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Student Insights for Entrepreneur Interviews

Entrepreneur insights and perceptions related to their businesses were obtained through interviews conducted by students. Student insights and reflections regarding the interview process are shown on this page.

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As I was going through the process there were many things that were meaningful to me, but the most important can be summed up into two, which were interacting with a small business owner, and being able to receive information form someone who has had plenty of experience with both the ups and the downs of a business. As the interview was being conducted I enjoyed to see just how the interviewee was reacting to the questions I was acting. Every answer was told with joy and was told elaborately. The best part of it was when the interviewee told of how the business was first started, because that took him back to the “good old days” as it was said, and I remember him telling me afterwards how it felt good to go back into the past where it all started.
As the interview was conducted it was pleasures for me to be hearing everything the business owner was saying for these were the actions that made him successful. I was thinking as he was explaining everything that maybe this could work for me, because if it worked for him why not for me. Of course, there will be differences in how everyone decides to run their business, but having to learn how these ways work in the real world instead of reading it from a book, to me, seems extremely beneficial. Also, after conducting the interview for this project, I was instilled with a new sense of determination towards my goals, because after seeing how with hard work, quick thinking, and commitment, an individual can be successful, regardless of the many circumstances that await.
Date Submitted: 2015-10-20 22:24:19

This project has been able to give me tips on starting my own business and getting to network with other people. I have learned a lot of new things by having an interview with an actual business owner. The most meaningful would be having someone tell me how the stages of how a business goes and how to prevent going the wrong way. This means a lot because he has graven me a guiding path on where I should go and when to tell we need to change. Most owners won’t tell you in depth there methods and this business owner did tell me everything in depth. This will help me so much in the future when I am facing a similar phase as he did and how he overcame it will give me a hint on what to do.
The other thing was the connection me and the owner made. I was only supposed to go in to have a quick 20 minute interview it ended up being almost an hour. This meant a lot to me because he didn’t tell me things briefly he actually took his time to tell me everything. He then even called to come back if I had any questions. I made a bond with a business owner I never had before that meant a lot to me. He is willing to help me on path no matter what and we get along just great. This project was more than just information now I made a friend and a mentor for my future. That means way more to me than just a 20 minute interview with any random business owner.
Date Submitted: 2015-10-21 02:23:34

The most meaningful things to me about this project was to be able to pick the brain of successful business owner and actually getting to know what exactly they do to survive in business.
Being able to pick the brain of a successful business owner is a lot like a rookie athlete picking the brain of a star veteran athlete. What I’m saying is you get so much information from an experienced business owner that it kind of motivates you to try and start your own business. I had lots of fun doing this because I learned exactly how change is the biggest factor in business. You can never under estimate change no matter what.
Change is the biggest and most important thing in the business. At first I didn’t really think about that but after conducting this interview I came to realize that change is nothing to mess around with in a business. Business revolve around change and are always expecting change no matter what day of the week it is.
Date Submitted: 2015-10-21 02:38:00

I did this interview I had the mindset that I never wanted to start my own business, but now I feel more confident in actually starting one. After having a conversation with an entrepreneur himself and receiving tips I think I would be interested in starting my own business in the future. The entrepreneur gave me tips and I like the way he started his business. It took a lot of time to save up money, but he used that time to gain knowledge and prepare everything to start and open up the business. I like the fact that even though it is his business, the family helps out and supports the business. That’s a good way to save money and be efficient at the same time. This interview project did help me by changing my point of view, but I still need to figure out what kind of business I would be interested in.
Date Submitted: 2015-10-21 11:53:51

The most meaningful thing to me about this project was to sit down with another like minded individual and sharing personal thoughts and achievements. Listen to what drives them to keep integrity and responsibility within their business and what motivated them to begin this wonderful venture as a personal stylist.
Sitting down with them and conversing about what similar mindsets we have completely shocked me because there was an instant "click". The stylist and I have also become great friends and exchanged a lot of information related to business marketing, networking, and social gathering experiments. We shared our personal achievements and listened to each other’s personal opinions about the fashion industry and how the culture is evolving.
Listening to what drives that person to go the extra mile for their clients was also helpful because it shows you that no matter what you go through within your personal life you still have a job to uphold. Their objective is to answer the clients questions and concerns about a unique fashion style and to be able to educate them on what fits best with that certain persons physique, skin tone, and trying new styles.
Motivation is something you truly have to possess in this type of field because you are giving the client the knowledge from years of researching styles, color schemes, and new upcoming trends. The motivation as a stylist should be passed onto the client to keep them motivated as well so they can keep an eye out for unique fashion trends.
The project gave me much insight about some of the applications and new software programs they use for their business. It also attracted me to like minded, ambitious people whom became some of my great friends. Attracting ambitious people and learning about key concepts is the best thing you can grasp while learning about another person’s business.
Date Submitted: 2015-10-21 12:27:44

This interview with [Name Removed] was very enlightening in a sense I was able to see a different side of my friend. I looked up Return on investments and im getting books on understanding fundamental business practices. He said this stuff is for the strong the weak minded will not survive and this is why businesses go out of business before 5 years because people aren’t built for the ups and downs of the business. I have a lot of ideas and [Name Removed] is going to help ,me foster those ideas and create a plan behind the idea he said to me Real Money is an idea if you are in the business of fixing something a problem you will be successful. He went on to conclude that he enjoyed me treating him to lunch and was honored to be the one I chose for the interview. I really enjoyed this entire experience I think I may do more of these with other entrepreneurs and create a statistical analysis of what each has in common.
Date Submitted: 2015-10-21 12:57:37

This project touches the front line of what a company should do, what they actually do, and their mistakes that have made. I realized that CEO is a position that have to understand not only business part, but also psychological part. Not everyone is willing to play the game fairly. They use all of their chances to steal money from you. Sometimes one misrepresentation can cause serious lawsuits. Every step has to be planned thoroughly and carefully. There is a Chinese phrase “Don’t harm people, but at the same time don’t lose your caution.” It means that don’t have a heart that wants to harm or steal from other people, but don’t trust people completely as well. I have learned that I need to learn to identify potential threats from other people.
Another point I have learned is that your company have to be in the front line of the technology. Once your technology is outdated it is most likely will fail. The technology is growing rapidly. 20 years ago most companies doesn’t even have a computer. Nowadays computer and internet are everywhere in our daily lives. The companies that didn’t adapt the change of using computer mostly are gone. We have no certain timing of when will the next era be, but it won’t be long. A lot of cell phones and tablets are already replacing computers. As a future technology company’s CEO, I have to research thoroughly about the current technology trend. I also have to forecast what future technology might be. Information is everything.
Date Submitted: 2015-10-21 14:32:01

After reviewing all of the information, provided during the interview, I feel that the importance of related studies was significant in this project. It solidifies the foundation of knowledge for the entrepreneur when starting a business. By this, and if I were an entrepreneur, I would want to be highly educated in the areas of my particular business. This would include the basis of business principles, small business, possibly international business, business marketing, accounting, a foreign language, maybe business law, and human resources. It appears the basic fundamentals are necessary to start a business, while keeping in mind, that flexibility remains key to success. In addition to continued education, it would be of great benefit to also attend industry related seminars to remain current and up-to-date with the market’s trends.

While it is difficult to narrow down only one key item that was most meaningful to me, about this project, I should add the discussion about finance and how the business plan goes hand-in-hand with it. As discussed, during my interview, before starting a business an entrepreneur should create a well-written and comprehensive business plan. As all sections of this plan are critical, one should focus its strengths and attractiveness in the executive summary and financial plan sections. In relation to financing, banks, investors, and vendors will want to review the business plan prior to making any financial decisions with your company. An entrepreneur may want to avoid asking for personal loans, from family and friends, as this may create friction if those loans become difficult to repay. Conclusively, capital is a crucial element for all entrepreneurs. Time and money are the two resources most necessary in the entrepreneurial community.
Date Submitted: 2015-10-21 15:43:28

As far as I am concerned, what was the most meaningful to me about this project was the fact that I obtained experience and ideas that I was able to build a small business owner. He shared this own information how he overcome the difficulty and he keep going his goals. These information was quite useful because I can use their history to promote my start up, and they also let me know how important customer services in business. For example, I should use more method and strategies to attract more customers and keep more loyal users. In addition, I also understood that I would not find any banks and vendors without personal credit. Thus, these interview gave me a hint that building my trust right now because I could easily find suppliers.
Another reason why I thought was meaningful is because it told me that I have prepared well before I built a small business. Not only I need to have a feasible business, but also I should consult expert and do the customers’ survey in order to decreasing the risk of my business. Then, I learned that I still needed to testify my plan although It was a good plan. The small business owner told me that I have known the initial customers and potential customers for my business. These information gave me more motivation that I had more confidence to start my business. Overall, it is true that I could see longer distance that I never seen before through this interview, and I learned lots of valuable experience and suggestion from the small business owner.
Date Submitted: 2015-10-21 17:13:23

This project was meaningful was meaningful to me for two reasons. It was insightful to see where the owner of this restaurant came from. Coming from another country with little to no possessions and little knowledge on the English language, this person aspired for more. His first job was not satisfying to him and felt he had to go through with the job that would make him happy. It makes me feel as if anything is possible, as long as you put your mind to it. He may not have had the best resources to start his business but he had the adequate ambition to fulfill his dream of owning his own Mexican restaurant in Santa Maria. This shows to me that I to have a chance to own a successful business of my own as long as I have the right idea.
Also the knowledge gained from doing this interview was really valuable. I don’t really have any friends or relatives who own a business who I can speak to about starting up a business. It was good to learn about how he started his business, which may be different for others, just to have an insight on how it can be done. Things such as asking for a family member first rather going to a bank for a loan to avoid any extra charges or looking at an area for missing businesses were helpful, even though they were gone over in class. It is good to speak to someone about starting a business that has already done it before rather than always relying on the internet for information.
Date Submitted: 2015-10-21 17:32:36

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Records 881 to 890 of 1253