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Student Insights for Entrepreneur Interviews

Entrepreneur insights and perceptions related to their businesses were obtained through interviews conducted by students. Student insights and reflections regarding the interview process are shown on this page.

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I learned a lot from this interview and I am happy to know that successful business go through trial after trial trying to perfect their method and be the most profitable that you can be. The fact that she decided to partner up with another business because they initially thought it was going to work out, unfortunately it did not, but they chose to pick themselves up and started again with a renewed and more effective plan. Furthermore, hearing that the customer always comes first is refreshing coming from a business because so many times the service is not up to par and customers are not treated how they should be when buying a service or product.

I now have the confidence that I can fail and still pick myself up afterwards, I learned that I cannot be afraid of success and I should expect many sleepless nights, but it will all be worth it once the business gets rolling and the money comes in. I learned that you have to work hard and conduct research everyday to stay ahead of the competition and not become stagnant because that can kill a business. Failing has always been my biggest fear, but after this interview, I realised that failing can inspire you and push you to create something better than what you already had.
Date Submitted: 2015-10-22 14:19:55

I was excited to learn how business starting worked. I am interested in starting my own business and this opened my eyes that it is a long process. I now have an insight of what I will expect if I want to open my own business one day. The most meaningful part of the project was the interview because I did not expect to learn so much.
Date Submitted: 2015-10-22 16:04:26

This project was meaningful to me because it really opened up my eyes about the business world and how everything works. I didn’t like the idea of the franchisee because of the fact that you work under somebody and I would much rather be my own boss in my own personal business in the future. In my opinion I don’t think it is worth it because you do so much work yet you feel like you accomplished nothing because of the fact that corporate is always on top of you. It gives you the sense that you are working for someone else and if you are an aspiring business owner that is not what you want to be doing. This project was meaningful to me because I had a chance to get some insight as to how it would be like if I was running a business like that and I immediately knew that wasn’t the type of business I want to run.
Another meaningful lesson I learned from this project was that business is all about connections and advertisement these days that is done through social media. If we went back ten years this wouldn’t be the case however now in this generation, social media is so important in our world. It is how we get our connections and how we get word out about things we want to promote. This can either be a big advantage, or a disadvantage depending on how equipped the business owner is with social media and making those connections.
Date Submitted: 2015-10-22 19:36:13

All of this inside information I was given sounded very genuine and came from experience. It was all very meaningful to me but the most meaningful would have to be when the entrepreneur said if he could go back and learn some prior knowledge on psychology and how to deal with human emotions. That would have helped him with dealing with coworkers. I could apply this useful information myself by taking psychology classes so I could have that prior knowledge going into a business type workplace. Having good people skills could make a tremendous impact on how I advance in the workplace. These people skills will help me become a much better manager.

Also I keep in mind that dealing with people’s emotions will also come with experience. Learning about it prior to working in a business can better prepare me for potential issues or dilemmas on how people react to certain situations. For the most part, I can interpret the information I was given by this entrepreneur to stay out of any potential issues, conflicts, or problems. Another point that he made was that your competitors can also be your allies as you learn what has worked for them with their success. It’s important to be aware of your competitor’s strong points and flaws. You can learn a lot from just seeing how others succeed and fail. You can apply this newly found knowledge to your own business to become successful.
Date Submitted: 2015-10-22 22:41:59

When i was first asked to interview an entrepreneur i didn't exactly know who to ask. I had recently re connected to a buddy of mine that i'v known for a few years. The more i talked to the guy, he popped up and said that he had opened his own shop. I was excited to hear and asked to interview him immediately, he accepted.

Interviewing my friend gave me great insight into owning and operating my own business. It showed me important characteristics to look for in management. I have to be vigilant in my industry, knowing my competition is a must, and i must be friendly to customers and partners alike. Above all the greatest experience was the connection to my friend, it was inspirational and definitely insightful for me.
Date Submitted: 2015-10-22 23:15:30

What was more meaningful to me about this project was that I got to learn a little more of what they do and to help the customers get good service. Also her story was very interesting because not only did I get to hear good things about the business but I also got to learn some new thing about her. At times her story was very touching and very interest I was thinking in my head that I couldn’t wait to open my own unisex beauty & barber shop. I just found very interesting how she said that you should just work hard to be your own boss instead of having other people bossing you around. Also that if I want to do something to make sure you love your job. And also give customers the same respect you’d want if you go to another business as well.
Date Submitted: 2015-10-22 23:41:19

The most meaningful of this project is that help people be success. I came from Vietnam, and my country is poor. Life over there is a big different then life in United State. There are a lot of smart student in my country, but they are could not success in their life because they did not enough help from tutoring. Live in California I see there are a lot of chance for student to be success. Tutoring is one way to help them successful too. I do like to see people success and make as much money as they could. I was born in the poor family and have a big chance to come to United State to study and I will try to be success and help people success too.
Date Submitted: 2015-10-22 23:44:26

Most meaningful to me was being able to sit down with [Name Removed] my boyfriend and really find out what he does. He would always try to explain the business to me and tell me about his job but never really understood it till this interview. I got to understand the stress he goes through and the all the hard work he put in. How he’s bettering himself and how much he does for his company, how much it means to him. His partner is such an awesome person and they are very lucky to have such a great company and do the work they do. I’ve learned that managing your own business is not a walk in the park and you have to work hard every day to succeed in your business and always be willing to learn and grow in your business you own.
Date Submitted: 2015-10-22 23:46:25

The most meaningful part of this project was how much of an eye opener it is. To be able to interview someone who actually has a business that has been going strong for many years is incredible. We all know about businesses sure but to be able to put a face to the name is what makes this all so much more personal. Even if I do not end up owning my own business, to talk to someone who has is a great experience in knowing that it is possible to prevail above all odds. The man that I interviewed not only created his own business but did it with “limited” education here in this country. It just goes to show that people should not give up on their dreams so easily.
Another thing that is meaningful is that this has shown me that I can achieve what I set out to as long as I do not give up. Whether I take this on into my own company or even if I just end up working for others it’s still something I can do and take with me.
Date Submitted: 2015-10-22 23:59:37

The most meaningful to me from this project is being able to go into a person’s life that has accomplished something that I continue to strive for. Hearing about his experience motivates me to keep on pushing for what I long for. People think that being en entrepreneur is easy and anyone can do it. Not exactly, people have to continually give it there 110% to stay ahead of the game day in and day out. If I don’t go out and get it, for sure someone else will take the opportunity that I could have had if would have gone for it. Also I learn that you need to make sure you plan effectively and never setter for minimum always try and get the best outcome you possible can. To not hesitate when the opportunity knocks at your front door.

Knowing where [Name Removed] started and where he is at now I know that it will take time to finally accomplish my goal but I do know is that hard work pays off. If I continue pushing and fighting for what I know is mine anything is possible. Being able to experience this interview is what people need to do if they really want to understand how and what to do to have a successful business. Out of all this I could say I build a better relationship with [Name Removed] and could possible be mentor to me, someone that I could turn to when I have questions. I see the way he treats his customers first hand by being one of his costumers. [Name Removed] always put you first no matter what the situation is.
Date Submitted: 2015-10-26 20:34:52

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Records 911 to 920 of 1253