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1,278 entrepreneurs were asked: "How did you decide to get into this type of business, and what was your initial goal?" These were their responses, which can help us to try to figure out what type of business we might like to start. Please scroll below:

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NAICS: 812 Personal and Laundry Services
Description: environmentally friendly dry cleaner
I actually got my degree as a teacher here in the U.S. and my husband got his in law when living in Korea. When we moved back to America I decided teaching wasn’t really what I wanted to do and since my husband doesn’t speak English very well he couldn’t pursue his career as a judge either. My brother owns a drycleaner and after hearing how well his business was doing we decided to start our own to better our income. My husband eventually wants own property where we can then build a bigger establishment and not have to deal with leases.
Date Submitted: 2011-10-12 00:35:25

NAICS: 333 Machinery Manufacturing
Description: Packaging Machinery
Well ever since I was young I knew that I wanted to have my own business and be my own boss because I was never the type to take orders from anyone. I had a very rough childhood and my family did not have enough money to support my siblings and me. So from that moment I knew that I would never want my children to feel the same way as I did as a child and that’s what drove me to success. I initially worked for a packaging company back in the 70’s as a technician for the machines but I wasn’t satisfied with what I was making and the way the company was treating me so I decided to branch off and start my own packaging company and run it the way I thought it should be run and it turned out to be the best choice I ever made.
Date Submitted: 2011-10-12 00:10:04

NAICS: 722 Food Services and Drinking Places
Description: Greek Resturant
This business was actually my father- in- laws business he passed away and my mother- in- law didn't want to be out of the restaurant business. So her husband the oldest son bought the business from his mom and started running it,so by choice she started to run in it while her husband  went to pursue other job opportunity 's. But her initial goal was to sell it,but she was never able to find the right people to sell it to. So she has remained at the restaurant, and kept it running. But her goal for her career was to be a biology teacher since she went to school for that but she says things happen and goals change but everything happens for a reason.
Date Submitted: 2011-10-12 00:09:28

NAICS: 541 Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
Description: Landscaping - drought tolerant
At first, I worked for my uncle in his landscaping business.  I actually did not like the work at the time, but by my senior year of high school it was nice to have a sellable skill, when so many of my friends were just starting out as life-guards or flipping hamburgers.  When I went to college I took horticulture classes, and that's when I really fell in love with learning about plants and working with plants.  I don't think I would be good at a sit down job.  It is very satisfying to actually make something, and now that I specialize in drought tolerant landscaping, I know I am doing something good for the environment.  I could not stay in this business if I had continued to work on water sucking lawns.  It's nice to have a job that follows your conscience and I'm glad to be learning something new.  The only drawback is that the work is harder, since we often have to take out lawns, and sometimes it can get real hot since people think of changing their lawns during the hottest days of summer.
Date Submitted: 2011-10-11 23:24:00

NAICS: 446 Health and Personal Care Stores
Description: eyebrow waxing, and beauty, cosmetics
At the begining I was a stay at home wife and I would just take care of the kids and my husband. When my kids grew I decided I wanted to begin my own business and do something that I can help women in their appearance and something in which I can have fun. So then I decided to begin a business like the one I have at this point I wax eyebrows and sell cosmetics such as shampoos, hair dye, hair treatment and other beauty cosmetics.
Date Submitted: 2011-10-11 22:41:02

NAICS: 334 Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing
Description: E-tailer
Before I started this business, my work was selling video tapes, CD, DVD. Therefore, it is naturally transfer to this business. My initial goal is survival. I don’t have money at that time; it is the best way for me at that time.
Date Submitted: 2011-10-11 22:05:20

NAICS: 332 Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing
Description: heat transfer/pressing
I own another company selling rhinestones from affordable ones to Swarovski crystals, and people started asking for templates to place on their clothes. I started researching and it was easy to produce the stickers and I saw an opportunity. My initial goal and still is a goal is to be innovative in order to increment sales and clients.
Date Submitted: 2011-10-11 21:39:26

NAICS: 531 Real Estate
Description: Real Estate Sales/Property Management/Investments
I decided to go into Real Estate because I previously had a hairdressing salon and had a large clientele.  My wife thought I could use that to my advantage and try to sell houses.  So I got my license and initially worked real estate part time.  As I got more successful I worked less and less in the hairdressing salon and eventually opened a real estate office and closed my salon.  My goal was to be able to support my family.
Date Submitted: 2011-10-11 20:57:46

NAICS: 446 Health and Personal Care Stores
Description: Health education and pharmacy dispensary
I first thought that pharmacy was only for dispensary purposes. From my past career in the health industry, I felt that there is a need for quality education in pharmacy.  Diabetes education was lacking in the way that it was taught rather than a two-way street.  Diabetes education needs to be more like a conversation than a class and so I felt inspired to have a facility that is devoted to diabetes education.   My initial goal was to start a business that would make a profit while making sure it would make a difference to helping people.  We were a part of healthcare but not in the pharmacy business.  As patients came in for our services, they would get better.  We did not even consider reimbursement at first. Over time we develop a good reputation that everyone would know that my business equals good education for your patients.   
Date Submitted: 2011-10-11 20:42:40

NAICS: 711 Performing Arts, Spectator Sports, and Related Industries
Description: Children's Entertainment
I was always good with kids; kids always have fun when I'm around. And I though this is a good place to make some money and then I started and it turned into a business. Then my two kids came along and I continued. Its not only a means of income, it’s a survival now. I was going to originally be an actor and then I got into performing for kids because it was doing so well, I just continued doing it. I started by passing out fliers on peoples cars, people started calling. It was good pay, so from there I started an ad in the penny saver. And I remember I had to shell out 800 bucks because I paid for two or three months to see how it would work and I made the money back in one weekend.
Date Submitted: 2011-10-11 20:27:27

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Records 1001 to 1010 of 1253