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Student Insights for Entrepreneur Interviews

Entrepreneur insights and perceptions related to their businesses were obtained through interviews conducted by students. Student insights and reflections regarding the interview process are shown on this page.

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Effective management is the goal. Enterprises through the hierarchical management, the management into daily work, the implementation of comprehensive management of the enterprise. Effective management, to achieve pre-loaded, curried effect, enterprises have become a strong and powerful whole. Management must continue to be innovative to be more effective. According to the characteristics of enterprise development, and constantly seek ways for enterprise management, the management of refinement, through effective management centralized intelligence staff, mobilize all positive factors that can be mobilized and strength, which is the source of enterprise development and growth

Six principles of effective management ROAR
Management focuses on the pursuit or results. A test management principle is: has reached the target, whether to complete the task. Of course, this principle is not applicable in all cases, managers should focus and attention on the "works" thing.
Grasp the overall
Managers have become managers because they Grossly globally, focusing on the whole, the overall development as the responsibility. Managers should understand their task, should not depart from their jobs, but should focus on how to use from the position of knowledge, ability and experience to the overall effect.
Date Submitted: 2015-10-21 23:54:17

I think the most important and meaningful thing I've learned from this project is that having a positive attitude and maintaining a good relationship with the people around us really making a difference. The networking is a strong resources
Date Submitted: 2015-10-22 00:02:05

Most meaningful thing that I gained from this project was getting to know someone who started their own business. I learned their hardships and history leading to starting this business. He built a business with their partner from nothing. His circumstance is different than mine. I am not going through those same hardships such as bankruptcy. I can learn from his mistakes and apply it to me.
I gained an insight to obstacles that I may also face. How I should operate a business and understand what needs to be done to be a reputable business.
Date Submitted: 2015-10-22 00:02:40

This project gave me an inside of what is it to own and operate a business, gave me the opportunity to see the other side of business operation and help me gathered valuable information on what goes on, in operation a business and all the thing that I must know before hand in order to run a successful business. Now that I had the opportunity to know insides on who to manage and run a business I have created a list of the thing that I have to know and know well, for example accounting and sales.
This experience was very valuable in all aspects not only as a student but also as an inspiring entrepreneur that which one-day have and operate a successful business. The last question I think was the most meaningful form all of them because it was more on the advice they could give me, and their advice really help me a lot because now I know that I have to keep myself motivated and ready for the challenges that comes with owning a business. It was a great learning and personal experience.
Date Submitted: 2015-10-22 00:26:03

This interview project was definitely an eye opener for me. I initially took this class to determine if I want to open my own business. I have always been interested in having my own cafe or bakery, but I am not well educated on how to start the entire process.Throughout the semester and during this project, I have learned a lot about the key factors needed to maintain a successful business. I have discovered that it takes a lot of work and dedication to run and maintain a business. I know that in order to do so, one must be passionate about their business.
The business owner I interviewed gave me great advice as to what I need to do in order to begin my own business. She told me of all the difficulties and risk that come with beginning a business. I am aware that a business can failed and that I have to always have that in mind and be prepared for the worst to happen. With this project I have learned the main factors to running a business. I believe this project was the perfect opportunity for me to learn more about owning a small business and deciding whether it's the right career for me.
Date Submitted: 2015-10-22 00:28:06

I think if I want to operate the enterprise in the future, I will avoid some problems which some enterprise had already made and absorb some good information and experience of success. From this project I understand the concept of enterprise strategy is based on the change of the environment, and make the effective use of resources to meet the needs of market and consumers. Through the management, I will make the enterprise to achieve sustained success has taken by the logic relationship between planning and strategy. If I want to make the enterprise to be a successful enterprise, I need to have a successful business strategy including the mission, vision, objective, values, implementation and safeguard measure, and other factors. At the same time, I need to position the enterprise and consider where the enterprise is now and what level the enterprise will arrive and how to arrive the objective. In order to realize the strategy, I need to consider the resource, organization, leadership and management process, especially for the management of personnel and sales.
The enterprise core competitiveness is important in operating process. However, the leadership is also important. Only good leadership can win the trust of all aspects and be responsible; and only good leadership can clear direction to focus on resource to win the chance of market. If I operate the enterprise in the future, I want to be a good leadership with pioneering spirit and perseverance.
Date Submitted: 2015-10-22 00:38:05

A lot of things is considered especially how to thrive in that business and the way we choose and present our products. If we need to be successful there is a lot of things we should focus on. We should choose the product depending on our location because every location has his own characteristics. We should also focus on budget to keep our business running and our shelve full of products so we can attract customers to visit our store and all these helpful to me because it teach me how to be competitive. Using resources is really important in all businesses because it helps to know products and offers and keep me up to date to latest change in market. This interview taught me that I should always choose the business that I have experience with so I can success in it. Before starting any business I should study about it specially the marketing and the accounting.
Technology is really important in any type of business like software, machine and equipment. Technology in the business reduce the steps of doing things and that will save me money and time and make me more competitive. I should always search for new of finance and each type of business has his own new ways but the most important thing is to stay out of bank loans. Always I try to focus on the challenge that face my business because it will make me more efficient and more competitive. Taking care of my business make me different from other by making my store more attractive to the consumer and have all the licenses ready so the customer feel safe when he visit my store.
Date Submitted: 2015-10-22 00:59:46

I really enjoyed this project because it gave me information about running a business from a business owner. The information I have learned was very helpful and I am glad that I know some of the pros and cons that come along with it. I have learned how time consuming it can be but at the same time, how rewarding it can be. Having your own business is like having your own baby. You have to take care of it and make sure everything is running smoothly at all times. This means maintaining clean and healthy work environment for your employees and customers. First impressions mean even more than I thought, the first impression can really determine whether or not a customer will be returning.
The fact that the information I have gathered was from an entrepreneur goes to show how accurate and helpful the information was to me. One of the most important things I have learned is to be able to have a relationship with the customer. Get to know their name if you can, all of these small things mean the world to a customer. Also, never take criticism the wrong way, use it as a way to fix what needs to be fixed so that way your business is only getting stronger and more organized. The people you work with are also going to play a huge role on how your business does. A genuine happy staff can almost always assure a happy customer. Try to have a positive relationship with everyone you do businesses with as this could play a huge role in the quality of your products. If your staff is happy, the chances of them working efficiently drastically increases. Make sure to always keep your employees in a happy and energetic mood because their attitude really reflects on he customer's experience.
Date Submitted: 2015-10-22 02:32:06

I learned a lot from this project. I learned that starting a business is serious work and not always fun and games. There is a lot of background work that takes place to make it successful. Even taking in account location and other small details matter too. Learning about all the little details really helped broaden my perspective on how to run a business and gave me a lot more insite.
Date Submitted: 2015-10-22 04:46:04

The most meaningful for me about this project is how to start new business and the important steep is choosing a business location. Business location is perhaps the most important decision a small business owner or startup will make, so it requires precise planning and research. It involves looking at demographics, assessing your supply chain, scoping the competition, staying on budget, understanding state laws and taxes, and much more. And I learned that is the venders are the best sources of financing because the finance from the venders have no interest, and I can use the vender’s money without paying any interest. Also to start a business I should have enough capital to survive at least six to twelve months. Also I should have a business plan, health insurance, honest employees, and the most important I have to be creative and helpful and tread the customers very nice even I am in bad mood.
On other hands to start anew business is not easy at all because many challenges cold facing my new business like Money Problems, The majority of small businesses that fail do so because of lack of cash. Poor Marketing a common problem for new business start-ups is to hurry into elaborate print advertisements and radio commercials without knowing the target market and researching other market data. The costs associated with marketing and advertising can be expensive. If a business does not know who its target market is, then it may be a waste of money to print these ads that may contain incorrect messaging or have them appear placed in publications that don’t reach the company’s target market.
Date Submitted: 2015-10-22 07:39:31

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Records 901 to 910 of 1253