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1,308 entrepreneurs were asked: "How did you decide to get into this type of business, and what was your initial goal?" These were their responses, which can help us to try to figure out what type of business we might like to start. Please scroll below:

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NAICS: 812 Personal and Laundry Services
Description: Hair Salon
I believe people get into the businesses they are in, not through real thought, but more by falling into it. In my case, it was the same thing. My sister opened a salon in 1991. I was in high school and I was able to slowly manage the place and then becoming partner and then owner. My initial goal just like anyone else was to how to get by and how to pay bills. And then just like any other entrepreneur, I begin to understand there is a broader influence that I have and can achieve. So, then I changed that goal into how I affect other people. How can I improve other people’s lives? And then at that point life starts to really improve.
Date Submitted: 2018-04-27 06:18:32

NAICS: 321 Wood Product Manufacturing
Description: Pallet assembling, dismantling
Growing up around these business I realized that. I enjoyed the work environment I saw myself doing these type of work in the future when I heard my dad an brother wanting to open their own pallet yard I wanted to get involved so I started to ask relatives for advice on how they were able to be successful. It would come in handy when we were finally ready to start it up. Seeing that there was a lot of benefits to gain from owing your own company I decided to graduate from high school and join as soon as I could. My initial goal was to help get the business get up and running both financially and operational with all the equipment an workers we needed by the first six months of opening.
Date Submitted: 2018-04-27 05:58:22

NAICS: 811 Repair and Maintenance
Description: : Pallet jack/forklift sales and repair
3. My brother was running the same type of business and in 2007 was interested and selling the business along with the property. I purchased the property and my son and I picked up the same type of business. Our initial goal was serving the needs of the neighboring businesses. Our vision is to become the worlds leading company in servicing the Material Handling industry. We offer a large selection of pallet trucks, platform carts, lift tables, and pallet truck parts. Employees of LA Equipment Services are committed to providing the highest level of customer service possible.
Date Submitted: 2018-04-27 05:53:45

NAICS: 531 Real Estate
Description: Helping families to prepare for final expenses
My initial goal why I decided to start in this type of business was because I saw the need for my services. As well of providing families a hand with the last expenses.
Date Submitted: 2018-04-27 03:34:40

NAICS: 445 Food and Beverage Stores
Description: Convenience Store
I started my business because most of my family members have their own businesses. I decided to get into this type of business in particular because it provides necessary items, hence it will stay in business a long time. My initial goal with the business was to make a profit. Convenience stores are necessary everywhere, especially in this town. The only supermarket around here is on the outskirts of town and most people don’t want to bother driving all the way over there when they can simply walk down the street and pick up what they need. Most of the time they won’t bother going to the supermarket because our prices are just as good as theirs. People also have easy access to the local farmer’s market, but they close by 2:00pm and my store closes at 10:00 pm. The store is usually busy and most customers return frequently.
Date Submitted: 2018-04-27 02:24:03

NAICS: 451 Sporting Goods, Hobby, Book, and Music Stores
Description: One stop shop for collectible needs
To be completely honest, I never knew that something I started as fun, would grow into a local icon of the city. Before I knew it, this small shop grew into a large business. Once starting in a tiny building, we quickly had to move into a larger warehouse in order to fulfill the requests of a multitude of vendors wanting to sell their product. My initial goal once the company had been kickstarted was to offer an atmosphere welcome to families of all ages; a free admission event where people can get together and be shocked to see the many different comics, art, and collectibles available to enjoy and even purchase. To this day, I believe me and my company have been able to successfully live up to this objective.
Date Submitted: 2018-04-26 22:22:52

NAICS: 446 Health and Personal Care Stores
Description: a makeup line
I discovered makeup at the age of 14 and I have been obsessed with them ever since. I worked at makeup counters like M.A.C and also worked on many celebrities. Now I teach makeup classes around the world and share my secrets that I've learned through over 10 years of experience on Youtube. Playing with cosmetics is my favorite thing to do and I started to create my own formulas years ago but only wore them on myself and sometimes put them on my best friends for fun and they liked it. They were the only told me to put it on sale and the rest is history. It's been a to create and own my very own brand. My goal is to create an inclusive line so anyone could use it.
Date Submitted: 2018-04-26 16:44:56

NAICS: 311 Food Manufacturing
Description: Cupcake Bakery
I have always loved to bake. I’m a creative person by nature. Combing these two things seemed to come naturally for me. Building a business from scratch was important to me because it gives me great pride in knowing my hard work created a functioning business that people enjoy. My cupcakes bring people happiness. Seeing someone smile while eating a cupcake is one of those assets that you can’t put on paper. I am also able to stay home with my kids while they are still young. So building a small business out of my home is a great start for me. My initial goal was to make enough money to keep the business growing so I can open my own store front followed by several cupcake trucks to set up at special events. Catering is also a goal that is hopefully in the near distance.
Date Submitted: 2018-04-26 16:27:17

NAICS: 443 Electronics and Appliance Stores
Description: ebay seller
I got into my current business because previous attempts didn’t work out. As an inventor, Thomas Edison made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb. Milton Hershey worked in a candy factory and then repeatedly failed to make it on his own – eventually becoming successful. My goal was to help other people and thereby make $100 a day
Date Submitted: 2018-04-26 16:23:14

NAICS: 236 Construction of Buildings
Description: Residential Rough Framing
Out of high school he got a job as a carpenter. Into it 22 years working in the trade and piece working he realize in his early forties, that his body was not working the same when he was young, so it was time for a change, his body was telling him it was time to do something different. So his decision was to start his own framing company. His main goal was to make the same amount of money as a piece working or equally or better from his financial position at the time. From working so many years he was trying to save his body from working physically. He was doing layouts and from bending over so much his back and hamstrings were giving him problems, so another goal was to make more money annually and to work physically less.
Date Submitted: 2018-04-26 14:15:53

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Records 211 to 220 of 1253