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1,253 entrepreneurs were asked: "How did you decide to get into this type of business, and what was your initial goal?" These were their responses, which can help us to try to figure out what type of business we might like to start. Please scroll below:

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NAICS: 446 Health and Personal Care Stores
Description: multilevel network marketing
I was initially introduced to this business in a time of need. I started to sell the product from the catalog to generate money to provide for my family. 50% of the sales created was a personal gain. The person who sponsored me told me to only show the catalog and that people would buy the products. The more I sold the more money I received. I later learned that you get money from not only selling the products and receiving 50% of the sales but also get money from sponsoring other people. The more people you sponsor, you get to move up a level and receive a percentage from the sales of the person who was sponsored. I started as a consultant, lowest level and to this day I am a district 2 manager with more than 100 women working under me.
Date Submitted: 2018-10-17 14:20:39

NAICS: 522 Credit Intermediation and Related Activities
Description: Direct sales / Network Marketing
I was in college when I was introduced to the business. I was studying kinesiology and thinking about becoming a personal trainer, but when I was introduced to the water business I found out how much money I could make by becoming a business owner through this company. I saw friends of mine on their way to making 6-figure salaries and I knew that I wanted that too. I was doubtful about the career path I was thinking of taking (PT) and figured that this was going to be a better career to invest my time into, and knew that the residual income it provided would be a sustainable way of living for the rest of my life.
Date Submitted: 2018-10-17 14:14:26

NAICS: 448 Clothing and Clothing Accessories Stores
Description: Clothing Store
The initial goals was to create a tax deduction opportunity for my IT company and myself as a sole proprietorship. It turned out that the strategy I was creating could both be utilized for monetary gain as well as to levy charitable tax deductions. The importance of this goal is to think outside the box. This could have easily ended at a tax deduction, but with a little research and a lot of talking with mutual friends; I was able to turn it into more. It started off as saving money and had become its own stream of income.
Date Submitted: 2018-10-17 14:01:52

NAICS: 512 Motion Picture and Sound Recording Industries
Description: Record label/ marketing
I first started by creating my own photography company with some friends. We would photograph “charreadas” a Mexican sport. We became very known within our community because we were the only ones dedicated only to Charreadas. Surely our work became known and I was hired by a very successful Spanish music company to do their promotions. Although I loved the job and created many friends, my end goal has always been to work for myself. Getting in to this type of business was easy because the sport runs in the family and having friends who are so talented in photography and graphic design, we just decided to put our talents together and do something for ourselves; be our own bosses.
Date Submitted: 2018-10-17 13:29:52

NAICS: 811 Repair and Maintenance
Description: Shoe repair business
The reason I decided on this specific business is because it was something I was familiar with. Back when i lived in Mexico my family actually had a shoe repair business. My siblings and I would go on our spare time and my uncles would teach us how to repair the shoes. When I moved to the United States my initial goal was to just work at a restaurant gather up money and move back to Mexico. However I noticed that I could put my skills to good use and open up my own business. At first I wanted to open up a Mexican restaurant. However after brainstorming I decided to stick with something I was good at and something that there was not a lot of.
Date Submitted: 2018-10-17 13:18:50

NAICS: 445 Food and Beverage Stores
Description: Acai Bowls
One of the owners has been training in Brazilian jiu jitzu for many years and would attend tournaments in Los Angeles where these acai bowls were served by an old couple. However, every-time he would return home he would always be waiting to come back to LA in order to get the fruit bowl again. One day he realized there were no acai locations in Bakersfield, where he lived, he spoke with his best friend about his idea of opening up a shop to sell acai bowls. The next day his friend called back saying he would stake fifteen thousand dollars into the company as long as he and his wife ran in together. They agreed to and thus the business began.
Date Submitted: 2018-10-17 13:17:02

NAICS: 323 Printing and Related Support Activities
Description: Office equipment company
To stop global warming and world hunger. Really…. To make money. After working in this industry as a sales rep. for a few years, I was able to observe the business model and structure of this industry. The office equipment industry in the 1990’s was and still is very similar to the automotive industry. The main difference is the cost associated to floor automobiles vs. the cost to floor copiers. Both industries are service driven, great revenues are achieved after the sale. In fact, in the office machine industry, around 40-50% of the total revenues are produced from annual maintenance agreements. The GP on this 40-50% averages 40%. Find an industry that allows for revenues after the sale of the product, priceless. My initial goal was to find/partner with a copier manufacturer, find an experienced service technician, and cheap rent. Since my initial investment was $50,000, which included 6-months expenses including rent and payroll, it was inexpensive to start a business. If I could sell $35,000 of new gear per month @ a 20% GP, bringing in $7,000 mo. to cover expenses. This was not a problem since I was averaging $75k per month over the last three years with a greater GP. The 40% profit on the annual maintenance agreements on each machine sold was basically all profit. Increase sales and you increase service revenues.
Date Submitted: 2018-10-17 12:48:51

NAICS: 722 Food Services and Drinking Places
Description: Pizza Place
The main reason I got into this type of business is because I am good at it. I was doing before for 15 years before I got fired for something that wasn’t my fault. I started from the bottom of the line and I worked myself up to market director, so obviously my work showed itself that I was a good worker and I can do it all effectively. After I got fired the best option running through my mind at that moment was using the money I had saved up to open my own operating Little Caesars and that is exactly what I did. I do have to admit though if I can re-do it all I would have chosen a different route just because I feel like I have being doing this for ages now the work gets boring sometimes but I still find a sense of passion knowing I am helping my younger workers get money so they can complete college and pursue their dreams. Summarize the answer I have to say the reason I chose to get into this type of business is because I knew my expertise and previously knowledge would allow me to at least not fail worse case scenario but also allow me to run my operations effectively.
Date Submitted: 2018-10-17 12:26:28

NAICS: 531 Real Estate
Description: Mortgage loans, Mortgage Broker, Real state broker, listings
I decided to get into this of business because i was already working for a company in sales for ten years in mortgage loans. My initial goal was to be able to generate income on my own. When working in this company i learned so much and encouraged me to go back to school and be more informed about mortgage loans and real state. I found my true passion working on this company and having so much knowledge encouraged me to start my own business.
Date Submitted: 2018-10-17 12:12:37

NAICS: 453 Miscellaneous Store Retailers
Description: Buy low sell high trending
His brother began doing e-commerce when he was eighteen so it sparked an interest in Lars to learn from his brother and use his experience to start up his own company. His business is currently focusing on trends involving Halloween and his website offers a very low price for these products which include alien glasses, wired purge masks, and pumpkin carving kits. This is the current trend people are looking for according to Lars. His initial goals were to make fifteen thousand dollars in annual sales, own his own business, and do better than his brother's e-commerce business due to highly competitive nature. His brother also said that the business was easy and Lars claims he had "something to prove." He did reach his two initial goals, but unfortunately, as of now, his big brother has higher annual sales.
Date Submitted: 2018-10-17 12:10:47

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Records 111 to 120 of 1253