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Student Insights for Entrepreneur Interviews

Entrepreneur insights and perceptions related to their businesses were obtained through interviews conducted by students. Student insights and reflections regarding the interview process are shown on this page.

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The fact that I had first-hand information from an owner of a business and I had the ability to pick his brain on entrepreneurial subjects that intrigued my interest. It gave me an idea of what it takes to run, manage, and own a business. I found this interview to be very insightful and I can see myself reflecting back to this at a later time for solutions to problems related to business. I believe I received proficient answers from the questions that I presented. I believe this interview is very constructive for young students such as myself to gain a better understanding of what types of businesses they should look into and what types of information they should acquire.
Date Submitted: 2016-11-29 21:44:24

The most meaningful part of this project was learning about the economics of running a restaurant, specifically two topics: managing the price of your food so that it's reasonable, and being able to pay your workers. While from a business standpoint I understand that you can't set the price of an item too high or consumers would not want to purchase them, [Names removed] brought up a different point. That if they set their price for food high, but still within a range that customers would buy them, that isn't necessarily a good thing. Customers are smart and can kind of guess the profit margin you are making on food, and if it seems apparently that you're taking advantage of them in the slightest, you lose their trust. They might still eat at your restaurant, but they're less likely to share or return, which as a small restaurant owner, is extremely important to your business.

And then there's the fact that the rising minimum wage means they may be unable to keep all of their workers. While I'm aware of the battle for higher minimum wages, I've always been on the side for it. As a college student looking for work, of course I want to be paid more. I never took into account the fact that small businesses like [Names removed] wouldn't be able to hire the workers they need should the minimum wage keep rising. It's important your workers make enough to survive, that's for certain, but not at the cost of the business itself. Their current business model would be unsustainable under these new laws, and the thought never occurred to me.
Date Submitted: 2016-11-30 06:14:47

What I find most meaningful from this project is the insight one gets from someone else. I find interesting the stories that you come across and how people develop to work around obstacles that were placed in their life. I like the purpose behind peoples businesses because that is what they identify themselves to be. Everyone is unique and you can see that with the story behind his or her business. I also like the fact that you see people being built up by their business, as if they were to go hand in hand. You can see how much importance was given into building relationships with customers and providers, and how important it is to maintaining them to build reputation. Probably the most significant thing from my interview was that in business, you risk to either fail or succeed, and only you can determine the outcome of that, and through Alejandro’s interview, consistency was probably the trait that meant the most to me.
Date Submitted: 2016-11-30 16:52:55

I learned a lot from her - she was a great person to interview. Although she had has only been in the business industry i felt like she has been through a lot and has learned from her experiences. I really admired her because she believes in her so much its pretty obvious in the way she speaks about her shop and herself. She was really humble and said that she is and will forever be grateful of her cousin because he was a big part of her life since he was the one who pushed her into starting a business. I also really admired her because she took the biggest risk of her life going into business without knowing anything about it. She says that she still has so much to learn but she ready for anything coming her way.

One thing that has been stuck in my head ever since i spoke to Martha was to be humble and really prepare myself before starting a business. Martha did let me try her fruit she gave me a fruit salad with some special sauce she makes and it was Delicious. Martha really is a people person when i walked into her store she was really nice and made me feel comfortable. she really knows how to make a person feel like at home , it also seemed her employees loved her as well because they all looked like they were enjoying their time working for her. I one day would like to be like Martha because she is such an independent Hispanic women who is a risk taker and isn't afraid to fail.
Date Submitted: 2016-11-30 22:18:27

The most meaningful thing about this project has to be the fact that I have known this business owner personally for a few years now. I had no idea what he does on a daily basis. I am shocked to see how well he takes all of the pressures that he shared throughout his interview so well. He is an inspiration and the fact that he took the time to actually stop and think about any tips that will benefit me, or any others reading his interview throughout our entrepreneurial journey is meaningful because it shows that he genuinely cares about our successes, and hopes to see us succeed.
This project also helped me realize just how important owner- client relationships are. I previously ran a business with my older sister, it did not work out as great as we expected, but this interview did indeed help me better understand where we went wrong. While I was running my sisters shop I would attempt to please all customers, because word of mouth is, hands down, some of the best form of advertising a business cans get. I did not however understand how to deal with an angry customer, if an order was on back order, or their shipment was delayed, I would not call to explain why, I figured, they get it when they get it. As our interviewee put it, "customers are quite flexible."
I am grateful toward this assignment as it will greatly benefit me as I prepare to take my first leap as an entrepreneur!
Date Submitted: 2016-11-30 22:43:18

this project gave me a really good insight on what i should do and focus on to get to the next level of running my own place. it really opened my eyes on what i should focus on and how big i can make my business grow even though it may seem small at the moment right now. for the [Name Removed] being considered a small business, it really makes a lot of profit and i did not think you would be able to make a lot of profit if you were considered a small business.
i gained a sense of comfort knowing that this business owner was once where i was and is now as successful as she is and it was due to the fact that she had good financial planning and did not let her pride take over what she could accomplish. i now know not to get in and over my head just because it would make me look better if i was not in a position where i could not afford it. i felt like i was talking to an older version of myself and this business owner was talking to a younger version of herself because i eventually want to be where she is at when it comes to my business. this project gave me insight as to what it takes to get there to achieve my goals.
Date Submitted: 2016-12-01 00:39:11

This project was a bit intimidating at first. although we had the questions we needed to ask, it was a little difficult to get into such a deep and personal conversation with someone I did not know. Once we began, it was like an easy conversation. the answers were flowing out without me even having to ask them. above it all, i gained information i am going to keep forever.
I understood that in order to have a career, especially one of a sole proprietorship, you needed to have passion. I am glad I interviewed someone who had that same type of passion I envisioned. She told me how hard as a woman, and mother it is, but gave me the hope to not give up on my dreams. being a mother and going to school, is only giving more of an insight as to what i need to work on for the future of my daughter and myself.

Date Submitted: 2016-12-08 21:57:19

This project was meaningful to me because my eyes were opened to things that I never really thought about before. It was nice to have a sit down with someone who has the same vision and values as myself. My family also has a business that I would like to take over someday. I have contemplated on not taking over and trying out the corporate world, but this interview was just assurance for me to continue the family business. After the interview, I was able to go into deeper conversations with the business owner. We dove into several different topics regarding the business world, importing and exporting of goods, and working with family. He made great suggestions on how I can expand the family business and make it more successful. To get advice from someone who has experienced both failure and success in the business world was very rewarding.

In addition to getting personal advice from an experienced business owner, I think the interview part was inspiring. As I asked the questions, the owner took his time and really thought about his answers. It was great to see the humility that he had even though he had achieved all this success at a young age. While thinking about the questions, he told me that these questions were such eye openers and made him think deeper than what he was used to. When he answered the question on which three topics would you study if you were to go back to school, it made me think should I take these classes. As much as the questions made him think, his answers made me think harder and shifted my perspective for the better on many business topics. Overall, it was a very fulfilling project.
Date Submitted: 2016-12-08 22:20:22

What was most meaningful to me about this project is being able to learn more about business and to learn a good price on repairing cars. The first one would be learn about business .for example, having information on the business, as far as location, area and checking for traffic got me thinking more about my own business and got in the right place as far as how I can set my own business without much hassle. The owner is perfectly right in these three factors and he kind of surprise me with his info. He basically got me thinking with check for traffic because if there’s a lot of traffic there’s a lot of customers around and your business will grow very raptly. If you have all these three factors set correctly most likely you are going to be successful in business as far as good customers within your area.
The next one would be good price on repairs. For example, to have good price on repair is a good idea because you can get a lot a customers into you business. I go all the time to his shop because of the price and he does a professional job on the repair. He gives good deals because of the venders that he has. The venders give him good price on parts or he also call other venders to get his pricing. For example, match price would be another one. So he basically does his repairs at least expensive at a great profit. The owner always has clients around his business and his always busy. For example, if his too busy he will ask you if you can come tomorrow because of his volume on customers. If you come in the morning he will help you right away with checking your vehicle and letting you know what is wrong with it. Overall he pretty much is professional on fixing vehicles. It was interesting and challenging asking him
Date Submitted: 2017-04-05 11:32:22

This project was meaningful to me because it gave me insight to what it is like to be an entrepreneur. It made me realize that I am on the right track to achieve my goals and become a successful business owner myself. I have a goal which is important because it is an incentive to get things done and grow my business. I learned that there are numerous people I can go to for advice on financial plans and quick books and not be afraid to ask for help. Its opened my mind up to the things I still need to do like create a website, and get in touch with my bank about plans and business accounts. This project has shown me that commitment and organization is important to succeed.

The overall best part of this project is that I have someone who can mentor and help me. The person I interviewed will help me with anything I need and is willing to offer advice. It’s nice to have talked to someone who is in a newer business because they are up to date on what the trends are and how to market in this day in age. Its good to see that I am starting my business right, legally, and advancing swiftly. This project has helped me gain more knowledge on entrepreneurship and made the process seem less scary and more exciting. It has me pumped to further my own business and try out new apps that will make me more of a competition to others in a similar field.
Date Submitted: 2017-04-22 13:10:24

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Records 981 to 990 of 1253