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1,294 entrepreneurs were asked: "How did you decide to get into this type of business, and what was your initial goal?" These were their responses, which can help us to try to figure out what type of business we might like to start. Please scroll below:

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NAICS: 236 Construction of Buildings
Description: General Contractor
"The developer I was working for was closing their doors, so I decided to begin my own company. My initial goal was to make a living and support my family."
Date Submitted: 2010-04-08 19:49:45

NAICS: 541 Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
Description: Clothing designer and marketer
When I was growing up, my whole family was about fashion. Every day I would get up and my mom would be working on the magazine for her company. Sitting at the dinner table every night would be time for fashion talk. When I moved out to Los Angeles back in 1983, that is when it just became what I wanted to do in my future. Los Angeles is one of the fashion capitals of the world. Walking down Rodeo Drive or Hollywood Blvd. you see fashion all around you. So when it was time for college applications, F.I.D.M, The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, was my first choice. And now, I’m living that dream life that I grew up around. As for our initial goal when we first started off our company, it was to try to get our product and ideas out there in the fashion world. As our company started to grow, our motives changed. Once we got our first motive accomplished, our next goal was to make something out of our company and its products. Each day, our motives are constantly changing. Once we accomplish one, we have a new one. Our main motive in making a company that would always stick out with us was to keep our customers happy, and always reaching for the best.
Date Submitted: 2010-04-08 19:26:51

NAICS: 541 Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
Description: Taxes and Accounting
I chose this business because it is something i like doing. I have always liked numbers and figures and accounting.I decided to go into bookkeeping and accounting and taxation because individuals and services need this type of services on a continuous bases.
Date Submitted: 2010-04-08 18:45:18

NAICS: 811 Repair and Maintenance
Description: Commerical Construction Facilities Services
The companies I bought were being bought out and we were given the opportunity to start our General Contracting business. Me with my contractors licenses and facilities management knowledge and with my accounting background made it work. Hired people that had skills lacked. To save enough money to retire.   After 15 years we now have grown the company to pass on to our sons.
Date Submitted: 2010-04-08 18:12:51

NAICS: 238 Specialty Trade Contractors
Description: Swimming pool construction
"I got a job where somone wanted an apprentice and I enjoyed it. I like building beautiful pools and I saw opportunity to grow."
Date Submitted: 2010-04-08 18:09:18

NAICS: 812 Personal and Laundry Services
Description: Hair dresser, Hairstyling
     I started my business because I myself am a hairstylist, I feel that it is a great and very clean environment to work in. It makes me happy when my customers walk out my salon feeling amazing. I also like dealing with the customers or having a one on one conversation, and just being there. I know from when before I started my business that if I was treated and welcomed and in addition to that, knowing the owner or know who the owner was, I felt welcomed. So I try to have an atmosphere that my customers like and want to come back to.
Date Submitted: 2010-04-08 17:26:01

NAICS: 541 Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
Description: Landscpae design and building
I fell into it after high school. A contractor noticed that I had a talent for design and I perused it as a career.
Date Submitted: 2010-04-08 17:24:53

NAICS: 711 Performing Arts, Spectator Sports, and Related Industries
Description: DJ service provider
I have been majoring in Business Management and it has always been of dream of mine to manage my own business when the opportunity came up to start my business with some close friends I thought here is my chance to get the experience. Having four partners makes the process easier especially when each one of us takes on the tasks that we each do best. One partner is the entertainment he is the DJ, another partner handles all the technical issues, third partner handles all the finances and I oversee the organization and management of the company. Our initial goal was to provide DJ services to friends, family and eventually branch out to other events such as wedding or other special events.
Date Submitted: 2010-04-08 16:06:38

NAICS: 339 Miscellaneous Manufacturing
Description: sell of flowers and ornaments
 To see the great demand that flowers and ornaments arragements can bring for all type of important dates and events which this country celebrate.  the main goal was getting many customers and give them affordable prices,made arrangements they will like to see,providing a great customer service,that will make the business profitable.
Date Submitted: 2010-04-08 15:29:57

NAICS: 311 Food Manufacturing
Description: cookie and ice cream shop
The goal for getting into my business was/is to supplement my income and get out of the “rat race”. I felt that I was spending too much time and effort working while only making enough income to pay bills.
Date Submitted: 2010-04-08 13:48:52

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Records 1241 to 1250 of 1253