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Student Insights for Entrepreneur Interviews

Entrepreneur insights and perceptions related to their businesses were obtained through interviews conducted by students. Student insights and reflections regarding the interview process are shown on this page.

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It was very neat to do this project. My first job was in the dental industry. The business I plan to open will not be in the Dental Industry. Yet, I still learned a lot from interviewing someone in the dental industry. The key factors to run a business still apply regardless of the industry. What I noticed about interviewing the entrepreneur is that she is happy producing beautiful smiles for her patients. In my case in the Cosmetology Industry what makes me happy is to service clients with beautiful hair.
It meant a lot to me that the entrepreneur I interviewed talked about hard work, persistence and innovation. I myself am a hard worker and putting hard work into what makes me happy I believe will help me succeed and be persistent. The innovation she talked about revolves on being creative and that is a strong skill I have.
Another thing I found as beneficial information is that she did her financing through a credit union. I did not know credit unions were nonprofit. Better yet, they have lower interest rates than those of typical banks. This I found to be very useful information. It is also great advice to start building a trusting relationship with those who most likely will finance my business. A way I could possibly start is by opening a bank account at a local credit union. If they see I’m responsible with my account when I ask for a loan they could be more trusting aside from showing them a business plan and financial statements.
Overall I enjoyed the experience of interviewing an entrepreneur that has gone through the experience of establishing a business.
Date Submitted: 2016-04-21 21:11:53

I really enjoyed doing this project. Conducting the interview with an actual business owner gave me a lot of insight on what to expect when starting my own business and a whole new world of perspectives as well. I remember when he told me to always at least break even I was a bit confused. “Shouldn’t you always be trying to make a profit?” I asked, resulting in his elaboration of his answer. There was also a whole wealth of information giving me more concepts of the business world in real life. At times the concept of starting my own business can be very intimidating, but this interview gave me lots of very helpful information to make the concept less daunting. There was a lot of new information I learned, and at the same time some things I already considered important were reinforced through this interview.

Learning from another person’s experiences was definitely one of the most meaningful parts of this project. Everyone’s experiences and the advice they are willing to share from them is always greatly appreciated. I especially appreciated this interview more after my first candidate backed out after reading the questions. It made me realize that some people are not as willing to share this kind of information, making me see just how potentially valuable all the information gained from these questions is. At the same time it was nice to hear the story behind the success. Sometimes we focus only on the highlight reel while forgetting there was so much happening behind the scenes before getting to a good point. Especially this interview with how candid he was about his hard times. It definitely helped me prepare a bit more mentally for my own hard times ahead.
Date Submitted: 2016-04-21 21:20:36

The most meaningful part of this project is realizing how much effort and time goes into a business. When I first started this assignment I didn’t realize how much of a struggle starting a business can be. A business can only be successful if a person has the right people supporting them and helping them accomplish goals but most importantly they need to have a strong mind not to break when things seem bad because loss is also part of business. It is essential for the owner and personal to understand that the business will have its up and downs but no matter what they must stay focus and keep their eyes on the price. With hard work and dedication anything is possible and growth can be made every year little by little.
Another important factor I learned from this project is that networking is important more then people think its not just about making a bunch of fliers and passing them out, its about going out of your way finding the right crow to talk to about your business. You have to concentrate on a certain type of customer that brings most profit to your business and educate them on your product or service like so and so has 3 teenage daughters and most likely they will have a coming of age party. When taking the time to talk to a customer you are breaking that barrier of business entrepreneur and create a more customer friendly environment. Always be aware who the client is and trying to have fun will doing this can help create a long lasting relationship with your customers.
Date Submitted: 2016-04-21 22:10:33

The most meaningful part about this project was that I got to sit down with [Name Removed] who've I've known personally for years. I got to hear her story of how she came from nothing but an online blog her brother gave her and turned it into the hottest store in her city. I got to see the start-up process of starting a business by yourself. [Name Removed] explained her lifestyle to me, she gave me advice and helped me get an understanding of what it takes in order to start-up a business. I learned the techniques and resources she used in order to be successful in business. She explained to me how sometimes it is okay to team up with bigger names, and most of all she kept elaborating on social media marketing and creating a strong customer base. She made me feel confident enough to be able to want to take the risk of starting up a business of my own one day. She showed me that you can start from nothing and turn it into something.
Date Submitted: 2016-04-21 22:12:27

I believe that everything in this project has been very meaningful for me. With this interview I realize how difficult it is becoming a entrepreneur sometimes. I could see and hear how hard it is to be successful in business. I learned that to start a new business is not very easy. Especially because you need a capital to invest when you are going to start your own business. I learned how important is to have a really good credit score to ask for a loan from the bank. My interview also helped me realize that it is very important to save your money if you want to open a business and this way you don't have any debts, especially with the banks.
My entrepreneur also helps me keep my vision and my goal at all times. He motivated me to never give up, and always shoot for the stars. He told me that there will always be good and bad times but the important thing is how you handle them. This Project also helped me think exactly what kind the business I would want to open. One of the good points that he pointed out was how hard the situation is getting every day in California. Also at as certain point he made me consider moving to Texas. Especially because this big state is the new state of opportunities for many companies and entrepreneurs. California is getting worse in many aspects for medium and small business. I believe with the new increase taxes, the rise of minimum wage, and harder regulations, the increase of the sick paid days. Many small business are going to be hurt. Maybe the solutions is start looking for new horizons.
Date Submitted: 2016-04-21 22:25:34

This assignment has shown me the dedication it takes the have a successful business. It takes blood, sweat, and tears to keep the company running afloat. I saw that to have your business thrive you must treat it as if it were a child. Through this project I was shown that the business would be my entire life. I was shown that I would eat, sleep, and breathe every aspect of my business because it will be my one and only passion. The financial aspect of this project really opened my eyes to the factors of how it can be do or die for my idea. This project has shown me that I must seek guidance when I am at a point in the business that I know I need help. The project was extremely meaningful to me and helped open my eyes to many factors within the business that will better prepare my to create and form my ideas into the best of my ability.
Date Submitted: 2016-04-21 22:30:32

One of the most meaningful and interesting things about this project was that it was the first time I have talked to my dad as an entrepreneur. We both kind of stepped out from the daughter father role. And he really went into depth about his business. I could tell in his responses how passionate he feels about the reputation he has created for his business. His business at this point is well established and successful. I never though to look to him as a teacher, but that is exactly what this project did. It
I also found it interesting how much time and effort it actually takes to build a business from the ground up. You need a certain type of tenacity and persistence to follow through with the startup of a business. I really enjoyed working on this project and I look forward to starting my own business and maybe one day getting interviewed on the success of it.
Date Submitted: 2016-04-21 23:12:40

What was most meaningful was the fact that I found out how much a mother will go through career and retirement wise to make sure her children have something to inherit. The person I interviewed seemed sad when she gave me tips on doing things I love. She wanted to be an optometrist but her mother wanted her to be a translator for the government. The closest she ever got to working with eyes was selling sunglasses in a store. That's when she met her husband and helped him out with his motorhome rental business. She didn't enjoy that either.
This taught me how important happiness really is. You don't want to be stuck doing something you hate for 50 years then wonder where the time went. You should ask yourself every night if you're proud with how you've lived the day. If you're not happy or proud then fix it.
Date Submitted: 2016-04-21 23:29:44

The most meaningful part of this project to me was the insight that i was given throughout the interview and how it relates to the information we have received so far in class. Another big part of information I learned from this meeting off the record from the interview was more knowledge on the various documents and legal papers necessary to start and keep your business properly. I also learned the tremendous importance on the advertising and marketing aspects of owning a business, if you fail to bring attention to your product or service you will never reach your company’s full potential. Lastly, and most importantly I learned that it is absolutely necessary to communicate with your customers. Building a relationship with your consumers will help insure their loyalty with your brand and also generate positive word of mouth for your company. It will be very valuable to me to to read other projects as well and compare them to my experience with an entrepreneur.
Date Submitted: 2016-04-21 23:38:46

To me, the most meaningful about this project is that I can interview a real entrepreneur and get his experience on what to do and how to do well.

Quality, price and delivery topics are very impressive to me. Quality is the very first important thing that one must do well. There is no compromise to quality. Because quality sometimes means safety and life. Price is the second very important thing that one must do well. He will not be awarded the business from customer if his offer is beyond their target. On-time-delivery is the third very important thing that one must do well. Otherwise he will pay the penalty if he miss the delivery requirement. His customer may miss its delivery and therefore pay its penalty to its customer. Though, the quality and price are good, no good delivery will destroy the business.

Secondly, his advice on aspiring entrepreneur is very important to me. He said one must have finance reserve for family use and business use for at least 2 to 3 years. Aspiring entrepreneur needs to be prepared to have 2 to 3 years that he has no income from his business. He needs to have economic preparation for his family. If his family is lack of money, it will be a burden on him when he is an entrepreneur. Then, he will have pressure from his business and at the same time pressure from his family. Life will be difficult. Besides the importance of finance reserve, choose the business one is familiar with is also very important. One need to do analysis on what is his strength and weakness. He should take advantage of his working experience, industry connection and anything he has but others do not have. Never try to do something that he is not familiar with. It is impossible that people within the field cannot make money from this business while he, an outsider can make money in this business.
Date Submitted: 2016-04-21 23:41:46

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Records 961 to 970 of 1253