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1,308 entrepreneurs were asked: "How did you decide to get into this type of business, and what was your initial goal?" These were their responses, which can help us to try to figure out what type of business we might like to start. Please scroll below:

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NAICS: 812 Personal and Laundry Services
Description: Barbershop
The first job I had was sweeping the hairs off the floor of someone else’s barbershop. I enjoyed the environment of the barbershop and decided to go to school to become a barber. After working for a couple of years as a barber and my clientele grew, I decided to open my own business. My initial goal was to financial support my family because I had a family young.
Date Submitted: 2010-10-07 23:16:16

NAICS: 623 Nursing and Residential Care Facilities
Description: RCFE Residential Care Facility for the Elderly
I got into this business because of my previous work history and background as a professional nurse. In addition to working at the hospital, I decided to get into this business to continue my services on my own time. My goal was to provide home healthcare and assisted living to the elderly. I did this by providing them a home-like environment that is not institutional like traditional elderly care facilities are.
Date Submitted: 2010-10-07 22:35:20

NAICS: 332 Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing
Description: precision machining
My first job was at Jiffy Lube. I was a very hard worker and a quick learner. After a couple months the two other guys that worked with me got fired and I was the only one left. I was the only employee for over a month and I was doing a great job, but my boss refused to give me a raise so I quit after some time. I had always loved tools, and motorcycles. A little while later my neighbor Chuck was in his garage and I asked what he was doing. After our conversation he told me I could come down to check out his shop. A short time later I started working for him. I quickly became his right hand man; I knew how to do everything in the shop. The only thing I didn’t know too much about were the finances.  After a while of managing the shop I wanted a raise but Chuck refused, so I left and decided to start my own shop. My initial set of goals were to make a lucrative business, create my own product line, and be financially independent. My goals remain the same today.
Date Submitted: 2010-10-07 22:22:34

NAICS: 442 Furniture and Home Furnishings Stores
Description: Window and Blind Cleaning
I got into this business after graduating from college because I hated working in the corporate world. I saw that I could potentially make equally good money by owning my own business. I moved to southern California purposely because I calculated I could make a lot of money cleaning windows year round in a large metropolitan area. My initial goal was to grow the business to grossing $500,000 in five years. The most we have ever done was half of that, but that alone has been good enough for a decent living.
Date Submitted: 2010-10-07 22:18:12

NAICS: 811 Repair and Maintenance
Description: Auto tunning and repair
I am interested in everything about cars from remodeling to upgrding to repairs. My initial goal is to sell new products at a lower cost to my customers. Use my auto tunning skill and best products to help my customers get their "dream" car.
Date Submitted: 2010-10-07 22:17:28

NAICS: 448 Clothing and Clothing Accessories Stores
Description: Apparel Retail Store
I thought it could be a wonderful and prosperous adventure that could involve all my loved ones in the work space.  Since the company is still fairly new, it may be a little premature to state whether my business will be successful or not.  My initial goal was to be able afford time off from work to attend my childrens' school and extracurricular activities.
Date Submitted: 2010-10-07 22:14:13

NAICS: 423 Merchant Wholesalers, Durable Goods
Description: Whole sale clothing
I decided to get into this type of business through personal interest in the feild of fashion. My initial goal is to create my own brand.
Date Submitted: 2010-10-07 20:18:55

NAICS: 531 Real Estate
Description: Real Estate Sales/Brokerage
I like working with people and interacting with the community. There is a value to helping people achieve their goals in Real Estate. It is one of the few industries in which you can make money in no matter what the market does but only if you are constantly understanding the trends. My initial goal is to be able to invest in my own properties, flip, keep, leverage, manage and create an empire…
Date Submitted: 2010-10-07 20:01:51

NAICS: 811 Repair and Maintenance
Description: Auto body
This is my dream job and my initial goal was to open up my own business.
Date Submitted: 2010-10-07 17:57:51

NAICS: 238 Specialty Trade Contractors
Description: Spray Applied Fireproof on Buildings
 I graduated high school and I needed a job. My initial goal was to learn a trade and become a contractor.
Date Submitted: 2010-10-07 17:05:05

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Records 1151 to 1160 of 1253