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1,253 entrepreneurs were asked: "How did you decide to get into this type of business, and what was your initial goal?" These were their responses, which can help us to try to figure out what type of business we might like to start. Please scroll below:

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NAICS: 512 Motion Picture and Sound Recording Industries
Description: Music Producer/DJ
Originally I was going to college just to get a degree but I found out quickly that it was not was I was interested in doing. Through all my younger years I taught myself how to make music and did it as a fun hobby. Once I got older I soon realized I can make a lot of money off of this once I realized I was very talented. My initial goal was to become a great DJ that many love. I began putting my music for free on Soundcloud and once I saw the streaming numbers growing and DJs playing my own songs at events I knew this was the best choice for me. Also I wanted to just be able to tour enough that I can make a living off of doing what I love.
Date Submitted: 2019-03-18 16:16:17

NAICS: 722 Food Services and Drinking Places
Description: Snack Shop
Honestly this was not the business I wanted to get into – I was looking more into targeting people that were diabetic. Diabetic people have a hard time to pick a snack or food due to all the restrictions. That lead to the opportunity that I saw a spot opened that the people that previously owned it sold ice cream, so the concept was there, but I deiced to sell snacks for all. I took this as a leap of faith as others told me that I should take the chance. I now work a snack bar – and my goal of what I sell, is still to be all natural and still healthy – I still do provide veggies and fruits to keep my customers healthy.
Date Submitted: 2019-03-18 16:13:25

NAICS: 311 Food Manufacturing
Description: Adult Nutrition
- It didn’t happen overnight. Took many years of listening to podcasts (i.e. How I Built This), getting inspired, guest bloggin, making prototypes etc. I even started an online tea company in University (ecommerce business that did quite well) before making a corporation and risking it all. It takes a lot of courage though to leave your fulltime job, move to a new country and persu something fulltime (I am originally from Canada). - Eventually I decided to apply to an accelerator in San Francisco for ‘scientists who want to be entrepreneur’. I ended up getting into the world’s most prestigious life science accelerator called Indiebio.
Date Submitted: 2019-03-18 15:17:08

NAICS: 611 Educational Services
Description: Educational Scholarship Foundation
I started teaching many years ago. I taught at Washington High School in South Los Angeles for 9 years. I found that students and adults were underestimating students.They were not pushing their students or offering challenging courses. Students need to be challenged and being guided to conquer difficult ideas. For that reason, I started the Academic Decathlon team. Out of the students on the team, over 800 are now college graduates, and even one was featured on the New York Times. The point was not to sell the students short and for all to believe in their potential, even the principal. When I taught at Marshall High School in Downtown Los Angeles for 15 years, I noticed how parents and staff were more involved in the students’ higher achievement. I decided to go back to school, so I got my doctorate in history at USC and enjoyed the personal challenge, which put me outside of my comfort zone. I taught at college and high school simultaneously, including at Pepperdine, which was different from high school. The last few years, I noticed how students struggled with their college application process; many times, parents would either write their child’s essay or would pay a professional to write them on their behalf. This came off as not authentic. Two years ago, I went to New York for a visit and contacted four former students, who were successful. During our dinner, we had a conversation about providing more services to people through works of generosity. I was drawn to start my foundation, and we helped 25 students last year. We are working to make the program grow to help more students.
Date Submitted: 2019-03-18 15:07:41

NAICS: 811 Repair and Maintenance
Description: phone repair and crepes
The business I’ve been running for 3 years now was also my first job at 16 and by 18 I took over. So that’s that, not too exhilarating. It’s not like it just came to me one day, or it’s something I wanted to do in my future. I was literally sitting inside Starbucks one day and I started talking to someone I recognized was a regular there and he offered me a job, the rest is history. My second business that I just started last Nov, I had seen the idea at another mall in Vegas and I came back and was like hey I can make it better and now it makes more money than my first! I’m not a genius here, I just do things different. That’s key. 

Date Submitted: 2019-03-18 14:29:44

NAICS: 512 Motion Picture and Sound Recording Industries
Description: Music Production and Sound Facility
I wanted to do clinics and master classes. The clinics and master classes would teach others how to perform and establish their own music editing skills. Then I realized, how are people going to know about myself and the clinics? So I started a YouTube channel for sound design and sound production. Only once I was getting more well known on YouTube is when people would come to the studio and learn from my clinics.
Date Submitted: 2019-03-18 14:11:12

NAICS: 451 Sporting Goods, Hobby, Book, and Music Stores
Description: Custom Sportswear Unifroms
My family is involved in sportswear for the past 30 years, so it was natural for me to enter this type of business. Initially, I went into this business with my brother in 2005. We faced many difficulties in the beginning, but we remained persistent. We had a vision for our company and continued our planned path which eventually led to our success. In 2015, I opened my own business with my wife.
Date Submitted: 2019-03-18 14:08:38

NAICS: 512 Motion Picture and Sound Recording Industries
Description: Video production, entertainment industry
Initially didn’t have plans of being in this industry or owning my own business. I have a MA in political science and had every intention of either going to law school or working with the Women’s health organization. But in my last year of graduate school I found myself in an acting class. That class awakened something in me and changed the trajectory of my entire life. I booked a few acting jobs at first but along the way I noticed that there were so many limitations for black women in the industry and even more limitations for darker skin black women. So, I started creating my own content. Writing, producing and of course directing. I found myself behind the camera more and more and in front less and less. Once I started booking regularly, I got an unexpected opportunity arose with a small startup production company. They were developing a news show and since I had a master’s degree in political science the owner assumed that I would be able to manage a news show. With no previous experience he gave me control over his news show. I had to figure it out on the go and figure it out quickly. I learned to write copy, cast talent, produce as well as what post production is. The company evolved and with the help of my partner and myself the book of business grew exponentially. When the owner decided to go into gaming, we negotiated a deal to take over the book of business. Since we had been managing the various accounts it was a natural progression for us to take over. Again, I was in a position where I was unprepared but had to learn quickly.
Date Submitted: 2019-03-18 13:53:02

NAICS: 561 Administrative and Support Services
Description: Certified Public Accountant, Taxes
When I was in 10th grade I had to put a notebook together for which profession I wanted to go into and I chose to be a CPA. I know I like math and I enjoy numbers so I thought I would be good at it. I ended up becoming a CPA after going to college. I worked for Ernst and Young (one of the big 8 accounting firms at the time, now big 4). I always knew I wanted to open my own business. I am able to share my gift that God gave me with my clients. I enjoy what I do.
Date Submitted: 2019-03-18 12:38:18

NAICS: 453 Miscellaneous Store Retailers
Description: Selling luxury lashes
My interest in makeup really grew during high school. I would do my makeup every day and became good at it. My friends would ask me to do theirs whenever there was a big event like prom or homecoming. After high school I went on to cosmetology school and eventually got my license. I was a freelance makeup artist for about 2 years when the curiosity of starting my own business started coming to me. I was already selling my service as a makeup artist, but I really wanted to get involved with the industry somehow. Then it just kind of came to me. My favorite part about doing my makeup was the very end where you would have you whole face completed, your eye look completed, and then lastly you would apply the lashes and the lashes are what really tied the whole look together. I love false eyelashes, I’ve worn or worked with so many styles coming from different competitors. I learned what I liked and didn’t like about each one and used that knowledge to come up with my own line of lashes. I saw that lashes usually had one band of lashes, but I always loved the dramatic look with multiple layers of the lash fiber to really create a bold eye. My initial goal with creating my line was to provide luxury lush lashes that catered to the demographic of makeup lovers who love a dramatic lash that’s also comfortable to wear and affordable as well.
Date Submitted: 2019-03-18 10:02:46

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Records 31 to 40 of 1253