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1,294 entrepreneurs were asked: "How did you decide to get into this type of business, and what was your initial goal?" These were their responses, which can help us to try to figure out what type of business we might like to start. Please scroll below:

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NAICS: 541 Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
Description: Full Body Waxing and Skin Care.
I have always hated school, so I knew college was not something for me. I loved facials and waxing. When I applied at a waxing salon called Pretty Kitty in Chino Hills, I fell in love with it. It was easy, fun, and something new for me. I then decided to get my esthetician license. After getting my license, I learned even more about waxing and skin care. After 4 years of working there, I saw how easy it was to wax, manage a business and make money. I wanted to have my own business. I hated following schedules, getting told what to do, and having a boss. Being my own boss would make me happier. My initial goal was to have a waxing salon. When the opportunity came, I rented a place out and I never thought I would be this successful. Thankfully my business has been blooming since 2016.
Date Submitted: 2019-03-19 17:47:50

NAICS: 237 Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction
Description: Engineering Services
When I graduated from CSULA, my goal was to work for a big firm as a project manager. At the time, I was working as an engineer clerk and knew I wanted more. I landed a job as a project engineer for a small company in Los Angeles. I enjoyed being working on projects and being on out on the field. I landed a role at a bigger company and was on my way to becoming a project manager. I was on many renovating projects. I knew I wanted more and a former colleague approached me with this opportunity. I have degree in business as well and knew I wanted to open my own firm eventually, however, when the opportunity presented itself, I took it.
Date Submitted: 2019-03-18 23:44:59

NAICS: 813 Religious, Grantmaking, Civic, Professional, and Similar Organizations
Description: Dispensary that sells and delivers marijuana
I first started off by working with my uncle at his State Farm store as one of his agents. I was making good money with him, but I felt like I needed to do something more and seeing my uncle be successful with his State Farm business pretty much inspired me to become an entrepreneur. By having my uncle help me and give me tips on maybe what we could do differently with he business. He also wanted to add this to the first question, “be open to criticism but do not let it kill you”. Once I got the itch to start my business, I had friend who wanted to start a dispensary so we started to get together and created a business model that made the most sense to us and so we went for it. In this business the only goal that you will have is to make as much money as you can.
Date Submitted: 2019-03-18 22:44:23

NAICS: 448 Clothing and Clothing Accessories Stores
Description: Sell Women, Men and Children’s clothing.
Poor customer service and one lady sent a dress in a color she hates and will never wear. Next purchase resulted in an over-selling of clothing with the wrong shirt and offered free shipping but was irrelevant because she drove to the consultant’s house. Initial goal was to pay less for her own clothing.
Date Submitted: 2019-03-18 22:21:34

NAICS: 451 Sporting Goods, Hobby, Book, and Music Stores
Description: Athleisure Clothing
Choosing to get into this type of business was not a difficult choice for me. A clothing helped to combine two of my biggest passions, fitness and clothing, into one. I wanted to provide my target market with clothing they could comfortably wear while pursuing fitness dreams of their own. Owning my own personal brand was also another source of motivation for me. I wanted to produce and become known for his own personal products, rather than buying the brands of other clothing companies. In all honesty, my goal was to sell just one piece of clothing to someone that was not a family member or friend. Eventually I hit a point where I was selling hundreds of my products. It was a dream come true to see this come to life.
Date Submitted: 2019-03-18 21:55:11

NAICS: 212 Mining (except Oil and Gas)
Description: Cash to gold conversion
It started as wanting to educate investors and hold seminars, but they asked us to provide them with cash to gold conversion and offered to pay a fee for this service. My goal was to provide an educational platform to help the public save money, by using a self directed avenue to retirement savings and thus avoiding erroneous fees with beneficial tax consequences.
Date Submitted: 2019-03-18 21:38:13

NAICS: 562 Waste Management and Remediation Services
Description: Recycle cans, bottles, glass and metal
I decided to get into this type of business because when my family and I first came into this country my husband would recycle in the streets and I saw how hard he was working so we wanted to find a better way to make money. We ended up setting up a pick up from restaurants that were willing to give us their recycling product that they weren’t saving but just throwing away and that way we were able to save up money and look into opening the business in search of growth and for a better future. And thank God it has been a lot of work but has been the way we’ve been able to provide for our family.
Date Submitted: 2019-03-18 19:22:55

NAICS: 811 Repair and Maintenance
Description: Computer System Integration
He worked for a company on Navy intelligence systems after coming out of the Navy. He did not enjoy where the company was going, and the work that they had. He decide that he could make better products and achieve more than what he was doing at the time. In present time, his business has survived since he had started while the company he worked for no longer exists. He also wanted to make a difference in the world and did so by working on computer systems, keeping Navy ships up to date and fully functioning from a computer standpoint.
Date Submitted: 2019-03-18 17:38:49

NAICS: 452 General Merchandise Stores
Description: Clothing Boutique
Retail business has always been in the family. Laura's Boutique started as a family new and used clothing store in Whittier, Ca. Laura always had a love for clothing and fashion, so she started selling a couple of outfits from her mother’s thrift store. As time passed, they noticed that Laura's business started to take over, so the decision was made to move her stuff out and let her take over. They rented a larger space in the same shopping center that was three times bigger, and ever since, the business has blossomed. Their goal is to give their customers, from wherever they're at, the opportunity to shop all their great trends! With hard work and dedication, Laura and her family have made it their goal to expand Laura's Boutique nationwide. Laura's boutique has 4 store location's, one warehouse and an online website.
Date Submitted: 2019-03-18 17:02:03

NAICS: 315 Apparel Manufacturing
Description: Online Headwear Store for Children
My initial intention was to have a hobby, and I never thought for a second that my company would take off like it has now. I have always enjoyed sewing and designing headbands for my daughter, and at the beginning I just wanted an outlet to sell these and continue doing what I really enjoyed doing. From when I was young, I always wanted to own my own store, but I always imagined that being a brick and mortar shop, not an online service. I used to draw and design how it would look and where everything would be. And this is still something I am very interested in doing further down the road, but for now I am very happy with where my online venture is going and how well it is doing.
Date Submitted: 2019-03-18 16:49:22

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Records 61 to 70 of 1253