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1,278 entrepreneurs were asked: "How did you decide to get into this type of business, and what was your initial goal?" These were their responses, which can help us to try to figure out what type of business we might like to start. Please scroll below:

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NAICS: 453 Miscellaneous Store Retailers
Description: Discount Retailer
I started working as a manager in one Giant Dollar store located in Ontario. After that i understood how the system worked and after three years of experience I decided to open my own store that is located in West Covina. I consider many factors that help to start my own store because I knew the buyers and also the wholesale's owners so that has a big help for me. My initial goal was to perform good my first year because three stores around this area I am located were out of business by the first semester.
Date Submitted: 2011-04-13 23:56:47

NAICS: 442 Furniture and Home Furnishings Stores
Description: Flooring store
My decide to get into this business was profit margin. My Goal was support my family ,take care of what have to pay for my family and To make enough money to do so. One of my goals now is to make over sixty thounden a year.
Date Submitted: 2011-04-13 23:53:28

NAICS: 237 Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction
Description: Aerospace Engineer
I decided to get into this type of business because learning how things work fascinates me. All throughout college i did so-so in all of my classes besides engineering. I like doing things that are hands on. A lot of people complain about working but i love it. Sometimes i work 5-16 hour days in 1 week and i dont mind at all. I love what I do. I dont have an initial goal in this business. I just want to keep doing the things that i do, and provide for my family.
Date Submitted: 2011-04-13 23:53:05

NAICS: 334 Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing
Description: Computer Repair
Generation X Computers was hatched in February of 1999. I got the idea one day when I look at my paycheck and realized that this wasn't what I want for the next thirty years of my life. I was tired of the paycheck to paycheck routine, and it wasn’t getting any easier for me to pay the new bills I was accumulating on my same old paycheck. When I first noticed the incline of technology was being directed to the demand on computers. The times were rapidly growing and a new generation was peaking thru the society, there go why I named the company Generation X Computers. When I seen that more and more people were using the computers for their daily activities, I couldn't help but want to be part of a growing industry and try to capitalize on the growth that I saw approaching. My dream was always to own my own company and build an empire from it, and today it still is my long term goal to accomplish this for my future children.
Date Submitted: 2011-04-13 23:27:49

NAICS: 334 Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing
Description: Revolutionary shopping cart
As an entrepreneur, I was looking for an innovative way of making shopping easier and faster. I was also looking for something that had never been done before. By creating this computerized shopping cart, not only is it something so new and innovative, but it also is environmentally friendly because you no longer have paper coupons and everyone benefits from using it. Of course, I was also looking for something that I could do that would be a great way to maximize my return on my investment as well as revolutionize the way we shop.
Date Submitted: 2011-04-13 23:12:50

NAICS: 442 Furniture and Home Furnishings Stores
Description: oil paintings and frames
I was raised into this business by my family, and my initial goal was to expand the business.  Attempt to make it bigger than what it currently is . I would say it's a family business, sort of a small family franchise.
Date Submitted: 2011-04-13 22:21:37

NAICS: 311 Food Manufacturing
Description: Pizza Delivery Company
I was driving to do this solely to create a legacy.  A legacy for my children, and my children's children.  I want to put my children in a position where they will have something to fall back on in the future.  Something that they can rely on to help them in their goals and paths in their lives.  My goal is to create 6-8 companies to generate over a $100,000,000, yearly,  and allow me to give back a quarter $1,000,000 to my community yearly.  I want to be able to give to my country.
Date Submitted: 2011-04-13 22:17:54

NAICS: 812 Personal and Laundry Services
Description: coin op Laundry
After trying several other businesses I decided to weigh out the pros and cons of this business. I took time to research the business and analyze how much work and family time would be affected by this business. I thought of all the possible ways this could benefit my family.I decided that the laundrymat was the best for me and my family. My goal was to buy and not work for anyone.
Date Submitted: 2011-04-13 21:59:51

NAICS: 423 Merchant Wholesalers, Durable Goods
Description: Musical instruments wholesaler and repair
The reason I got into this business is different from the reason I started this business.  It was a fluke that I got into this business, back in 1969 when I graduated high school.  I started working as an apprentice because it was cheaper to learn how to fix my saxophone than to keep paying for repairs and maintenances.  Back then I was going to be a famous musician.  Years later I found myself working long hours, being harassed, and not getting paid on time so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try and run my own business.   I opened my business in 1988, with the idea that even though it’s a lot of headache at least I’ll know when I’m not going to get paid on time.
Date Submitted: 2011-04-13 21:38:20

NAICS: 722 Food Services and Drinking Places
Description: a place where you can get sweets and drinks.
I was working for twenty years in as a factory supervisor when i lost my job i wanted to work for myself. So I decided to open up a candy shop I've always wanted my own candy shop.   My goal in the future is to be able to open more stores.
Date Submitted: 2011-04-13 21:22:43

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Records 1071 to 1080 of 1253