made me realize that these are just normal people that had a plan. What they turned that plan into took nothing but hard work, commitment, and dedication towards the business. I couldn’t ask for anything more helpful than interviewing an entrepreneur that’s been through it all and taking all his advice he has for me.
Date Submitted: 2015-10-19 23:53:36

During the interview the most meaningful action was having the interview itself, walking in there during the morning and having the interview during the owners break was a touch of luck since later on in the week I went in again to order with my friends and they were pretty busy. Also I liked the way he expressed himself and letting me into the inside of his kitchen to see the whole process from start to finish. It was very nice to hear from firsthand experience what it’s like to start, run and now retiring from a business than from a book with over 50 chapters on it. Hearing his story made me realize that even though it is hard work and dedication you put into a business you also need intelligence and most importantly “MOTIVATION” in order to continue.
Date Submitted: 2015-10-20 13:09:25

The most meaningful thing to me from this interview project was learning about why business owners started their business, what made them want to create something that they put their whole life into. Most people take a hobby that they love and turn that into a successful business or they take a simple task they had to do on a daily basis and turn that into a business and that amazes me because it can be something that you used to not have any interest in and gradually as you learn more about that topic, then it becomes something enjoyable. I have thought about taking something that I enjoy and am good at doing and turning that into a business, albeit a small one, but nonetheless it would be my business and finding out how someone decided to start their own business has influenced my want to start this business.

I also learned that social media today can also be a helpful way for a smaller business to bring in new customers or just create a fan base. Taking and posting pictures of products on social media feeds like facebook, instagram, or twitter can bring in so many people. My interviewer would take pictures of every car that he restored, he would take a before and after picture post it on his business web page and the facebook page that he created for the business so people could see what his work looked like. Car shows were also another way for people to see his work as well and he’d get more clients each time he put his cars in the shows. But overall this project was a good experience and it helped me learn a lot.
Date Submitted: 2015-10-20 22:17:01

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Records 871 to 880 of 1253