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What advice do we have? We asked 8 interview questions - please select one below to see the results.

Type of Advice Interview Question
Type of Advice: Critical Success Factors Q1: What three things, in your opinion, must you do (and do well) in order to survive and thrive in your business? Please explain each in detail. See Q1 Results
Type of Advice: Information Sources Q2: What do you feel are the three most important sources of business information that you regularly use? Please give details for each (e.g., if a web page, please state the site; if a magazine, please state title, etc.). See Q2 Results
Type of Advice: Startup Rationale Q3: How did you decide to get into this type of business, and what was your initial goal? See Q3 Results
Type of Advice: Pre-Startup Training Needs Q4: In hindsight, if you could go back in time and study any three topics just before you got into your business, what would they be? Please explain why each of these would be helpful to you. See Q4 Results
Type of Advice: Competitive Technologies Q5: What new technologies can help you to become more competitive? Technologies can relate to machinery, equipment, software, processes, etc. Please give details. See Q5 Results
Type of Advice: Financing Sources Q6: In today’s environment, what do you think are the best sources of financing/credit (banks, vendors, etc.) and what advice can you give to me on how to establish them? See Q6 Results
Type of Advice: Biggest Challenges Q7: What do you consider to be the three biggest challenges facing your business right now (please give details)? Please explain your approach toward each. See Q7 Results
Type of Advice: Overall Advice Q8: What advice can you offer to an aspiring entrepreneur? How can I prepare, and on what should I focus? See Q8 Results

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